The German Greens, The Sodomites And The Church.

Trittin is looking uncomfortable. Hopefully too late.

And it came to pass that only six days before the General Elections in Germany – and only one day after the very important regional elections in Bavaria, which was a great disappointment to them – the Greens and their head candidate Juergen Trittin are in the middle of a storm.

It turns out Mr Trittin supported himself the Green Party's electoral programme for the local elections in 1981, which called for the decriminalisation of at least some “non violent” sexual relationships between children and adults. It was apparently only in 1989 that such calls disappeared from the green party's agenda.

Yours truly would like to – beside not hiding from you his satisfaction at the events – make a couple of considerations.

1. Mr Trittin says he is sorry he has not done enough against this objective of his party, with which he always felt “uncomfortable”. I wonder if in all these years he showed the Church the same kind of understanding he now asks for himself and his political affiliates.

2. Funnily enough, there is now vague talk of the Green Party asked to pay to those organisations caring for the victims of pedophilia. I do not have the details, nor do I know how the legal frame for this is in Germany; but boy, I do hope that they are made to pay for decades, are criminalised as a category, and their name is never mentioned by the press without reference of their support for pedophilia. Do to them what they have done to the Church, say I.

Some tries now to take refuge in “the times”. Yes, they say, we supported such demands and calls, but “those were the times”. It is not clear to me why a politician who supported perversion in perverted times should feel authorised to tell us what is right and wrong a couple of decades later. It is obvious that such people – including Trittin – should look for their vocation elsewhere: gardening, say, or collecting stamps. There is such a disgusting entitlement mentality in saying to us we should cope with whatever past these people have, as if the doctor had prescribed to have a Juergen Trittin in politics at the highest level. Besides, “those were the times” is never heard when a bishop is accused to have been too naive or too lenient with his own priest. I am not justifying the bishop here, at all. I am saying that the leftist politician should not get any discount due to “the times”.

3. Lastly, allow me to make a prediction. These arrogant Greens and assorted liberal politicians who prostituted themselves to the pedophile mentality of past times are the same kind of people who today prostitute themselves to the lobby of the sodomites. In twenty or thirty years' time, they will tell us that they “deeply regret” having supported perversion, and that “the times” did not allow them to see reason, or they – Trittin's pathetic excuse – did not “oppose” the ideology as they should have, though they felt “uncomfortable”.

I truly hope this scandal leads to the destruction of a couple of ill-gained political careers – starting with Mr Trittin's – and that this becomes a first alarm bell to all those who continue to support sexual perversion, only of a different kind from pedophilia.

Make no mistake, if the “uncomfortable” Trittin had been told in 1981 that the party programme on sex with children would one day be seen as gravely perverted, he would have laughed, pointing out to the enlightened times that have taken the place of old Christian bigotry and the irreversibility of the evolution process now started and helped by the progressive Green Party. “You can't put the clock back”, and all that jazz.

The clock was, in fact, put back, or better said the madness was stopped. One day, it will happen in the matter of sodomy, too. I hope it will be soon enough, and hard enough, to destroy the careers of all those who have prostituted themselves to Satan for the sake of their own political advantage.

This story is very young, and it is for me difficult to see whether it will develop in the Green Sledgehammer the enormity of the facts justifies, or whether it will (more probably, I am afraid) rapidly disappear once the elections are over. On the one hand, it is alarming the core facts were already known and have been brewing for some time before making the national headlines in this way; on the other hand, Germany is possibly still healing from their liberal pedophile madness of the Eighties, and at some point the awareness must reach the level where head rolls. There are social processes that grow slowly for many years (whether rightly or wrongly) and then suddenly develop their own dynamic and jump at the centre of the attention in a relatively short time. The new religion of global warming is, I think, a good example.

Let's enjoy this for now, and let us hope this matter teaches a couple of professional electoral prostitutes that their satanic support for perversion today can catch up with them not only in years, but even in decades.

If we had a halfway decent clergy rather than too many little Bergoglios, this message – “we are going to try to demolish every politician who supports sodomy, even if it should take two generations to do so” – would be sent from the pulpits every week, and would have the little prostitutes trembling and wetting their trousers in no time.

Alas, we live in time when to criticise is allegedly a crime. This mentality, too, will come back to haunt its supporters one day, or the day they die.



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  1. And he’s not alone, M. Let’s not forget the delightful Daniel Cohn-Bendit, darling of the ’68 generation’:

  2. Not to mention Richard Dawkins defending ‘mild’ paedophilia.

  3. Mundabor,
    “Besides, “those were the times” is never heard when a bishop is accused to have been too naive or too lenient with his own priest. I am not justifying the bishop here, at all.”

    If the priest and his boy have enjoyed it together, who is a bishop to judge?

    The campaign against sexual abuse of minors ends right there. The Church has never been so well as today, after all. Perversion is fun! Abortion is not worth mentioning! Apostasy is ecstasy! There is no crisis, just evolution towards ever greater social, moral, spiritual and religious health. Of course, there are some growing pains on our journey, but that’s all. There being no hell, no devil, no sin and no error, what is there to fear? Nothing can ever go wrong, as long as we remain on the path of progress, to the masonic paradise on earth. If Progress means abandoning the priesthood, most of sexual morality, the Mass, lots of dogmas, and a hundred other things, it must be done, regardless of some understandable but regrettable sentimental attachments to former practices now outdated.

    Or are you one of those slightly ridiculous but completely despicable Restorationist Pelagian Triumphalists (RPT) who count their rosaries and pray for the conversion of everyone to the True Faith instead of just trusting this strange new custom made “Jesus” (who is nowhere to be found in the Bible, but who are we to judge, eh?) whose only condition for entering heaven is non-adherence to RPT?

    If Francis were German, he might just vote for the Greens.

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