Some Clear Words About Francis

On the “Harvesting the Fruits of Vatican II” blog there is a beautiful blog post posing the question whether Francis, the Bishop of Rome who doesn’t like to call himself Pope, is a Modernist.

I suggest that you follow the link and give the reflections of this excellent blogger your full attention.

As for myself, I will add to the excellent considerations of the blog post’s author a couple of short thoughts:

1. The antics of this man are getting so numerous, that one rapidly forgets the earlier ones as new ones keep coming with astonishing regularity. I had already forgotten the pandering to Muslims during Ramadan, and I have even written about it. Again, it’s an avalanche, and a serious case of papal logorrhea. There is no better way to make any sensible man aware of the deeply confused nature of this man’s Catholicism than to realise one has not been able to keep pace with his blunders.

2. I commend to your attention the beautiful metaphor of the family used in the blog post. I allow myself to report it here in its entirety, so striking it is.

The little ones, who are not yet prepared for solid food, haven’t the wherewithal to even recognize that a problem exists. Others, who are somewhat more mature in the Faith, are so taken with the false idea that Daddy can never be wrong, that they will rush to defend him at every turn, regardless of how outrageous his behavior might be. Still others in the household are informed enough to see the problem, but are too weak to confront it, choosing instead to profess to “keeping their eye on the prize,” essentially sticking their fingers in their ears and humming “Amazing Grace” in the hope that it will all just go away.

The smallest number of those among us, however, will look without fear at the bitter reality that papa is drunk on modernism, and his reckless behavior is so dangerous that it threatens not only those who dwell within the Household of God, but even those who wander in darkness beyond its walls.

Among them, a relative few intrepid souls will do everything in their power to warn the others, both within and without, taking bullets and arrows and all manner of artillery simply for daring to proclaim the immutable truths of the Faith that alone can assure our salvation.

It’s a thankless job, this, but someone has to do it.

Your humble correspondent hopes and prays that the day they die the author of the words just reported, the humble correspondent himself and all the others who have the guts to take “bullets and arrows and all manner of artillery” will, wretched sinners as we all are, get some heavenly brownie points for pointing out to what should be so obvious, but few want to see. 

3. With usual timeliness, the blog post author received the first criticism – with the very first published comment – from the usual defenders of niceness, to whom no matter how gentle you are in presenting the truth – and in this case, the gentleness was extreme – you are being “harsh”. Clearly, some people can never resist the temptation to shoot at the messenger. In case you ask, I would not have published that particular comment; but hey, I am a Disciplinarian all right.  

Enjoy this breath of fresh air, then, and draw from it the strenght to prepare yourself for a battle that might be only at the beginning, and could well go on for many decades; probably well beyond our grave.


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  1. Not only a “disciplinarian,” but a “Pelagian. “Heavenly brownie points,” indeed!

  2. God bless you Mundabor! I’m glad that finally some courageous people are unmasking and denouncing this man who has inflicted so much corruption, heresy and lies on the Church here in Argentina. Most people here regard his papacy as having won a football world cup and do not care about what he says or does, all that matters is that an Argentine is the Pope. For the last 20 years whenever I spoke against him I’ve been inmediatly accused of being anti-patriotic, elitist or olygarch (one of Bergoglio’s favorite words) they said I hate the poor, they say I am pro-imperialism, an Uncle Sam kisser, a racist who likes Europe more than South America… stupidities that had to endure for years. To the world this battle started in March, to Conservative Catholics in Argentina it began many years ago.

    May God Help Us All.

  3. Yes, the blogger has produced some excellent analysis recently on the confusions rooted in the documents of Vatican II along with the serious deficiences accompanying post vat 2 papacies. One detects in his work over time a gradual realization that the crisis has deep roots before the Council and that Francis really is the epitome of the mind that formed in the wake of the Council. The blogger in question has a truly Catholic sense and it must be painful to witness this rollercoaster of destruction which is only just building up momentum. You can see that the pre-council popes were true teachers and defenders of the Catholic Faith and fought valiantly to crush the Modernist virus which alas has now erupted with a with a new energy under this worrisome papacy.

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