Spot The Female

One of these two is biologically female.






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  1. An insult Ronald Reagan, to be sure. I love your blog, M, and look forward to your posts every day.

    • Thanks, Estella!

      If the Gipper had known the photo in his time, he could have used it to practice some masculine pose. Though I doubt he would have wanted to imitate the ruthless, icy cold blick.


  2. Mundabor, did your mother never tell you not to mock the afflicted? 😉

  3. I never considered that the Aerosmith song was written about America’s 40th president. But indeed, we must all face this harsh reality. In this particular case, the “Dude Looks Like a Lady.”

  4. Lol ….

    My mother, God rest her, used to say “By the time we reach 50, we get the face we deserve.”

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