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The Great Neo-Modernism Overkill

If one remembers correctly, it was last Thursday that the F-Bomb exploded in the face of orthodox Catholics. Not the usual F-bomb, though, but a particularly insidious, 12,000 words long one.

With his interview, a cunning but not very intelligent Holy Father tried to give a massive push with the shoulder to the way Catholicism is – still – perceived, and to captivate an audience of anti-clerical heathens and enemies of the Church. It was an interview worth of a Quisling, offering the abortionist and perverted Nazis of our time a partial, but very abundant surrender against the background of a worldwide “lio” meant to make of Francis if not Christ's vicar, at least the darling of the planet.

One week later, it is fair to say the big modernist onslaught has very probably failed, and failed parlously.

For the first time, the worry with the antics of “Jorge” has become mainstream. I do not think there is now one Catholic on the planet who does not know this Pope is heavily criticised in his own ranks. How different this is from the modern icon of the “papal JFK”, ushering a new era of dialogue and understanding! How different Francis' press has become compared to March or April! The heavily promoted “JFK” bubble exploded sometime between last weekend and the beginning of this week, when the headlines about the angered or confused Catholics began to attract the attention of the specialised, but also mainstream, media.

Yes, there was the usual reaction of the “business as usual” crowd, but this time it was clear rather early it was truly not business as usual.

A blogging priest writes an extremely blunt – if you can read between the lines; which I know you can – description of the aftermath of the interview in four instalments. An archbishop openly talks about the disorientation of his own parishioners and says how instructive their devastating emails are. A bishop makes clear he really could not notice the obsession his… colleague in Rome is blabbering about. The blogger now worldwide known for being a too staunch defender of Francis signalled the interview was a mistake. Even the video warrior has made two episodes which, though still rather prudent, are in the end clearly critical of the man, and this in just a few days.

It really starts to get noticed: Francis has made his bed.

Yes, no prelate writes a word about this huge mess without stressing how actually – cough – right the Pope is if your magnifying glass is powerful enough; but at some point even my cat got the gist of the good bloggers and orthodox bishops' comments: dear Lord, whatever they are smoking over there, please let them stop.

In the meantime, the sly Francis had scheduled his own insurance policy: on the Thursday he publishes a 12,000 words interview of sabotage against the “obsessions” that prevent his popularity from becoming stellar, and on the Friday he pronounces some twenty words against abortion, so that the simple are appeased and the critics are silenced. The intervention does not get much press. Obviously. If Francis had wanted the press, he would have released the prolife speech not one day after, but instead of the Quisling enchilada.

Please don't insult your intelligence thinking Francis doesn't know what will make world headlines and what will not go past Catholic blogs and magazines, and pro-life sites. It's not difficult to arrange things so that the press will pick only what we want. Ask every politician. Or every bishop.

Alas, this time it did not work as expected; true, the cretins would have been appeased if Francis had said “the sky is blue”; but as of last Friday the critics knew Francis had thrown away the mask, and have reacted accordingly. Go around the comments on all major blogs and magazines and read the rage of true Catholics: people with fear of the Lord and belief in Christ, and who have decided that enough in enough. More in general, just follow the “Catholic Answers” controversy. A lot of people have had enough, and they start saying it. In a way, Francis' antics are having the effect of waking up some people who were either asleep or silent. No bullshit anymore for us, they say, thank you very much.

Slowly, a new narrative is being created to justify the obvious fact the F-bomb has exploded in the middle of Francis' humble Ford Focus: Francis has not considered the cultural environment of the West; he is Argentinian, you see, and they are sooooo different from us: when you translate them into English it always looks like they have smoked a joint, or are flipping heretics, or don't know what they are talking about. You see, the Americans thinks in terms of being allowed to do what their “conscience” say, whilst the rest of the world's atheists and anticlericals don't, so it's clear something got lost in translation…

But Francis is against abortion, he really is! After months and an entire WYD of flipping silence he has finally said twenty words the day after the worst scandal of his already scandal-rich pontificate, so he must have been right all the time! He just forgot to mention! So much to do, you see…


Spoken in blunt Italian terms, Francis' virginity on pro-life issues has gone, and if he wants to remake a virginity for himself he will have to work very hard, or at least follow the job description. On his overall orthodoxy, more people begin to doubt than the usual suspects – yours truly proudly included -. The word “heresy” (material heresy, of course) is pronounced seldom, but implied very often in blog comments, from people who clearly understand what's going on and will not be flattened on the “Francis good, Press bad” mantra. In a word, this disgraceful interview has exposed Francis, and the “Dalai Lama In White” icon is now visibly scratched. Thank God for that.

