Some hours ago, the sky was a solid wall of dark grey. The mind reflecting on the fast decay of Christian values all over the West was only encouraged to abandon itself to gloomy presages of devastation of Christianity in the First World. One – well, perhaps not everyone; but certainly yours truly – was led to dwell on the thoughts of bishops dancing, hopping and rotating like a bunch of old senile idiots whilst Rome burns.

As I write these lines, a glorious blue sky graces this Friday afternoon, and spreads a peculiar magic in the air; the more beautiful, because unexpected. With it, the clouds have gone from my mind. Perhaps I should not pray that there be no devastation and persecution, but that every devastation that cannot be avoided may be – as it unavoidably will be – for the greater glory of God, and every persecution that God sends us may be accompanied by the grace necessary to bear it well, as good Christians and in good spirit.

Perhaps, though, all this will not be necessary. Perhaps the West will react once again, and will recover sanity at last. I often think of how fast and how hard the balloon of “man-made global warming” got smashed to the ground here in Europe, and cannot avoid thinking that the fickle fashions of modern society change with great alacrity. I seem to see here and there some sign of this; you may call it wishful thinking and perhaps it is, but it started little with the “globbal uormin' ” madness, too…

Perhaps it is just this glorious weather… or perhaps the Blessed Virgin smiles on us sinful, but sincere Catholics…

The thought is more beautiful than every Friday afternoon, “surprise blue” sky.



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