“Blind And Unchecked Passion For Novelty”

St. Pius X, pray for us!

St. Pius X, pray for us!

“Dogma is not only able, but ought to evolve and to be changed. This is strongly affirmed by the Modernists, and clearly flows from their principles. For among the chief points of their teaching is the following, which they deduce from the principle of vital immanence, namely, that religious formulas if they are to be really religious and not merely intellectual speculations, ought to be living and to live the life of the religious sense. This is not to be understood to mean that these formulas, especially if merely imaginative, were to be invented for the religious sense. Their origin matters nothing, any more than their number or quality. What is necessary is that the religious sense — with some modification when needful — should vitally assimilate them. In other words, it is necessary that the primitive formula be accepted and sanctioned by the heart; and similarly the subsequent work from which are brought forth the .secondary formulas must proceed under the guidance of the heart. Hence it comes that these formulas, in order to be living, should be, and should remain, adapted to the faith and to him who believes. Wherefore, if for any reason this adaptation should cease to exist, they lose their first meaning and accordingly need to be changed. In view of the fact that the character and lot of dogmatic formulas are so unstable, it is no wonder that Modernists should regard them so lightly and in such open disrespect, and have no consideration or praise for anything but the religious sense and for the religious life. In this way, with consummate audacity, they criticize the Church, as having strayed from the true path by failing to distinguish between the religious and moral sense of formulas and their surface meaning, and by clinging vainly and tenaciously to meaningless formulas, while religion itself is allowed to go to ruin. “Blind’- they are, and “leaders of the blind” puffed up with the proud name of science, they have reached that pitch of folly at which they pervert the eternal concept of truth and the true meaning of religion; in introducing a new system in which “they are seen to be under the sway of a blind and unchecked passion for novelty, thinking not at all of finding some solid foundation of truth, but despising the holy and apostolic traditions, they embrace other and vain, futile, uncertain doctrines, unapproved by the Church, on which, in the height of their vanity, they think they can base and maintain truth itself.”

“Pascendi Dominici Gregis”, 13. Emphasis mine. 

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  1. Beautiful post …and oh yes I am learning the TRUTH these days by stopping by blogs such as these….back in the day , before 2009 I was one of those cafeteria catholics ….just went along with the Modern church and “the changes” brought on by Vatican II ….today I reject moderism ( I have read the Oath against Moderism) and cling to Holy Mother Church and Tradition ….thanks be to God , I am FINALLY awake now!

  2. This is why I love you, M. You are a strong and masculine brother, shielding us from fear and allaying our anxiety knowing Mama has sustained a serious injury. You recognize she has had a concussion and needs healing. Underneath, you show us Mama has a sturdy brain, but it has been bruised. Mama might even suffer post-concussion syndrome for years. Some of us want to enlist quack doctors or run to neighbors bearing remedies you know can never help Mama. You are a loyal son, and will never deny her, never seek maternal succor elsewhere. We will learn by your example.

    • Thanks, Akita-ette!

      I could move the text, but in my ignorance I would not know – I think I cannot – let it appear as your message.

      I’ll leave it here, then.. 😉


  3. M., this should be posted in regards to “Words to the Wise”, if you deem it worthy.

  4. Mundabor my friend,

    If you could be kind enough to publish this small story from my life which I believe is a good example for yourtopic. As stated previously, I reverted to the Faith in 2009. It was the last straw. I had tried everything else the modern world offers. I thought I am Irish Catholic mine as well give this a try. My Grandmother died saying the Our Father even though she had terrible Alzheimer’s at the end of her life. Maybe she was talking to something was my curiosity at the time. Thankfully the city I lived in at the time had a Church run by Franciscans that had confessional from 10am – 5pm every weekday. Miracles happened in the Confessional Box! I went to the Confessional Box sometimes 3-4 times a week at the beginning. If a sinful behavior ate at me I confessed. I knew I was mot well enough to understand the difference between venial and mortal. Sometimes I went just to put my head next to to the screen so I could cry as the Priest became Jesus and said “I ABSOLVE YOU OF YOUR SINS”!

