The Music, And What Is Wrong With The Novus Ordo

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A new discussion has erupted regarding the limitations of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal concerning the music when the new missal comes into force. It appears very clear that these changes will be sweeping (no fantasy song at the Entrance and at Communion, say) and will be aimed at recovering some reverence and Catholic dignity to the Mass. I do not doubt that disobedience and pretending not to understand the instructions will be rampant at the beginning, but in time things will slowly adjust.

This is, though, another indication of what has happened in the last years:

1. A wonderful mass was available (the Tridentine);

2. V II and the “Spirit of V II” intervened and ravaged the Mass, protestantising it and reducing it to the travesty of the reverent, theologically sound celebration it was.

3. An attempt to recover the old, reverent way of celebrating Mass is…

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  1. The 1962 missal (or earlier) is key to the entire equation. Without the 1962 missal, one does not know what’s in all that “negative theology” that has been the basis of our Faith for 1900 years. Without the negative theology, the N.O., no matter how “pretty” the “celebration”, is nothing more than an excersize of “putting lipstick on a pig”. It causes more confusion, since it’s basic tenenat is that VII was “just misunderstood”, when in reality the consiliari took a meat cleaver to half the Faith and created a new religion for all intents and purposes. Therefore, going to mass without your missal is a non starter, and reduces the “experience” to just listening to a lovely choir. And there are a lot of those around these days.

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