Pope Francis Declares He Is A Hypocrite And Coward Unable To Face His Own Defects.

The Circus continued to be very amused.

People who judge and criticise others are hypocrites and cowards who are unable to face their own defects, Pope Francis has said.

Well, he is certainly criticising and judging all those who criticise and judge.

Draw your conclusions.


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  1. I have already drawn my own conclusions, and they make me very unhappy.

  2. I find the following Sam Goldwyn quotes useful as training exercises for understanding how the mind of our Holy Father works:

    “I never put on a pair of shoes until I’ve worn them at least five years.”
    “Tell them to stand closer apart.”
    “Gentlemen, listen to me slowly.”
    “It’s absolutely impossible, but it has possibilities.”
    “I read part of it all the way through.”
    “True, I’ve been a long time making up my mind, but now I’m giving you a definite answer. I won’t say yes, and I won’t say no — but I’m giving you a definite maybe.”
    “Why did you do that? Every Tom, Dick and Harry is named Sam!” — When a friend told him he named his son Sam.
    “Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined.”
    “An oral contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.”
    “I’ve gone where the hand of man has never set foot.”
    “If I could drop dead right now, I’d be the happiest man alive.”
    “I don’t want yes-men around me. I want everyone to tell the truth, even if it costs them their jobs.”
    “If I look confused it’s because I’m thinking.”
    “That’s the trouble with directors. Always biting the hand that lays the golden egg.”
    “Go see that turkey for yourself, and see for yourself why you shouldn’t see it.”
    “Give me a couple of years, and I’ll make that actress an overnight success.”
    “I’m willing to admit that I may not always be right, but I am never wrong.”
    “Give me a smart idiot over a stupid genius any day.”
    “Yes, but keep copies.” — When his secretary asked him if she should destroy files that were over ten years old.
    “A bachelor’s life is no life for a single man.”
    “Let’s have some new cliches.”

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