As A Bishop of Rome Sows, So Shall He Reap.

She had hopes to get a new pupil soon.

She hoped to get a new pupil soon.

You probably have already read about this interview,  in which the mother of all deluded nuns calls Francis “teachable” on issues like so-called same-sex marriage and wymyn priests.

It goes without saying not Even Francis would openly defy Catholic teaching in such matters. True, we will never know if he, having the possibility, would decide differently; but he must be rather aware of the fact he is the Pope and not, say, the wannabe Archbishop of Canterbury, so we can be confident the matter is closed. Still, the rant of the mad nun is not only self-serving (a clear “look at me” headline), but at the same time points out to how nearer Francis is to her than all his predecessors. Again, in looking at him as a sort of promising material the female is certainly wrong is we consider the Pope’s attitude concerning the negotiability of infallible teaching, but is certainly right if we measure the Popes since Vatican II with the liberal-o-metre; in which case Francis is, simply, off the chart.

Please count how many times the mad nuns have called Benedict, or JP II, “teachable”. Yes, exactly.

Please forget all the rest, that isn’t worth your time (the mad nun idea she is now in favour of perversion because she has the pervert in the family; and the Cardinal Newman Society telling us the half truth that the Church calls for compassion towards homos without telling us what the Church says of unrepentant sodomites).

What I would wish you to get home from this interview is that for the first time since marijuana opened its way into nunneries, a Pope is considered at least interesting material, a man that might have good surprises in store for mad nuns.

Please don’t say Francis isn’t culpable for this perception. Of course he is. His shameless desire to appear modern, tolerant and not obsessed instead of orthodox and, well, obsessed is the reason why everyone on the left, dissenting or revolutionary camp (operative word here is: “camp”) lavishes praises on him. Even mad nuns, at least to the extent a mad nun could ever praise a Pontiff.

Again, count the times Pope Benedict had such headlines from such people. It will tell you something many don’t want to know.

Francis continues to collect headlines for the wrong reasons. It’s every day now. He does too little, too late and too quietly to counter the tsunami of praise from atheists, abortionists, dissenters, and liberals of all kind. Do not think this is a coincidence. And please do not swallow hook, line and sinker the tale of the courageous pope who now speaks against abortion just because of one single short intervention against abortion after a revolutionary onslaught of 12,000 words. When the world press starts insulting Francis for his abortion stance, than you’ll know the message has reached the intended recipients, both Catholics and not. Until then, you’ll know he’s just feeding his Catholic pigeons whilst he panders to the enemy of the Church.

I am sick and tired of reading such headlines day in and day out, and be informed that we should simply ignore what happens all over the planet and be happy and satisfied with the very occasional remark in a Catholic direction.

Does Francis want his message on abortion to reach the masses? He only has to give two dozen interviews in which he speak frankly about abortion and does not talk of anything else, and you’ll see how the Press changes attitude towards him. It doesn’t need to be 12,000 words either; though if one can find 12,000 words to scandalise Catholics all over the world he might as well find them to talk about what’s really important.

How do you say? He would appear “obsessed”?

Well, let’s say he would appear “Catholic” instead. But I understand for him it must be a stretch.


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  1. Dear Mundabor. There was a comedy team, Allen and Rossi, that used to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show (American TV).

    If you take a look at a photo of Sr. Farley and compare it with a photo of comedian, Marty Allen, you may just conclude that he underwent surgical emasculation so as to be able to pass for a woman – again, look at her photo – and so I suspect an elaborate charade, a practical joke of psychotically galactic dimensions, is about to be revealed to the world.

    Once she is excommunicated, Marty Allen will appear (prolly in America Magazine), announce to the world this elaborate charade, and then tell a retarded joke and start scratching his head.

    I know this reads like an insane possibility but is it any more insane than if, say, fifty years ago somebody told you a sister would be engaged publicly in Agit-Prop for Sodomitic ceremonies?

  2. Dear Mundabor, today the Chrurch of San Ignacio de Loyola in Buenos Aires was profanated by a group of lefty/revolutionary/anti-system students who wrote all kind of blasphemies on the walls and burned some pews. No one was arrested and NO ONE in the lefty-friendly media uttered a single word to condemn this atrocity, had it been a sinagogue or a mosque then there would be a huge public outcry now.. Sadly this is not the first time this happens in Buenos Aires and the media and the high hierarchy of the Church in Buenos Aires remains silent about it. In 2008 the Cathedral of Buenos Aires was occupied by another group of comunist-liberal activists who wrote insults against The Church, our Lord and the Virgin Mary on the walls and also defecated and urinated near the altar… this act of barbarisn was not repudiated neither by the media nor by Bergoglio himself who forbiden the priests to celebrate a Mass to repudiate this disgusting act of terrorism against our Faith.

    • If these sacrileges happened in Russia, swift action would be taken. I remember reading that a church was demolished due to it being profaned after a priest tried to perform a sodomite “marriage”. Also after the stunt P Riot pulled at an Orthodox parish, they were thrown in the clink. What happened in Buenos Aires was far worse, but of course nothing will happen to these sick blasphemers.

  3. Maria Victoria, that is a terrible scandal! I stated on another blog today that my greatest hope for this papacy is that the bishop of Rome will just stop talking. I also said I intend to quit commenting on his statements. This might not be possible.
    Mundabor, for a non-native speaker, your humour in the English language far surpasses many native speakers. Yours is the first blog I check daily. Keep up the good work!

  4. The world loves the humble, dhimmi Bishop.

    Says it all, really.

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