Twelve Years Later, We Have Not Forgotten


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  1. Ok the pope just said you don’t need to believe in God…only follow your conscience to get to heaven AND Rorate has stopped taking comments. Help!! Where else is besides Mundabor is there to go ?

    • I can fully understand the good people at rorate. Reading and policing comments takes away an awful lot of time. Most people do not understand a blog is not a forum, and comments must be short and to the point rather than verbous digressions. Then there are all the cranks and nutcases besieging every conservative blog, and the fifth columns of the enemy masked as traditionalists with “but” added.

      Thanks for the compliment, but I truly hope I am not submerged from comments from the Rorate readers now… 😉
      They are several people and still can’t manage to cope, I am a one man band and would drown instantly…


  2. It was a terrible day ..9/11
    A day none of us will ever forget.
    I prayed for each soul and there Eternal rest be granted unto each of them!

  3. Shame on the World Trade Towers for collapsing in such a triumphalist fashion! It’s as if they were somehow mocking the sincerely-held beliefs of our peace-loving Muslim brothers – who do good in all sincerity.

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