Paving The Way For Anarchy?

It is, as always, difficult to know what generic affirmations really mean – better said: you know what they mean; you do not know to what extent the intent will become concrete action – but if what is brewing is what is hinted at in this “Homograph” article, we are in for a mess on a planetary scale.

The core is issue is the one described below:

“Cardinal Maradiaga is hinting that the Pope is asking the fundamental question: What can be decided in Rome and what at local level? How can the Roman Curia serve bishops instead of being an office of censure and control?”

Note the two concepts:

1. The Roman curia should “serve” the Bishops. I thought the Roman Curia should control them and pay attention that they transmit the faith whole. A huge shift of power might be taking place here, with the dioceses making their own soup according to local recipes and Rome not daring to question either the nourishment or the flavour.

2. The very same fact that today Rome direct things is seen as “censure and control”. For the avoidance of doubt, both have here a negative connotation. It is bad that Rome controls, and it is bad that Rome censures. Rome’s power of control and censure must be, therefore, reduced.

You see already where this is going: a paradise for Pinocchio liturgists, where everyone makes things according to what the “Spirit” decides it is “best” locally, and the Pope happily presiding over this liturgical and doctrinal cacophony whilst kissing people on wheelchairs. Those from whom the worst problems have come (the local liberal dioceses) are then set free to give their own shape certainly to the liturgy, and probably to important parts of the teaching; like, say, not being “obsessed” with this, or being “dynamic” on that (communion for “remarried”, say).

Too clever by half, Cardinal Maradiaga tries to impress us with the example of the Japanese, a language which almost no one in the West masters. But his little kindergarten trick does not hide the fact that if the Vatican can’t decide over the very words with which the Latin blueprint must be translated in the local languages, abuses of all kinds will soon mushroom in all liberal dioceses, creating a confusion of almost Presbyterian proportions in perhaps less of a generation, or until a Pope decides to go back to sanity again.

What appears immediate in the Liturgy – and the example of Cardinal Maradiaga directly refers to it – must perforce be true in the teaching: Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi. Make a mess of the liturgy and the theology will go to the dogs just as surely. Look at the … bishop of Rome of the Pinocchio Mass and tell me if his Lex Credendi is any better than his Lex Orandi.

We will see how much of these, admittedly, easily said slogans are going to be translated in practice. Still, Francis had, for example, already hinted he would prefer heresies and dissent should be dealt with at diocesan level – by the heretical and dissenting bishop, it is to be supposed -, so one seems to understand where he comes from and what his idea of orthodoxy is.

Early days, and I might be wrong; but it seems to me that a program of dismantling of what, inefficient as it is, is still the most effective brake to heresy – a Roman curia with the power to intervene everywhere, and decide about the details of the liturgy – is being implemented with a true revolutionary spirit.

Some of you will know Che Guevara was, actually, Argentinian.


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  1. I have no doubt about this, Francis is obviously paving the way to unleash on the western world the anarchy, lawlessness, bad manners and contempt for anything beautiful and noble that is considered normal in his native South America.

    May the Lord have mercy on our souls!

  2. Mundabor,

    Could this be what Francis meant when he said for the dioceses to “make a mess”? I believe so. He wants to help the the “mess” along and bring destruction sooner than later. Great point re “el Che” also being Argentenian. Keep up the great work for orthodoxy and tradition!

    God bless you.

  3. has an article about this:
    “Importance of Hierarchy”

  4. This is damnable. Utterly damnable.

  5. Local autonomy is already being anticipated by one English bishop who, under Benedict, received more than one censure, ie slap on the wrist, following complaints by the laity to Rome. The bishop of Arundel and Brighton, Keiran Conry, (who failed spectacularly to defend his orthodox blogging priest Fr Ray Blake from media calumny), is robustly defending his support for the dissident group A Call to Action. In a “so what are you going to do about it?” retort the bishop, who prefers to dress in mufti when out and about so he doesn’t get asked awkward questions about religion, is allowing the group to hold a series of open meetings in his diocese to spread its corrupting message. Unsurprising, since he has also dissed Humanae Vitae and given comfort to other dissident groups Quest and Queering the Church. Meanwhile, it is rumoured that the man responsible for Conry’s elevation, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, continues in retirement to meddle in Rome in an effort to get rid of the current Nuncio, the one man who can break the liberal and spiritually flabby Magic Circle. The present pontificate must give them heart, which is likely to be confirmed by the award of the red hat to the equivocating Archbishop of Westminster. The overwhelming majority of the UK hierarchy have nothing to fear from their collegial peer, the Bishop of Rome.

    • “Equivocating” is very charitable referred to Nichols.
      I would have other adjectives for him; alas, none of them printable.

      Yes, he will soon get his red hat; and so will Müller; who, no doubt, will be depicted as “conservative” by some.
      Such are the times we live in.


  6. Mundabor,
    from Francis’ latest Scalfari interview:

    Santità, esiste una visione del Bene unica? E chi la stabilisce?
    «Ciascuno di noi ha una sua visione del Bene e anche del Male. Noi dobbiamo incitarlo a procedere verso quello che lui pensa sia il Bene».
    Lei, Santità, l’aveva già scritto nella lettera che mi indirizzò. La coscienza è autonoma, aveva detto, e ciascuno deve obbedire alla propria coscienza. Penso che quello sia uno dei passaggi più coraggiosi detti da un Papa.
    «E qui lo ripeto. Ciascuno ha una sua idea del Bene e del Male e deve scegliere di seguire il Bene e combattere il Male come lui li concepisce. Basterebbe questo per migliorare il mondo».

    Pure and utter relativism. No waffle, just heresy, loud and clear. This is just one quote, the whole interview (from la Repubblica) is like that. How to spin this into something Catholic is quite beyond me. Not even the old Pagans entertained such a crude relativism. Our current Bishop of Rome does not even rise to the level of the ancient Pagans.
    I am, of course, agnostic on whether he is a formal heretic or not, as I thankfully lack both authority and knowledge to make such a determination. But a material heretic he is, there is just no way around it anymore. The facts are just the facts, whether we like them or not.

    I’m sure the Holy Office will take steps soon… oh wait, the current version of it is headed by someone not exactly rock-solid on Catholic dogma himself…

    Thank God for the SSPX. I cannot be said often enough.

  7. Yes, it looks as if the destruction will now begin in earnest. Did you catch the most recent nutty interview? Only given a day or so ago to a journalist. The hits just keep on coming. The tragedy is that it has given licence to the diocesan liberal establishment to just keep on going because the Pope approves of the new emasculated Catholicism. what chance now has any faithful priest in a parish trying to uphold the integrity of the Faith? It will be a road of suffering I am sure, as we watch the shepherds abandon the flock and try to carve a Church in the image of their beloved Francis. We may have to walk in the footsteps of Fisher and More, who were abandoned by the heretical hierarchy of their day.

  8. Dear Mundabor. The razing of the bastions continues and I fully expect the ideology of Biblicism will be used to justify the unleashing of the revolutionary dogs of war that were held somewhat at bay by the conservatives at V2; the revolutionary rocket that destroyed Tradition.

    Watch for the Gelaro-Wearers to cite the New Testament and the then existing structures of the nascent church to justify all radical change (The Protestant Revolutionaries used this tactic) and to dissolve all Traditional Doctrinal and Ecclesiastical development that the revolutionaries find so binding on their plans for a new church.

    The New Theologian’s (Progeny of Modernists) process of phagocytizing protestantism is about to metastisize dramatically which will only increase the intensity of our Inertia Into Indifferentism.

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