Poor Ireland

Poor father couldn't enjoy it in peace anymore.

The blog of EF Pastor Emeritus reported, a week or so ago, about the situation of the Irish priests. They are, we are informed, treated badly by their bishops: no security of a permanent position as parish priest; no explanation or consultation before a transfer; at times, even immediate removal if one happens to seriously cross the bishop. This is why the poor priests – once such a joyous image of laughter, and spreading happiness wherever they went – are now despondent and discouraged, and their pint of Guinness doesn't taste anymore how it used to. How sad.

One must sympathise with the poor employees of the Ministry Of Empty Slogans. Their superiors aren't as good to them as they Once were. In normal circumstances, their security of position in a certain location does not exceed… nine years! And this even considering that the employees are very much liked by the general public (even those not seen very often in the Ministry's corridors), whilst their superiors aren't very much liked, are they now… How cruel and insensitive the higher echelons of the Ministry Of Empty Slogans are…

Alas, there is a little problem in the entire reasoning.

The employees aren't really such. They are priests. They have solemnly and publicly stated they are willing to die for Christ, not to be willing to have safe and cosy fixed employment for life. They are the ones supposed to make themselves unpopular and uncomfortable, but in the end respected, instead of wearing their “popularity” among swindling, poorly instructed and uncaring faithful as if it were a badge of honour. It's not a marketing, or a popularity exercise.

On the contrary, it is highly indicative that a generation of priests who has managed to completely ravish Catholicism in their own country should complain about their lack of security and extol their popularity in comparison to their bishops', just in the weeks in which abortion measures are adopted in a country utterly and completely deserted by its disgraceful, cowardly clergy.

I do not expect that a priest wakes up in the morning wishing for martyrdom, as we are all humans and God will inspire all the martyrs he needs anyway. What I find astonishing is that just in the weeks in which the utter and complete failure of the Irish clergy are exposed in front of the entire Catholic planet, these people should complain about a job security going on for merely nine years – a security for which many laymen in England would not give an arm, but probably consider giving away one little finger – and call to their defence the fact they are “liked”, as if this desire to be liked wasn't the cause of the utter decay of Catholicism in the country in the first place. Absurdly, they complain that their bishops… want to be liked.

And so the likes of us – people who recognised they do not have a vocation, and whose job security is generally one to three months – must read about the lack of ministerial desk security of the very same people who have, let us say it again, utterly and completely demolished Catholicism in the once so faithful Ireland. Whilst Rome burns they are not only fiddling, but complaining about the quality of the fiddle.

Perhaps a collective transfer to Uganda, or Syria, or Libya, or Egypt, or India would do them a lot of good.

Now, the priest blogger who wrote the above mentioned post is certainly a good priest and a good blogger, and I therefore want to hope at least some of his Irish acquaintances will be the same. But he presented the situation as a general Irish problem, and it is therefore more than fitting to look at the situation in general, and to consider what the Irish clergy have done to their own Country. They have raped it, that's what they have done to it; but they complain about the occasional suppository prescribed by their doctor, the bishop. Not that the bishop is better than they are, of course. He is merely higher in the hierarchy, and the one who can prescribe the suppository to his fellow rapists. What goes around…

And so one must read about the job security whining of these employees of the Ministry Of Empty Words (which might be appropriately called Ministry Of Catholicism' Rape) just when abortion is being – after decades of popularity contest, and ministry desk occupancy – introduced in the land. One reads such complaints and has no doubt whatever about why Ireland is where it is now.

Enjoy your suppository, dear Irish priests. It is merely a small hint of the much bigger punishment waiting for many of you.



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  1. “Perhaps a collective transfer to Uganda, or Syria, or Libya, or Egypt, or India would do them a lot of good.”

    And it would do the laity a lot of good if we could get a block transfer of African priests to replace them! I vote for that plan! 🙂

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