It was Neo-Modernism overkill, and it has backfired. The scandal has reached the mainstream. If Francis isn't entirely deluded he can now see the cannons being moved, and he must know they will not all be directed at “the ugly press” forever. For a man obsessed (I used this word on purpose) with his own popularity this must be a rather heavy warning.

Francis has abused the patience and charity of faithful Catholics once too much. From now on, by every heretical statement a growing number of faithful will understand it's Francis or Christ, and those who choose Christ will be enough to destroy the icon of the “Dalai Lama In White” for the rest of his pontificate, and bring him shame galore for all centuries to come.

Make no mistake, though: if Francis were to dance the tango in St. Peter's Square dressed in nothing more than rainbow undies and black shoes there would be no scarcity of bloggers explaining to us why this is a good thing (though the undies should possibly have been white, so atheists do not misunderstand the message of purity and dialogue clearly implied in Francis' gesture).

Let the defenders against all reason of Francis say what they like. They are smelling the winds of war as much as you do. They will at some point begin to question not the motives, but the ways of the… bishop. They know if he continue to make an ass of himself (yes: an ass of himself; and shame on him for that) there's no way they can save his face, so they will at least try to save theirs.

The F-bomb has exploded in the Focus' back seat.

Be under no illusion concerning the man's orthodoxy. But now, let us see how smart Francis really is.








“Thomas Peters Recovery” Blog

A dedicated blog is online, dealing with the recovery of Thomas Peters from his very serious accident. 

Whilst the blog does not make for very happy reading for obvious reasons, it is very encouraging to read the younger blogger of the Peters family does not need the surgical collar anymore, is gradually regaining the use of the left foot, and is generally  recovering in a very encouraging way.

In your charity, keep praying for this young, courageous man. His is one of the very first blogs I started reading, and this little effort of mine owns its existence to combative Catholics like the young Mr Peters.

May he, one day, think of this accident only to give thanks for a complete recovery.





Some Clear Words About Francis

On the “Harvesting the Fruits of Vatican II” blog there is a beautiful blog post posing the question whether Francis, the Bishop of Rome who doesn’t like to call himself Pope, is a Modernist.

I suggest that you follow the link and give the reflections of this excellent blogger your full attention.

As for myself, I will add to the excellent considerations of the blog post’s author a couple of short thoughts:

1. The antics of this man are getting so numerous, that one rapidly forgets the earlier ones as new ones keep coming with astonishing regularity. I had already forgotten the pandering to Muslims during Ramadan, and I have even written about it. Again, it’s an avalanche, and a serious case of papal logorrhea. There is no better way to make any sensible man aware of the deeply confused nature of this man’s Catholicism than to realise one has not been able to keep pace with his blunders.

2. I commend to your attention the beautiful metaphor of the family used in the blog post. I allow myself to report it here in its entirety, so striking it is.

The little ones, who are not yet prepared for solid food, haven’t the wherewithal to even recognize that a problem exists. Others, who are somewhat more mature in the Faith, are so taken with the false idea that Daddy can never be wrong, that they will rush to defend him at every turn, regardless of how outrageous his behavior might be. Still others in the household are informed enough to see the problem, but are too weak to confront it, choosing instead to profess to “keeping their eye on the prize,” essentially sticking their fingers in their ears and humming “Amazing Grace” in the hope that it will all just go away.

The smallest number of those among us, however, will look without fear at the bitter reality that papa is drunk on modernism, and his reckless behavior is so dangerous that it threatens not only those who dwell within the Household of God, but even those who wander in darkness beyond its walls.

Among them, a relative few intrepid souls will do everything in their power to warn the others, both within and without, taking bullets and arrows and all manner of artillery simply for daring to proclaim the immutable truths of the Faith that alone can assure our salvation.

It’s a thankless job, this, but someone has to do it.

Your humble correspondent hopes and prays that the day they die the author of the words just reported, the humble correspondent himself and all the others who have the guts to take “bullets and arrows and all manner of artillery” will, wretched sinners as we all are, get some heavenly brownie points for pointing out to what should be so obvious, but few want to see. 

3. With usual timeliness, the blog post author received the first criticism – with the very first published comment – from the usual defenders of niceness, to whom no matter how gentle you are in presenting the truth – and in this case, the gentleness was extreme – you are being “harsh”. Clearly, some people can never resist the temptation to shoot at the messenger. In case you ask, I would not have published that particular comment; but hey, I am a Disciplinarian all right.  

Enjoy this breath of fresh air, then, and draw from it the strenght to prepare yourself for a battle that might be only at the beginning, and could well go on for many decades; probably well beyond our grave.


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