True And False Orthodoxy


On the usual Rorate Caeli, read the words of the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, about some current issues.

Let us be judgemental, and let us quote it in its entirety.

“Harmonizing Ukrainian legislation with the European one, we quickly adopt the diseases of the Western society. In European legislation I see no mention of the Christian roots of the culture. We are mistaken if we think that in order to have European prosperity we need to come down with these illnesses,”

He said that in today’s society, which does not live according to God’s commandments, there are different ideas of morality and values. Often in the name of so-called tolerance, says the head of the church, life is destroyed, which, conversely, must be protected.

Among the requirements of the European community are pseudo-values. The EU looks like a teenager who is testing the limits of morality and needs a Christian education. Europe was built not on same-sex marriages, but on the respect for human dignity, the protection of human rights and freedoms, on honesty in politics and business. On these foundations Europe arose, but it has forgotten about it. These are the values ​​which today the church defends in our society. When it comes to the protection of life from its natural beginning to natural end, then it is the basis for the opposition to euthanasia, abortion, and other acts that violate the dignity of life
He refutes the assertion that if Ukraine adopts the law on gay marriage, then it will join the European community. “I can affirm that it is not so. Sometimes our legislators, so as to not implement other bills, implement ones like this. It is much easier for them in Europe and in Ukraine to vote against the traditional family than against corruption, the unfair judicial system that tolerates selective justice. They focus on minor issues so as to not solve the main ones.”

Why can’t Francis talk that way, you will ask?

Well, because he does not believe that way, of course.

More on this to come soon. It might take some time; please cut me some slack, I also have to fight with the usual duties and chores of daily life. 


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  1. Let’s see – we shouldn’t judge, anyone who wants the older form of mass is a Pelagian…am I missing something? It is not hard to state simply that Christian values are not those of the world. End of discussion.

    This is a pope directly from the heart of Vatican II. Hans Kung is probably smiling.

    • I seem to remember Kueng did gave a couple of interview saying, more or less, “you will see what this man is capable of”. I refused to believe him, and thought he was spinning the election of a Pope with the South American penchant for poverty rhetoric.

      Turns out he had photographed the situation far better than us, than myself certainly.


  2. radjalemagnifique

    Dear Mundabor,

    Have some repose and purr like me !

    Radja le Magnifique

    P. S. Also recommanded by my cousin, the Cheshire Cat. And, no need to saying, our common and illustrious ancestor, the Puss in Boots.

    Radja le Magnifique

  3. Today a french lesbian perverted celebrity whose name I don’t even want to write called bergoglio “the greatest pope in history” later a prominent cultural researcher called him the “Pope of Trash” for the sleazy, hypocritical nature of his style.
    The fact that atheists, lesbians, sodomites, abortion-mongers and scum of every stripe are suddenly so interesed in catholicism clearly shows that Bergoglio will continue eroding the Catholic culture with a filthy combination of weepy emotionalism, New Age spirituality and an embrace of “alternative sexualities” and gender roles… It would be no wonder if tomorrow bergoglio decrees to move Vatican to a Brazilian favela or some other south american garbage pit.

    • I agree. That with the move to Buenos Aires would be interesting. A way for Francis to stay near to the newsagent and the cobbler… 😉

      As to the perverts & Co., if you ask me they aren’t interested in Catholicism. They boast of their triumph over the Pope and, they think, the Church.

      The so-called pro-choice woman tweeting “thank you Pope Francis” isn’t going to become a iota less abortionist. She is just feeling confirmed in her opinion that she is right because she follows her “conscience”. She thinks she has won her battle against the Church. That’s why she says “thank you Pope Francis”.


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