Small Changes.

Post of the day, from a well-known blog:

How many times have you said this in the past six months, XX XXX? “I don’t think that that is what he thinks or what he is doing or saying.” I’m tired of saying it already.

Pity one can’t frame a statement on this blog platform. I would have done it.

On a totally related news, “Reading Francis Through Benedict” has disappeared from the front image of a well-known (and excellent in so many ways) blog.

About time. But well done! 

[EDIT: sadly, it’s back. Oh well…].


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  1. Yes, the new banner speaks volumes.

  2. A new slogan: Reading Francis through Groucho Marx!

  3. Reading Francis through Mr. Magoo.

  4. Premature. It’s back.

  5. Yeah Mr. M…I think you blogged too soon!

  6. To be a minister of mercy is to include the act of admonishing the sinner. Such was an interpretation I heard yesterday during a homily. I wonder if the holy father would agree…

  7. I admit I was really surprised initially that XX X seemingly removed his “Reading Francis through Benedict” banner. Surprised and mildly encouraged towards XX X. Alas, nothing’s changed after all.

    • Give him more time.

      At some point, the fact will have to be recognised for what they are.

      I firmly believe in his good faith, though, and in Voris’.


  8. Reading Francis through Francis wait, there’s no way he can say what he means, after all we didn’t have to read Benedict XVI through JPII, we didn’t have to read JPII through JPI (Paul VI)…no no, we are clearly wrong 😉

  9. Well. I must say I have been a bit disappointed in Father Z. Unlike Fr. Blake, he has spent so much time twisting himself into tortured knots to accommodate the new winds blowing in Rome. If he thought something was true in February 2013, it certainly should still be true in April! I know it’s the Pope, but there’s nothing wrong with respectful criticism. It just looks bad to see his tortured spinning of some of Pope Francis’s statements.

  10. Oh, and another thing. I’m not a regular at SSPX Masses and have never been, but in the face of the grinding to a halt of the 40-years’-late so-called “Marshall Plan” for the Church, their position is looking stronger than it has at any time since the JPII era.

    Father Z recently again posted his juridical opinion that the Society’s priests are performing invalid confessions and marriages. He then deleted my response, which I might as well reproduce here:

    “Well, all I can say is, thank God Frs. Richard McBrien, Charles Curran, Hans Kung, and Bishops Thomas Gumbleton and Remi de Roo, et al., are all available to “validly” hear my confession and marry me and my wife (or husband, depending on my predilections). Sure, they don’t believe in any of that sin crap, or salvation, or anything Catholic really, but the important thing is that they are “in good standing” and have all their paperwork in order. Because, after all, it’s the paperwork that matters.

    “Okay, sarcasm hat off. Bottom line: the nice and tidy Counter-Reformation Church, with all its centralized bureaucracy and Ultramontanism and apple-pie administrative order, is long gone. The Catholic Church today is absolute chaos, free reign, and has been for 40-odd years. The hierarchy in Rome and around the world has only itself to blame, for it is the shepherds’ negligence and standing by while the wolves carry off most of the flock that has led to this free-for-all of disorder and crisis of identity. The attrition of souls that has taken place over this period of negligence takes one’s breath away! In the midst of the maelstrom, Archbishop Lefebvre tried to build a rock upon which solid Catholic priests could be properly formed. His enemies got to Rome’s timid ear before he could, and his Society was cast into the outer darkness long before the 1988 episcopal consecrations.

    “But it’s not 1958 anymore. It’s a jungle out there, an absolute mess—and all the juridical niceties look like a farce in the face of it. I think ecclesia supplicet is an *arguable* point, considering the crisis in the Church.”

  11. I firmly believe in his good faith

    But is he really an independent blogger? He seems to have made a business of his blog and this is a huge disincentive from upsetting his readership who like to have him interpret the oracular utterances of the new Pope.

    • The fact that he earns money from the blog does not in itself mean he would choose the position that maximises his earnings.

      In actual fact, I am persuaded he is paying a price (also in economic terms) for his decision to keep trying to read Francis through Benedict. When one runs a blog, as I do, there are certain details he notices, and I am persuaded he is writing against his wallet. I like him the more for that, though I think his stance is not the one I would choose.

      Father Blake has been, up to now, exemplary. Exemplary.

      I seem to notice those bloggers, like the Patheos crowd, who were already on more liberal positions have profited from their approval of Francis because it matches with the fuzzy feelings of their readerships; but for the more conservative ones it’s different as, as you say, the shift is impossible to ignore. Father Z has trained his readers too well to orthodoxy for them to ignore that orthodoxy was thrown out of the window on evening of the 13 March.

      I am not a priest and it is difficult for me to give a correct assessment of what a blogger priest should and should not do. I also consider an openly critical blog would be made to close sooner rather than later.

      Father Z got, like the rest of us, the wrong Pope. He is dealing with it the best he can, but he is between the rock of loyalty and the hard place of Francis’ antics. Not a comfortable place to be.

      How much easier it is for me, frankly.


    • I also consider -in reply to James C too – that the vast resonance of that blog obliges him to a more cautious attitude.

      If I write that the Pope is a friends of the Sodomites, my statement makes it absolutely nowhere.

      When Father Blake expresses some criticism of the Pope,his statement might make it to… the Brighton Argus.

      If Father Z expressed the same criticism, his statement would be in the New York Times in a matter of days.

      Again, there are sides to the matter one must consider. Having said that, I think the Reading Francis through Benedict thingy should have died several months ago.


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