Absurd arguments

Never misunderstood, and not by coincidence.

It seems the only way left to defend Francis and let him look like a halfway normal Pope instead of a dangerous liberal Neo-modernist, populist, appeasing moderniser is to deny that he is worse than he really is, and to infer from this that he must, then, be good.

At the end of May, Francis excommunicated a mad priest. A pope defrocking and or excommunicating a mad priest is not new or strange, and it is questionable whether it is “news”. For some predictable reason – like the necessity to give Francis a varnish of “tough” orthodoxy for the benefit of the gullible – the news has been echoed, several months after the fact, by the Press after the 12,000 word disaster, prompting desperate cries of “look! He is not the Antichrist!” from the equally desperate defenders of Circus Bergoglio.

The same happens with the nuns, or with the strange idea of Francis “changing the teaching of the Church”.

Well no, Francis is not a mad nun – though Nazi Pelosi seems almost to think he is; but actually not even she does – and it will always be easily possible to find a mad nun telling us that, to her, Francis is not good enough. But this does not prove absolutely anything beside the disquieting fact the mad nun considers the reflection whether the man could be, in fact, good enough a legitimate one, worthy of a statement or a video or an interview or an assertion that he might be “teachable” after all.

Similarly, the assertion that Francis “has not changed Church teaching” means perfectly nothing. The topics about which Francis has caused the biggest stir – abortion and homosexuality – are clearly part of the universal and ordinary Magisterium. The bishop of Rome couldn't change them at all, so Francis not saying “as per midnight new rules will apply” doesn't even begin to be an argument to defend his alleged orthodoxy.

A Pope cannot change Church doctrine. What a bad Pope can do, though, is to downplay or sabotage or subvert important parts of it, and put fluffy sentimentalism and populist waffle of all sorts in its place. This has been a popular sport at the Vatican in these last 50+ years; but clearly, Francis wins the contest hands down and puts every one of his predecessors easily in the shade. In the hit parade for the worst pope since V II he has already left even the 15 years of Paul VI's pontificate easily behind himself, and he a … bishop of Rome only six months. Just imagine what he will do in ten or fifteen years.

The devastation caused by this man is now apparent, but there are still those who believe the entire planet is stupid and doesn't understand, for the thirtieth time, what Francis wanted to say. Some of them now begin to say that, perhaps, it might be a mistake to cause an earthquake a week with his oh so orthodox interventions; still, that dozens of interventions show a clear pattern of thinking and behaviour does not enter their elevated and perceptive minds. No. We just don't get the man, that's all.

You see, Francis is a sly, cunning man. A genius he is not, a Jesuit he clearly is. He knows how the church works, and how the V II crowd thinks. Therefore, he goes on with his work of destruction, comfortable in the knowledge that he will never be short of clericalist cheerleaders, whilst looking oh so good in the eyes of the enemies of Christ. The orthodox Catholics, on the other hand, he feels free to offend in that humble, non-judgmental way of his, and calls them various names, among which “obsessed”, “Restorationists”, “Disciplinarians”, and “Pelagians” come to mind, not to mention “hypocrites” and “cowards”.

Yes, Francis is against the ordination of women. Of course he is, this is Catholic dogma. Yes, he will defrock or excommunicate a priest every now and then, when there is really no alternative. But this proves exactly nothing concerning the main problem of Francis, the daily downplaying, sabotaging or subverting Catholic teaching in his quest for popularity and approval.

It's like wanting to defend Che Guevara stating that he wasn't Stalin after all.

It says little, and it proves nothing.



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  1. I read about the excommunication of the Australian priest yesterday, and the actual reason he was excommunicated was that he continued to exercise his priestly functions after he’d been explicitly ordered not to. So he defied his superiors and, in effect, was “practicing without a license”. If an orthodox priest did this, no matter how debauched and dissipated his VII archbishop, he’d be excommunicated too, and then the papal cheerleaders would be praising Francis for his devotion to the order and good government of the Church.

    The other thing about Jesuits is that they are all about obedience, and it mystifies me how people praising Francis as a cuddly old grandpa can’t see that he has this characteristic in spades. Now that he’s the big enchilada, he expects obedience – TO HIM – and once his opposition pulls itself together and starts making problems for him, we’re going to see a whole different, much nastier side of him. (As the saying goes, “You must respect my authoritah!”) I’ve already seen it, in the complete absence of any *discussion* of his shopworn notions, especially with people who don’t agree with them. He doesn’t discuss, and he doesn’t debate – he rules, and all the smiley-face joshing can’t hide that.

  2. So Trads don’t believe in Original Sin and the effects it has on man’s fallen nature, and that we can live a life without sin and get to heaven all on our own? That’s what Pelagianism is.

  3. I don’t mean to be “judgmental” but when I see pictures of Francis … something inside mean cringes …I guess we should PRAY unceasing for a HOLY FATHER who will be a TRUE SHEPHERD and will be a defender of the complete TRUTH and is about the salvation of souls!

  4. It is wonderful that Francis ex-communicated a priest(after all, that is his job). Could somebody please explain to me how this slime ball, sodomy parasite was thrown back into ministry.http://www.whig.com/story/23430155/bondage-priest-returned-to-ministry-in-alton

  5. Brilliant Mundabor! This blog gets better and better!

  6. At best, he is a very mixed bag.

  7. In the hit parade for the worst pope since V II he has already left even the 15 years of Paul VI’s pontificate easily behind himself, and he a … bishop of Rome only six months. Just imagine what he will do in ten or fifteen years.

    Perfectly and grimly true. Pray God I shall never apostatise but this is very hard. We have Mgr. Boyle now and again; but he’s getting no younger, and two ferry trips to Papa Stronsay are impossible.

    Thank you for this blog; ’tis a huge comfort

    • As this is a true comfort, allow me to comfort you by asking you, in charity, to man up, stop whining, and face the years in front of us like a soldier of Christ. There will be occasions aplenty to test our resolve.

      On this blog, Apostasy is no more an option than sex change.

      Just so we are clear. Popes go, the Church stays.


    • Oh I know full well I shall never apostatise. Thank you very much – I know Hell waits for apostates. Thank you, sergeant, as it were.

  8. St. Benedict's Thistle

    Here is another openly homosexual priest: http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/archive/segment/openly-gay-priest-reacts-to-pope-franciss-comments/51f810e578c90a12bc0000bf

    I wonder if the Pope knows about him…

  9. Brilliant analysis! what this post says adjusts with astoshing accuracy to the Beroglio we knew here in Buenos aires. Ah by the way he has said many times that he likes El Che Guevara.

  10. hmm never heard him talk about Castro but if you take a look at the Copacabana mass there were many Che Guevara T-shirts on the argentine side, here it was a joke to say that those t-shirts were the uniform of the Bergogliolics.

  11. It pains me to say it, but I agree with quiltwallah’s assessment of Francis. Martinet comes to mind.

    • Isn’t it funny that we are all saddened and embarrassed at the antics of the bishop of Rome, and he is the only one not embarrassed in the least?

      Time for him to be embarrassed, not us.

      If I want the circus, I can buy a ticket.


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