Some Words To The Wise

It is perhaps fitting to explain in two (or three) words how I would like to moderate the comments appearing on the comment box.

Please no comments that are openly critical of blogs I like. It isn’t the done thing that the comment box of one blog is used for this kind of exercise concerning other blogs; certainly not when the blogs in question are, in general, on our side. There is a difference between a liberal or dissenting blog and a conservative blog honestly trying to defend a certain position; even then, when we consider the position indefensible.

When I want to criticise a friendly blog, I will take care to do it myself and in a way that is not seen as hostile; at least I will try. I know it’s a difficult and very subjective exercise, but there is a level of mild criticism with which I feel comfortable, and a level of less mild criticism with which I don’t. Please reflect the one or other blog may be doing an excellent work even if you don’t like – nor do I – their position on the current pontiff, disgracefully reigning. Please also consider by publishing critical comments I would be seen as “agitating”, or offering a platform against other blogs, through the indirect way of the comments published here. This is not the way I want this blog to be seen. Whatever criticism I want to make, I’ll word it myself and put my signature below it. 

I know it’s hard at times, but we should not start to have this blog as a platform for an open criticism of other blogs, or TV channels. There are enough liberals shooting at us, let us not shoot at each other. If you must, try to take the comment box of the one or other blog as the work of humorists, brought to you for free courtesy of the blog writer. Yes, I find some commenters on other blogs astonishing, and others real fifth columns.

If those commenters – or those blog writers – criticise this blog, or blogs like this one, kindly ignore them. The beauty of a blog – as opposed to a forum – is that one doesn’t have to “answer” anyone. If you don’t like a blog, read blogs you like. You won’t change the mind of anyone who thinks Francis is the best thing since sliced bread. Use your time to write comments helping confused readers to stay faithful to the papacy whilst understanding Francis is the worst since V II instead. Again, a blog is not a discussion forum, and you should expect the commenters on a blog to espouse the line of the blog writer, and encourage him on his path. It’s par for the course. 

Secondly, please no links to questionable sites, with strange “prophecies” or the like. If you like the easy prophecy, in Medjugorje there’s a daily fax coming: more crap than you will ever be able to stomach.

It’s astonishing how fast people believe every rubbish on the Internet. Don’t believe it, and don’t post it here.

Thirdly, no Sedevacantist material. When I decide that I have to link to one of those sites I will do it myself, but I do not feel comfortable with links posted through the comment box. I notice from the comments that a number of my readers must be heavily disoriented, and very disturbed by the current events. Let us not tempt them to go along the wrong path. What for you can be a useful source of information, for others might have more dangerous consequences. There is no reason why we should help them down this road. On the contrary, one of the aims of this blog is to help its readers to live with a very stinking papacy, whilst still remaining loyal to the Papacy.

I will be very blunt: if one’s mother behaves like a slut one will be authorised to criticise his mother, not to deny that she is the mother. This we must always keep in mind, and help others – who might be in the middle of an understandable crisis – to do the same. Whatever you write here is, if published, read in time by thousands of people, and hundreds on the same day. Think of the effect this might have on the many who land on this blog because Francis is sabotaging their Catholicism.

As a closing remark, I am always happy when Proddies write here and praise the blog. But please consider that this blog is there, inter alia, to convert them. Dear Proddie friends, I invite you who chance to land here to browse around the blog (the “Vademecum” on top could be a good start; the search function another) and to consider the message of Catholicism with a mind open to learning what Catholicism really is, as opposed to what your parents – or your cafeteria catholic friends – told you it is.

The bottom line is that you are wrong, and Catholicism is right. Anglicans click here.

Harsh, I know; but charitable.  

Give this papist blog a fair chance. You might be surprised.


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  1. I very much fear that Anglicanus Coetibus is going to falter and fail under Francis. It’s true that Catholicism is the Truth, but when people see the sun of Truth becoming obscured by the same clouds of Lies and Heresy that covered them in the land of Anglicanism, they are all too likely to decide that there is no point to converting, if they’re doomed to find themselves living under the exact same sort of error that they wish to flee. The Anglican who’d decide that now is the time to convert to Catholicism would be either very heroic, or the sort of immigrant the Catholic Church really wouldn’t want. One of Francis’s first reported comments was to the Anglican bishop in Argentina, Greg Venables, that the Ordinariat was “quite unnecessary”. That was frantically spun as “not necessary for you, here in Argentina” (because the Anglican Church there is so nice and sensible), but I think it’s what he thinks of the whole project. But Francis won’t outright attack it, any more than he will publicly denounce Summorum Pontificum; his style is the passive-aggressive method of a sour old woman, letting others do the dirty work and just pretending that nothing is going on while his grudges slowly undermine his targets.

    • Well, my argument to them is that when they go to the depth of the truth, they discover that the truth is not dependant from the quality of the man at the top. This should be extremely liberating exactly for an Anglican, because it shows him with his decision to convert he will always have a safe heaven in an indestructible truth, though admittedly this truth might be made less attractive from Francis’ antics in the beginning.

      This is, I think, a very good moment to be a Catholic for those who have already converted under Anglicanorum Coetibus: they will soon see whether their conversion was a sincere one, or was due to their liking the pope of the day. In the latter case, they clearly never ceased to be Anglicans.

      If there’s a good unintended consequence of Francis’ stupid pontificate it is exactly this: if will cause the weak to get lost, but it will toughen the tough even more.


  2. ” … a blog is not a discussion forum, and you should expect the commenters on a blog to espouse the line of the blog writer, and encourage him on his path.”

    Ah! So that’s why I was recently rather unceremoniously booted off a well known anti-Catholic blog after 3 years. You bloggers are like Popes! W

    • You see, in a forum discussion is invited and it nourishes itself from the participants. That’s why it’s called a forum. People meet and talk. A blog is, as I see it, the living room of the blogger. For this reason, I also never go to an “enemy” blog to tell them what I think of them. I don’t go to Elton John’s living room, either… (the kitsch would probably kill me anyway).

      Some might make things differently, but in my eyes this means they want to have a blog with a forum attached.


  3. This news that Francis thinks Anglicanorum Coetibus is unnesceaary illustrates his odious nature. The English Martyrs are especially dear to me. I will pray to them for protection of the Church under our current pope.

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