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Pope “Awesome” The First.

moustache-and-circus_Photo-Booth-and-Moustaches“Now, I don’t have a whole lot of hope that the Church itself is going to come around and change tenets or official positions that I deeply oppose — its rejection of things like gay marriage, women in the priesthood, a woman’s autonomy over her own body,” he wrote. “But given the constraints of what being pope is, you can operate in one of two ways: you can be a jerk about it, or you can be awesome,” he said. And Francis, “is choosing to be awesome.”

These stupid, but revealing words have been pronounced by a liberal journalist at MSNBC.

They explain pretty well not only what is happening, but what Francis wants to do.

Francis' aim is to be considered by the liberals the best Pope they can get, and to be followed in every nonsense by the Catholics because he is the Pope.

On the one hand he sends continuous, fast daily messages to the liberals, saying “I would so much like to be more like you, but I am the Pope so please understand the office has some constraints”.

To the Catholics, he says that they are “criminals” if they “criticise” and “judge”, which includes not only all the sins of the unbelievers, but obviously and in the first place also the criticism of his own humble person.

What happens if I criticise “in conscience”? Does that which applies to atheists not apply to me? Do they go to paradise whilst aborting “in conscience”, and I am a “criminal” for criticising them? How old is this man, three?

The general rule of this pontificate is that the Catholics are supposed to shut up, and the liberals are supposed to sympathise with the ringmaster. In exchange for this, he will tell them they can go to heaven if they abort, fornicate, commit adultery or sodomy, and do all the other things a Pope is supposed to criticise. And as to criticise is now allegedly “criminal” he will not criticise adulterers, sodomites and fornicators; he will criticise, and call criminal, those who criticise them.

Francis has been pandering to these idiots from day one. His strategy is working all right. He manages to be popular among the enemies of Christ, whilst avoiding criticism from most of those of his own parish.

Please do not delude yourself into thinking the entire liberal world has now, for some strange reason, become blind and fallen in love with a oh so orthodox pope they have decided to appoint an honorary liberal.

The liberal press exalts Francis because they can read, and because Francis does not let one day pass without saying something obviously meant to pander to them.

Wake up and smell the incense. This is a first-class clown to whom Christian values are expendable, provided he is popular and can promote his own strange new kindergarten religion where everyone is saved, no one criticises anyone, and atheists go to heaven just doing what they damn well please.


Letter To Dr Scalfari: The Alternative Answer.

Reader Tina Szymanski (many thanks!) informs me of the excellent answer of Louis Verrecchio at Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II to the four questions posed by Dr Scalfari.

It is a short, pithy, very orthodox text.

It is the job that the clergy should do, provided the clergy would consider it fitting to answer journalists' questions.

The author of the blog does not answer the sub-question that has given origin to the scandal, namely “if the God of the Christians forgives those who do not believe and do not seek faith”. But I do not doubt if he had done it the answers would have been just as exemplary.

Francis is so bad, that bloggers intervene to give the answers he should have given, and to provide the faithful with orthodox answers where he confuses the Catholics to please the atheists.


“Can I Still Become An Atheist”?

Already sanctified by Francis: Richard Dawkins, the man who follows his conscience.

Already sanctified by Francis: Richard Dawkins, the man who follows his conscience.

The fallout of the senseless letter of the disgraceful bishop of Rome also has his funny side.

In an excellent blog post, Patrick Archbold asks if he can still become an atheist.

I quote:

Pope Francis has told us that all that is needed for atheists to get to heaven is to follow their own malformed consciences. I really wish I knew this earlier. I would have avoided a lifetime of difficult Truths in favor of my conscience. My old unformed conscience, it turns out, was fairly forgiving of many things. That seems much easier. It may be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. But it is easier still for an atheist to get to heaven.

How can you disagree with him? As I have already written, Francis thinks there are two ways to obtain salvation (one for the atheists, one of for the Christians) and it is clear the atheists get by far the better deal.

Whatever they can agree with their conscience, it's fine. Out of experience, I agree with Mr Archbold many of them will not disagree, in conscience, with pretty much anything of whatever they do.

What an easy life, and what a sinful one. All this now inclusive of Francis-approved feel-good feelings and a promise of heaven (if there is one), always courtesy of Francis.


Some days ago a poor chap wrote a difficult comment about his own situation. Divorced from his own wife and living with a new partner in pre-awakening times, he got near the Church again through the work of the Society of Saint Pius X, and was confronted with the objective grave sinfulness of his situation. Imagine the conflict, and the praying and growing that will be necessary before the courage to take a hard decision – the only possible decision bar some unexpected death; and he appeared aware of that – is attained.

I answered to him mentioning, among other things, the situation of millions of people who reject even the thought of new relationships, because that's what the life of a Christian is.

But hey, if Francis were to be right – which he isn't – the thing to do would be of course to suggest to the man that he… loses his faith. Then he will only have his conscience to guide him, and everything will be fine again, with papal approval.

Again, this is a new religion that Francis want to shovel down your throat so that has it easy and enjoys a life of humble popularity.

If he is very stupid, he might also think this will help the Church. Hey, this “Jesus” product doesn't sell well anymore. Let's change the product so it is better accepted by the markets.

To put it with Mr Archbold again:

“So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. No no, stay. Just kidding.” “


If you ever thought this pontiff was smart, you have no more excuses now.

Cunning, yes. He denies hell here and refuses to condemn sodomites there, and does it in a way that makes of him the pet of the liberals but does not upset the useful idiots of the Catholic camp, or the gay lobby.

This way, Catholics become more and more confused, whilst he become more and more popular. All this without risks, as an army of clergymen hasten on a daily basis to explain why what the entire world has rightly understood as heretical is, in reality, orthodox; though it is unfortunately that the entire planet is too stupid to notice.

It works for Francis, certainly.

But… is it smart? No, it isn't, nor is he. His lies have very short legs, and he will discover the day he dies how short they are. Perhaps he thinks the same rules he applies to the atheists will apply to him, too…

Cunning, yes.

But still a fool.


Pope Francis Declares He Is A Hypocrite And Coward Unable To Face His Own Defects.

The Circus continued to be very amused.

People who judge and criticise others are hypocrites and cowards who are unable to face their own defects, Pope Francis has said.

Well, he is certainly criticising and judging all those who criticise and judge.

Draw your conclusions.


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