Here, the Bishop of Rome is seen, shocked, pronouncing the words "no,no,no!"

Here, the Bishop of Rome is seen, in an obvious state of shock, pronouncing the words “no,no,no!”

I receive from a reader, servodeprata (welcome, by the way!) a link from the “Catholic News Service”  (the source is, therefore, above suspicion). 

The link contains the following pearl of wisdom from our Bishop of Rome:

“Do you need to convince the other to become Catholic? No, no, no! Go out and meet him, he is your brother. This is enough. Go out and help him and Jesus will do the rest”.

For the first time in the history of Catholicism, evangelisation is made without evangelisation. Actually, there could be no need for evangelisation at all.

In pure Francis style, this confused but so well-sounding piece of nonsense could mean one of two:

1. You don’t need to evangelise: Jesus will evangelise for you, when he sees that your meet-o-meter and help-o-meter has reached a high enough level, and he will then care for the conversion of the poor infidel. 

2. You don’t need to evangelise because there is nothing like an “infidel”: people “go out”, “meet” as “brothers”, “love”, and “help”; this is all that is required.

I will abstain from any comment because I already had to make a big effort to edit what I had written above in a very soft “piece of nonsense”, and would like not to exceed certain boundaries.

I so much hope that this disgraceful papacy may go to an end soon, and be followed by a better one; a judicious heart attack, or something of the sort, persuading him to step aside and go back to the favelas. 

Alas, we are being punished.

Still, one must try to see this tragedy of a pontificate with a bit of humour if he can, at least to safeguard his liver. As I read – and re-read, incredulous – the “no,no,no!”, inclusive of exclamation point, I was reminded of the late singer and of the famous song, and couldn’t avoid imagining Francis saying to Monsignor Ricca “they tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no!” after three or four Cardinals tried to persuade him it’s time to lock himself in a monastery and learn some Catholicism. 

A Catholic rehab is truly what the man needs.



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  1. radjalemagnifique

    I had to look into my dictionary to see what « rehab » means, though I had already the idea that it’s an abbreviation of rehabilitation. But, what, in the sense of this article, rehabilitation could mean ? Here’s the answer (a copy and past, hope it will come out exactly) and a new question of mine :

    rehab |ˈrēˌhab| informal
    1 rehabilitation, in particular
    • a course of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, typically at a facility in which the patient is compelled to reside for a period of several weeks or months : the success of rehab is entirely dependent on the patient’s commitment to the process.
    • a course of treatment, largely physical therapy, designed to reverse the debilitating effects of an injury : their best hitter has been in rehab since August, after his collision with the left-field wall.
    2 a thing, esp. a building, that has been rehabilitated or restored.
    verb ( -habbed |ˈriˈhøbd|, -habbing |ˈriˈhøbɪŋ|) [ trans. ]
    rehabilitate or restore : they don’t rehab you at all in jail | [as adj. ] ( rehabbed) newly rehabbed apartments for rent.
    rehabber noun
    ORIGIN 1940s: abbreviation.

    Question : Do you think there is a real chance for our “patient”, the success of « rehab » being entirely dependent on his commitment to the process ?

    Radja le Magnifique

    (P. S. Feline sarcasm)

    • It depends on the patient.

      The original “rehab” candidate said “no,no,no!” and died the dead of the drunkard.

      On the other candidate, we can’t really say.


    • vb
      1. to help (a person who has acquired a disability or addiction or who has just been released from prison) to readapt to society or a new job, as by vocational guidance, retraining, or therapy
      2. to restore to a former position or rank
      3. to restore the good reputation of

      [C16: from Medieval Latin rehabilitāre to restore, from re- + Latin habilitās skill, ability ]

  2. Mundabor,
    my feeble attempt at saving your liver (and mine, too):

    Francis: “No need to convince the other to become Catholic. Alle Menschen werden Brüder. Viva la revolución!”

    Modernist heresy-friendly catholyck: “Francis is right. Let the other remain heretical and schismatic. He agrees with me. I am infallible. Therefore Francis is right.”

    “Conservative” Vatican II Catholic: “What despicable heretic could ever… we need to evangelize…oh, it was the Pope…then it must be okay… because he is our Great Leader, isn’t he? I mean he is infallible…! We just need to understand the doctrine more deeply. Hermeneutics of Acrobatics, you know? What? You dare to criticize the Pope? You RadTrad extremist schismatic heretic sedevacantist idiot Taliban Catholic!!!”

    Traditional Catholic: “Have you ever considered learning the Faith before screaming nonsense about it?”

  3. The thing that makes my head hurt right now is the idea of using the statute of Our Lady of Fatima to celebrate a “Marian Day” on October 13th to promote “the new evangelization.” No mention is made of Russia, either, in the news that the holy father will, per custom, consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I’m certainly not against such a consecration, but am I wrong to see the whole thing as a slap in Our Mother’s face? The “new evangelization,” after all, seems very much against the idea of Russia’s–or anyone’s–conversion. And the latter is precisely what Our Lady of Fatima requested.

    I’ve read Christopher Ferrarra’s book, _False Friends of Fatima_, and found it very persuasive. I know it’s not popular to question the earlier consecrations made by other popes
    (“Russia is part of the world, right? So, we’re good!”), but I can’t help but notice we’ve
    got four years to go before the centenary of Our Lady’s request for the consecration of Russia (by name) to her Immaculate Heart, and Sister Lucia, until she was silenced and effectively quarantined by the Secretary of State, was pretty clear about Our Lady wanting Russia–and “only Russia”–to be consecrated “by name” to her Immaculate Heart. She didn’t say that the consecrations made by the popes were useless; she said clearly and simply, though, that they didn’t satisfy Our Lady’s request.

    • The problem with Jesuits is that nothing they say is the same as what the words are supposed to mean.

      Francis will happily talk of “evangelisation”, and devoid the word of every sensible meaning.


  4. Hermeneutics of Acrobatics


  5. Indeed. I have often called it ‘the hermeneutic of self-delusion.

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