“Thomas Peters Recovery” Blog

A dedicated blog is online, dealing with the recovery of Thomas Peters from his very serious accident. 

Whilst the blog does not make for very happy reading for obvious reasons, it is very encouraging to read the younger blogger of the Peters family does not need the surgical collar anymore, is gradually regaining the use of the left foot, and is generally  recovering in a very encouraging way.

In your charity, keep praying for this young, courageous man. His is one of the very first blogs I started reading, and this little effort of mine owns its existence to combative Catholics like the young Mr Peters.

May he, one day, think of this accident only to give thanks for a complete recovery.





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  1. Dear St. Peter Claver, possible namessake of the Peters family, we know you are a Jesuit. Even so, 😉 we invoke you intercession for the complete recovery of Thomas Peters from his profound neurological injury. Pray also for our Pope Francis, your brother Jesuit, that he care as zealously for souls as you did, bringing all people, even atheists, to know the Living Christ and His Bride, the Church . Amen.

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