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“Doctrinal security-ists”.


I am so glad Francis is not the “judgmental” type.


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  1. Dear Mundabor,
    I don’t know what happened to my first attempt to reply to your comment telling me the link I supplied, which is on Msgr Ricca, did not work.

    I re-googled and this link worked for me. Hope it will work for you:

    It was written July 19 in the Daily Telegraph (UK) with the following title and headline:

    Pope’s ‘eyes and ears’ in Vatican bank ‘had string of homosexual affairs’
    The Holy See was hit by a fresh scandal after it was claimed that a priest appointed to a key role in the Vatican bank had a string of homosexual affairs that forced his recall from an overseas posting.

  2. Who is he to judge? Why he’s the Grand Poo-Bah, that’s who!

  3. I’d like to see Pope Francis comment on this:

    “It is a negative commandment (Deut. 25:12) not to have pity for the life of an aggressor (rodef). That is why the Sages ruled that if a woman is in hard travail the embryo is removed,
    either by drugs or surgery: because it is regarded as one pursuing her and trying to kill her.”

    (Maimonides, Hilkhot Rotzeah 1.9)

    And this:

    “If a woman has (life-threatening) difficulty in childbirth, one dismembers the embryo within her, limb by limb, because her life takes precedence over its life. However, once its head (or its ‘greater part’) has emerged, it may not be touched, for we do not set aside one life for another.”
    (Ohalot 7:6)

    But then, this would be considered anti-Semitic, rather than anti-Talmudic Judaism, and that would be judgemental.

    • Oh, he would tell you that you must meet everyone in joy, dialogue, and all that jazz.
      What he would not tell is the need for conversion.
      But this, apparently, heathens know already…

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