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Obama Would Have Aborted Himself

The “Personally Opposed” and The Holocaust

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Imagine a friend of yours, or a politician, or a colleague would tell you “I am personally opposed to the Ku Klux Klan, but I do not want to impose my views on others”. No doubt, the person so speaking would feel very “democratic” and ” tolerant”, whilst at the same time donning the white robe of “goodness”, or even Catholic ” orthodoxy”.
Still, you would probably feel compelled to tell him that am intrinsic evil cannot be so easily set aside by remaining “personally opposed” to it whilst looking on as the evil spreads.

Everyone understands this, and no one would ever dream of approving of a politician who expressed himself as ” personally opposed” to the Holocaust, racial discrimination at work, or the killing of babies….


… how was that?….

The killing of babies?

The Holocaust?

Actually, the excuse of being “personally opposed”  to the killing of babies…

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Sex-Selective Abortion: Candid Words From An Abortion Nazi

Mr Himmler was in perfect agreement with the abortionist Nazi line.

‘We either support women’s capacity to decide, or we don’t,’ she said. ‘You can’t be pro-choice except when you don’t like the choice, because that’s not pro-choice at all.’

These chilling, but rather logical words were pronounced today by the head of the UK's biggest extermination machine for unborn babies. I am sure, before you ask, that she follows her conscience. Come to that, I am pretty sure Satan did the same.

The woman's reasoning is chilling, but logical. Either abortion is murder, or it isn't. Either the mother should have the right to kill her baby, or she shouldn't.

If she has, the logical consequence is that, well, she and no one else has the choice. She must, then, perforce be able to abort the baby because the baby will be a girl, or red-haired, or something else she does not want.

Atrocious? Unthinkable? Murderous?

Not more and not less than any other abortion. Murder is murder.

The issue of the selective abortion of girls will become more and more relevant as the huge scale of such practice in India and China becomes more apparent in the years and decades to come.

In a country like England, with a substantial presence of Chinese and Indian immigrants – some of them Christians, most heathens – the practice of selective abortion might also create – or already be about to create – the same problem.

It will be interesting to see how the rabid feminists deal with this. They might choose the Nazi way of the above mentioned female, but then the criticism of the oppressive patriarchal society will sound even more stupid than usual.



Francis Explains Economy, Works Miracle.

Francis thumbs up the crowd after the miraculous event.


CAGLIARI, ITALY. In an unprecedented show of economics wisdom and vicinity to the Holy Ghost, Pope Francis today has not only explained what's wrong with the world, but has also worked the first miracle of his revolutionary pontificate.

Francis explained to a Sardinian crowd that the problem is that jobs exist to allow companies to earn money. This is very, very bad.

Almost Pelagian.

Just there with criticising and, obviously, gossip.

When the incredulous crowd hesitated in getting the concept – which they had heard last from the PCI, the long defunct Communist Party of Italy, many years ago – Francis started to chant “work, work, work”. In this exact moment, thousands of jobs were miraculously created. These are, as it was immediately apparent, very special and in themselves rather miraculous jobs: they do not cost any money, they do not generate any profit, but they allow the workers to live comfortably.

As the commenters the world over examine the new miraculous event and wonder whether this introduces the end of Capitalism as we know it, Francis is now expected in Bari, Taranto, Palermo, Trapani and Naples – where further miraculous job creations are eagerly awaited – before embarking in the Francis World Job Tour.

A Nobel Prize for the Economy is also expected to be given to him. Many enchanted almost conservative bloggers – and some very conservative ones – are already saying that Francis' knowledge of the economy is on par with his knowledge of Catholicism.

An angry Italian writing a small Pelagian, Restorationist blog obsessed with abortion even decided to publish a blog post before the end of the “abortion obsession day”.

“De newse ise juste too bigge to be ignored”, he said with his pleasant Italian accent, ” I have nevere likede thise Pope Bergoglio, butte now I amme a believer”.

Kudos all around.



Abortion: Cardinal Burke Asks for “Disciplinarian” Solution.

Cardinal Burke with "cappa magna". I wonder what Francis would think of it?

Cardinal Burke with “cappa magna”. I wonder what Francis would think of it?

Lifesitenews.com reports about an intervention from Cardinal Burke in an interview released earlier this month. From Life Site News’ article:

Asked about Pelosi, [Cardinal Burke] said,

“Certainly this is a case when Canon 915 must be applied.”

Canon 915 states that those who are “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to Holy Communion.”

“This is a person who obstinately, after repeated admonitions, persists in a grave sin — cooperating with the crime of procured abortion — and still professes to be a devout Catholic,” the cardinal said. “I fear for Congresswoman Pelosi if she does not come to understand how gravely in error she is. I invite her to reflect upon the example of St. Thomas More who acted rightly in a similar situation even at the cost of his life.”

I will be frank with you. I was appalled at the “disciplinarian” attitude of the good Cardinal. It is clear he has a (and I quote) “static and inward-directed view of things”. He is obviously wrong, because “the church’s pastoral ministry cannot be obsessed with the transmission of a disjointed multitude of doctrines to be imposed insistently”. It is clear the good Cardinal has to “find a new balance; otherwise even the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards, losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel.”

On the contrary, as a minister of the Church, he “must be minister of mercy above all”.

Thank God, we have Francis taking care that the liberals do not heed what the Cardinal says. This restorationism will not lead us anywhere.

Good Lord. The man talks as if he had the Truth. And he is so judgmental!

Tsk, tsk…


Mundabor’s “Abortion Obsession Day”.

I admit it.

I am, in Francis’ words, “obsessed” with abortion.

My bad.

In order to show my clear and manifold guilt ( including, in case you doubt it, my “restorationism”, my “pelagianism”, my “legalism”, my “certainties”, my “triumphalism” and my many other “isms” Francis does not like), I publish below the link to a small (the operative word here is: small) number of posts against abortion I have written. I have stopped at twenty, because the search function will allow you to find many more if you so wish.

Read away at your pleasure. 

The fact is, some of us do care.

I know. It’s bad. With all the murderous gossiping around, we should have other priorities.

I am so obsessed, in fact, that I have declared this one the “Abortion Obsession Day”.

On this day, there will be only one topic: abortion. 

If any other are as obsessed as I am, they might consider joining the initiative, declaring themselves obsessed with abortion, and do the same.

It might be, I thought, the right kind of answer.






















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