Timeo Danaos Et Dona Ferentes

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“I fear the Greeks, even when they bear gifts” is the literal translation of the brilliant Virgil’s verse.

In our case, the Trojan Horse we must pay attention to is the allegedly ventilated canonisation of Pope Pius XII.

Having read about Padre Pio’s hours-long vision of our beloved Pastor Angelicus in heaven the day that great Pope died, I would not be among those who cry scandal and heresy if such a decision were to be taken. Canonisations are infallible anyway, so one has to either believe the Sea is vacant or believe they are true.

I would, in fact, be overjoyed; not because of the news that Pius XII is in heaven – Padre Pio had no doubts, and this is good enough for me every day of the week – but because of the obvious repercussions within the Church. At first sight, this appears a great gift made…

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  1. If he does this it actually may be because like the 11 surviving apostles he “fears the Jews”.
    But it also may mean he places NO value on process and rules to avoid the pitfalls of canonizations.

    • Oh, one would almost hope he did.
      At the first mistake the Holy Ghost would take him out of circulation, and the Church would have, at least for the moment, a problem less.


  2. I agree, we must be wary. In due time, M., in due time will our Pius XII grace our holy cards.

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