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Struggle for sanity: Egypt

The outrage about the recent, bloody events in Egypt has already spread everywhere, and from the Gay US President to the similarly spineless European leaders everyone is distributing the usual statements: restraints, peace, love, understanding, and chocolate cookies.

I wish some of those sunday philanthropists would explain to me how they would suggest to deal with people who are violent persecutors of Christians when they are in power, and violent persecutors of Christians when other Muslims oust them from power. “Dialogue” is – as so often – a very stupid word in such circumstances, because you can only dialogue with one ready and willing to do the same. If, however, the “dialogue” is just an excuse to pursue a violent Islamist agenda, than it is far better to allow the tank, the machine gun and the pistol to do the talking. Their language is, I am told, universally understood, particularly because it is a language that could not care less whether the recipient truly understands it.

What we are witnessing in Egypt is the usual modern brainless, media-driven emotionalism by which the real persecutor, and real violent danger, is allowed to present itself as the voice of oppressed justice, or the innocent lamb slaughtered by the evil soldier.

Innocent lamb, my foot. Ask the Christians in Egypt how “just” these people are; ask the moderate, decent Egyptians how “innocent”. Their tale will be much different from the Gay President's.

in Egypt, sanity is – at least provisionally – back to power; and when sanity has to deal with madness and fanaticism, blood will be spilled. Let us not mince words here: no one wishes the death of anyone, but if in such a situation it comes to violence – and come to violence it must, for the reason just described – I know on which side I hope the dead are.

This is not a situation fitting for the usual rhetoric. The soul of the Middle East is at stake in the destiny of one of its most important Countries. This will not be solved by talking, much less by talking bollocks. One side and one side only will win, and will crush the other.

Let us hope and pray reason wins over fanaticism. How much blood of senseless idiots is spilled in the process is, whilst deplorable in itself, not an argument.



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  1. On the radio this morning, I heard the host of the morning show complain that the Western news media are now referring to the rioting Muslim Brotherhood, pro-Morsi faction as “pro-democracy protesters”. Then, 5 minutes later, the news broadcast on his own radio station used those very words on a story about the fighting in Egypt! I noticed from the very beginning, after the military threw out Morsi, that the news kept insisting that he was “Egypt’s first democratically-elected president”, as if that were the decisive element, not whether he’s an oppressive tyrant or a crook or even insane. “Democratically elected” is summoned as a sort of magic formula. But as Oscar Wilde’s Lady Bracknell said, “Nowadays, that is no guarantee of respectability of character.”

  2. Isn’t it strange how western liberals always sympathise with poor persecuted and misunderstood Muslims denied their democratic rights, and yet have no regard for the tyranny unleashed by them on other groups, especially Catholics. It seems that they will back anything just as long as it is an enemy of true faith. And the laugh is that the very ones they sympathise with would have no qualm about wiping them of the face of the earth. The irrationality of Islam and its propensity to aggression are organically connected, and this the religion that the Bishop of Rome tells its adherents that fidelity to it can bring about abundant spiritual fruit. It was and is an ancient heresy, a false religion based on the imagination of a false prophet. How we ever got to the stage of a Pope kissing the Koran is beyond me. No, I am on the side of the interim government on this one, bloody and regrettable though it is it would be much worse if the Moslem Brotherhood gains ascendancy. Ask any Egyptian Christian.

  3. Majority, so called *democratic* rule, in a Muslim country where Islamists wield power will result in violence against Christians and other minorities.

    Mad Mo’s diabolical religion of *peace* itself knows no tolerance.

    In the words of Mike Jagger:
    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game

  4. Rorate has an excellent post on the ring of fire encompassing the Muslim world. I also learned a surprising thing there about the response of our bishop of rome to the Regensberg speech of dear Papa Benedict. It’s confirmed there on Wikipedia under Regensberg Speech down at the bottom under the response of world leaders. Bergoglio is in league with the leaders of the Muslim world casting aspersions on what Benedict illustrated so beautifully, being the fine teacher he is. I daresay, our bishop of rome is a philistine.

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