“Can I Still Become An Atheist”?

Already sanctified by Francis: Richard Dawkins, the man who follows his conscience.

Already sanctified by Francis: Richard Dawkins, the man who follows his conscience.

The fallout of the senseless letter of the disgraceful bishop of Rome also has his funny side.

In an excellent blog post, Patrick Archbold asks if he can still become an atheist.

I quote:

Pope Francis has told us that all that is needed for atheists to get to heaven is to follow their own malformed consciences. I really wish I knew this earlier. I would have avoided a lifetime of difficult Truths in favor of my conscience. My old unformed conscience, it turns out, was fairly forgiving of many things. That seems much easier. It may be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. But it is easier still for an atheist to get to heaven.

How can you disagree with him? As I have already written, Francis thinks there are two ways to obtain salvation (one for the atheists, one of for the Christians) and it is clear the atheists get by far the better deal.

Whatever they can agree with their conscience, it's fine. Out of experience, I agree with Mr Archbold many of them will not disagree, in conscience, with pretty much anything of whatever they do.

What an easy life, and what a sinful one. All this now inclusive of Francis-approved feel-good feelings and a promise of heaven (if there is one), always courtesy of Francis.


Some days ago a poor chap wrote a difficult comment about his own situation. Divorced from his own wife and living with a new partner in pre-awakening times, he got near the Church again through the work of the Society of Saint Pius X, and was confronted with the objective grave sinfulness of his situation. Imagine the conflict, and the praying and growing that will be necessary before the courage to take a hard decision – the only possible decision bar some unexpected death; and he appeared aware of that – is attained.

I answered to him mentioning, among other things, the situation of millions of people who reject even the thought of new relationships, because that's what the life of a Christian is.

But hey, if Francis were to be right – which he isn't – the thing to do would be of course to suggest to the man that he… loses his faith. Then he will only have his conscience to guide him, and everything will be fine again, with papal approval.

Again, this is a new religion that Francis want to shovel down your throat so that has it easy and enjoys a life of humble popularity.

If he is very stupid, he might also think this will help the Church. Hey, this “Jesus” product doesn't sell well anymore. Let's change the product so it is better accepted by the markets.

To put it with Mr Archbold again:

“So Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. No no, stay. Just kidding.” “


If you ever thought this pontiff was smart, you have no more excuses now.

Cunning, yes. He denies hell here and refuses to condemn sodomites there, and does it in a way that makes of him the pet of the liberals but does not upset the useful idiots of the Catholic camp, or the gay lobby.

This way, Catholics become more and more confused, whilst he become more and more popular. All this without risks, as an army of clergymen hasten on a daily basis to explain why what the entire world has rightly understood as heretical is, in reality, orthodox; though it is unfortunately that the entire planet is too stupid to notice.

It works for Francis, certainly.

But… is it smart? No, it isn't, nor is he. His lies have very short legs, and he will discover the day he dies how short they are. Perhaps he thinks the same rules he applies to the atheists will apply to him, too…

Cunning, yes.

But still a fool.


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  1. Seems it doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you’re “sincere”.

    That sounds a bit arbitrary to me, but then again, who am I to judge?

  2. Dear Mundabor, I don’t speak english very well but I want to share some thoughts with you anyways, I’m from Argentina and I know this pseudo-pope very well, his archdiocese in Buenos Aires was disastrous, he condoned all kind of trangressions and heresies like witchcraft (which according to him does not conflict with being catholic as long as it is used for good things) homosexuality, prostitution, theft… now he wants to impose all over the world the Latino third-world culture that does not value education, that accepts children getting pregnant, that see no conflict in mixing catholicism with voodoo and other forms of witchcraft (so common in pseudocatholics southamerican countries) and all those things that he encouraged and tolerated here. the vulgarity of his speechs gives one a rough sense of the infinite, you are english speaking people and fortunately can’t undestand his words but his spanish is so plagued with vulgarities and slang expressions that makes me shudder. The man is a disgrace…

    • I do not speak Spanish, but the translations of his Speeches tell me he is not a well educated man. I also never forgot to the man Beethoven is something for Renaissance princes, something you can only hear from a first rate philistine.
      I cannot confirm anything about witchcraft, but frankly if one thinks that good deed and good intentions save, where is the limit? Why should he not suggest to the prostitute to continue to prostitute herself if she helps her mother with some of the money? Why should he not suggest to the sodomite that provided he is fine with his conscience he can continue with his sodomy? If no one goes to hell who is fine with himself – his sodomites buddy, or an “apprentice witch” – why should he, erm, “judge” them, or refuse to watch the feet of infidels on Maundy Thursday?

      Many still have not understood that Bergoglio is coherent with his own heresy, but those who cannot accept he is heretical continue to say “I do not understand him”. They just refuse to listen to him.


  3. Thanks for posting my comment, your thoughts are exactly my thoughts, when Bergoglio used to celebrated the mass in the most destitute quarters of Buenos Aires, he spoke before prostitutes, transexuals, thieves, drug addicts and told them that God loves them, but he never, NEVER said words like: SIN NO MORE. as for his speeches.. honestly the translations to english make him seem way more distinguished than he is.. his vulgar, nasty slang is simply disgusting. Southamerica is not a Catholic region, not even a Christian region, the mixture of amerindian, african and a little of christian traditions have degenerated into people whose only God is their own primitive and most animalistic urges. This is exactly what the “pope” wants to spread.

  4. Alarming to say the least!
    Once again I do not have to listen to the Pope….when he speaks heresy .
    Love the sinner, hate the SIN ! We all know to do this….but to let every one do there own thing and floow their conscience is wrong.
    Jesus said, “If you love ME , keep my COMMANDMENTS!
    Friends they are Commandments not suggestions!
    What happen to this TRUTH:
    Outside the Catholic Church there is NO SALVATION…did Francis forget this ?
    The Catholic Church is in a terrible CRISIS …and we are all called to PRAY!

    • Actually, “loves the sinner” is part of the problem… The Church loves the person as an immortal soul, but does not love him in his sin. The sinfulness of the sinner the Church does hate…

      As to Francis, sad as it is to say that, a properly instructed 10 years old could teach him an awful lot.


  5. I’m glad there are some Catholics who eyes are open and do not take this fool and false prophet seriously. Thank you Maria Alvarez for your comments! Wow!

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