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Everyone keeps telling us that Francis is so simple, and speaks the language of the people; in the sense that he talks to them in an immediate and direct way, a way they can easily understand and relate to.

Then when the very same Francis makes a mess of things (again! and again!) we are told the masses – and the press – did not understand what he said; because hey, if his words are dissected by a professional theologian he will find a way, with immense effort and many distinguos, to persuade himself that Francis was being orthodox, or otherwise fine. But you see, in reality Francis did not say what you and all your friends thinks, for the thirtieth time, he said. He said, in fact, the contrary; but it's complicated, you see…



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  1. I had an Episcopalian come to my workplace last week clucking and shaking her head over the ruminative meanderings of our dear Francis. Embarrassing to have to nod my head and agree that yes, the Pope’s “teachings” are indeed heretical. SIGH.

    • Well said.
      Please do not be shy in pointing out to every non-Catholic that the Church survived several heretical popes, and will have to endure – but will survive too – many others if future.

      The Pope is not the maker of Christian rules, merely the caretaker. If he behaves like Francis it means he is a bad caretaker, not that the rules have changed or must be seen differently.


  2. I DO think that Fr. Longenecker’s comments have some merit. What say thou, Mr. M?

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