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Desperate Helpers

Circus Bergoglio was open again

One of the funny (if you are in a very good mood) or infuriating (if you aren't) things about the increasingly more worrying utterances of Francis The Confused is the limitless fantasy and inventiveness of those who seem to have chosen as their life mission to find an explanation why Francis is not a dangerous, confused, possibly stupid, certainly ignorant and most certainly arrogant bad priest.

Whilst Francis continues to deliver with almost daily frequency ample evidence of the new religion he wants to shovel down their throats – a religion in which atheists can be saved, but counting rosaries is bad; sodomites in his own entourage should not be judged, but orthodox Catholics should – they produce themselves in the most extraordinary circus numbers to try to persuade us that whilst he did say what he said, he did not really mean what he said; he meant… what we mean; and he did so… because it must be so.

It is as if – helped by the in the meantime notorious difficulty of the man to write two sentences in a row that are logically correlated – they had decided that we can give to Francis' utterances whatever meaning we decide is acceptable.

This is obviously wrong. Whilst it is clear to every child by now that this Pope can't write, can't present an argument in an halfway logical way and is absolutely not concerned about his utterances having the semblance of coherence, the sheer tsunami of his declarations, homilies, & Co. does not leave any doubt as to the general direction of his very confused thinking: a sad mixture of ignorance, Peronism, ignorance, extreme ecumenism, ignorance, religious relativism, ignorance, pauperism, ignorance, arrogance and more ignorance of which he thinks – if he is simply ignorant instead of outright evil – that it deserves the name of Catholicism. I begin to think not only the man writes like a third grader, but his Catholic instruction is at pretty much the same level.

When I read the daily products of this man's confused mind – and I shudder at thinking what I will read today, tomorrow, or in the weeks and moths to come; I hope we are not talking of years here… – I have no doubts about the general direction of his confused thoughts. One can well be a heretic even if he is confused, and Francis manages the first on a regular basis, and the second on a daily one. Still, my dear reader, be aware that in his confused way, most of the time he is criticising… you.

Every time, the desperate helpers are immediately out there is force, trying to explain away what – mediocre as the man's speaking and thinking is – is clear enough. They insist in telling us that the Pope means “triumphalism” is when people think vanilla ice cream tastes better than chocolate ice cream, or Golden Retrievers are superior to Labradors; but this is not the teaching of Christ, so Francis is right. Or they concoct strange theories according to which the Pope does not say that counting rosaries is bad, but that counting rosaries with a bad attitude – or whilst being an evil person; or after eating carrots – is bad. Or they explain that when the Pope says that he who refuses God can be saved if he “does good”, he really means that, erm, I mean, in a way, well if he believes in believing in something than he still believes, right? I have read so many of these pathetic equilibrisms I now simply smile.

Poor souls. That Pope Francis has been shooting at them – yes, at them – for six months now they still haven't noticed. According to them, a man who has done nothing else than demolish the way the Church understands herself and Catholicism has always been intended, truly from the first moment, actually wants to protect them. The day Francis says that the commandments are abolished and from now on love for the poor will substitute them – he would not say it in such a clear way because he is unable to; but the meaning would be clear enough – they will rush to explain to us what he really means is we must not neglect chocolate ice cream and Labradors.

For heaven's sake, one can be mistranslated a couple of times, not every time. One can express himself in a confused way on very rare occasions, but if he is always confused you must at some point draw some conclusion. One can at times make statements that might be read in an heterodox way, but then he would also correct the wrong impression he caused, or have it corrected; and he would not do it on a regular basis.

Francis does nothing of the sort. How blind must one be not to see that if it is leaked that he has heavily criticised and mocked those who count rosaries and he does not have a half word to say in their defence he really thinks them worthy of condemnation and mockery. How naive must one be not to realise that his “who am I to judge” in front of scandalous sodomy from people in his own entourage was exactly mired at garnering the approval of leftists and perverts the world over, and at the same time proclaiming him as vastly superior to all “judgmental” Catholics, including his predecessors. How long will it take before they understand Francis has started his work of demolition the very moment he was elected – the choice of name; the Mozzetta, or the shoes are all from the first hours of his pontificate – and has simply carried it on since. Good Lord, this is a Pope who does not even want to be called that way. Can you imagine a more subversive attitude than this.

Make no mistake: if Francis had been a priest at the time of the Inquisition he would have been burnt at the stake a long time ago; and the worst is that I am pretty sure he would agree with this statement himself, but without understanding the consequences of his agreement.

We live in times when not only the Pontiff spits heresies like it's going out of fashion, but an army of desperate helpers rushes to explain to us he is really, if you twist every single word of his until it means what you want it to mean, actually fine.

I can't wait – so to speak – for the next heresy; and for the abstruse excuses the army of desperate helpers will invent to explain the heresy away, for the 150th time.

Poor desperate helpers. He's having them all. They do not notice.



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