The Press, The Priest And The Blog

Some of you might know of the vicious attacks of some journalists (that must, on reflection, be the oldest version of the oldest profession in the world; with sexual prostitution emerging on a later and more advanced stage of human organisation) to Father Ray Blake, one of the most interesting blogging priests around and one who can be relied on not keeping his keyboard inactive when he thinks something must be said.

I read the now famous blog post about the derelicts of Brighton when it first appeared and, not approving the general message of it for other reasons, have avoided commenting on it. My luminous example was not followed by some journalists, to whom you are complacent merely if you challenge the usual thinking about drunkards, addicts and other bums; people to whom the general rule applies that they must be ignored in practice and sanctified in theory. Thus, if you point out to the way some of them customarily and routinely abuse the generosity of their helpers – an abuse, I add, fully to be expected every time one gives a scrounger something for nothing – you are being, well, complacent. Ah, the beauty of political correctness.

Father Blake has invited the journalist in question to help him physically in his complacent work for the poor of Brighton, but I doubt feel-good protection of bums will come as far as that. I for myself make the following reflection: if you want to avoid criticism talking about “the poor”, the only way to follow is to canonise them whilst living and carefully avoid any criticism.

You see, in this country most people are not interested in knowing reality as it is. Their main aim from morning to evening is to feel good with themselves. Everyone going in the way of this continuous self-celebration must, therefore, be bad.

Woe to the one who challenges their comfortable fantasies about the poor “victims of society”, then; fantasies that are the very essence of the complacency they criticise.



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