    At this time my conscience was something I could not trust(please do not tell the Pope I said this!). The Holy Spirit guided me to the book store at the basement of the Franciscan Church where I bought the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I carried the fat green 800+ page Catechism everywhere. It gave me a sense of calm that I could pop it out and find out if my feeling or thought was supported by Catholic teaching. If my “opinion” was in opposition to Catholic doctrine I would pray for wisdom. My prayers then and still today are very simple outside of my daily Rosary. I would ask God or a Saint “Please provide me the wisdom to understand the truth I read in the Catechism because I doubt it is true”. Same sex activity, Hell, and contraception were three topics that I believed at the time the Catholic Church was wrong. At the same time miracles were happening to me through the Confessional. As a result of these miracles, I was becoming smaller and the Catholic Truth was growing larger. Well I went to my Parish Priest to discuss some doctrine questions.

    A little background on this Church. The Priest two weeks after I talked to him published in the local paper a letter signed by 400+ parishioners supporting women ordinations. Now I know that this Parish is one of the strongholds in the USA for liberal causes.

    Back to my conversation with the Priest. At the beginning of our meeting, I pulled out my big green Catechism to discuss some doctrine. I still remember the way he looked at that big green book. It was like Superman looking at Kryptonite! After discussing many things we began to discuss same sex attraction. I said the following, “Father I do not agree with section 2357-59 of the Catechism in regards to the homosexual activity. That being said Father I pray that my will and intellectual understanding of this subject conforms to the teachings in this Catechism. Father do you pray that your will conforms to these teachings or do you pray that the teaching conform to your understanding of homosexuality?” He did not have to think about his answer. The Father said, “ Oh no I pray that the Church conforms to my will and desires”. For a couple of days after this event my emotions were all over the place numb, angry, despair ….. but I never let go of prayer, confession, and Catholic Kryptonite! I still pray that my conscience conforms to the Truth given to us through the Catholic Faith. Today I still go to confession …….. By Gods Grace I do not have to go 3-5 times a week!

    God Bless you and your readers,


    • Excellent post Sean, and congratulations to you.

      The priest you have spoken to will have his reward, unless he repents. Goes to show many priests work against the church, and for their own popularity. One has just become Pope.

      My suggestion to you is that look on the internet and buy some older, pre-Vatican II catechism. You will see they are much better quality than the mediocre one of JP II. The Baltimore catechisms are excellent and the Penny catechism is a useful thing to have always with you. The Catechism of Trent and the Catechism of St. Pius X are also excellent.

      Congratulations again; and boy, what a great grandmother you had!


  5. My new friend Mundabor, Ditto Jeanne Holler! When I open my email, I look first for your posts. “Like a dear that yearns for running streams…” My soul seeks the truth, and you are a light in the darkness!

  6. A wonderful post. An article in “The American Spectator” conveys a similar meaning, in case you want to call it to readers’ attention: http://spectator.org/archives/2013/09/25/when-paul-corrected-peter

  7. We a group of Catholic faithful at Rome have decided to start an International Alliance against the wiles of Church leaders who want to destroy the Church with the authority of their offices…here is our manifesto… please distribute in the English speaking world, and communicate with us to put this into good Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Swahili, Hindi, etc. etc.


    • I gladly post the link and congratulate you for the initiative.
      My suggestion is that in your future activities you stress the very special responsibility of Francis, leaving aside the matter of the exaggerations and distortions of the Press. If Francis were more guarded (or knew what he says) the latter would not be possible other than in the rarest cases.

      Francis offer the press twenty smashes a month. He can’t complain if the press goes on the ball.


  8. Mundabor, I am astonished that you have not yet commented on this part of the Pope’s interview:
    “And all the faithful, considered as a whole, are infallible in matters of belief, and the people display this infallibilitas in credendo, this infallibility in believing, through a supernatural sense of the faith of all the people walking together.”

    • Actually I think I have… But still: you are astonished? Material continues to get out of that interview that would be enough for another dozen of blog posts!

      Messa in Latino has an excellent post this morning, with other disquieting aspects. That interview truly revealed to all those who have eyes the true programme and mentality of the man.


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