The After-Bomb Pigeon-Feeding

Pope Francis was just talking to an atheist journalist.

Exactly as he did after the disgraceful 12,000 words interview, Francis proceeds – with the innate attitude to deception so typical of the Jesuit – to feed his pigeons with one or two “correctives” to the bomb he just let explode under the chair of Catholicism.

The other time, we had a twenty-or-so words statement in which it was clear he said he was against abortion. This statement obviously disappeared in the 12,000 words media storm he had just caused, but was eagerly grasped by all those Pollyanna-Catholics desperately needing to believe he is fine. Suddenly, in those pious minds the 12,000 words Panzerdivision sent against 2,000 years of Catholic orthodoxy was forgotten, and the mantra of the Pope “misrepresented by the media” could be hummed ad nauseam… again.

This time, the brutal betrayal of elementary Christian values is apparently corrected by an observation made during an homily just hours after the publication of the Repubblica article. This time, like the other time, Francis accurately separates what he knows will go round the world – and can be used to throw his bombs – from what can be said in a conveniently less publicised setting – and will constitute useful bird feed for his pigeons desperate for orthodoxy -.

Today, the pigeons are informed that proselytism means… bullying, really. Or lack of humbleness. Or “being not sufficient”, whatever this might mean in some Buenos Aires dialect. Already the comparison of proselytism and bullying is extremely offensive and as un-Catholic as they come. But even this questionable phrase is already much “less worse” than the fully unqualified, extremely emphatic statement used by Francis in the interview.

Once again, the old tricks of Neo-modernism are employed. Truth flies out of the window, words don't really mean what they mean (for the pigeons, that is: the rest of the planet continues to speak the same language everyone else speaks, and to give to common words the meaning they commonly have), and fluffy nonsense takes the place of sound doctrine.

First stage: demolition. “Proselytism is nonsense”. This will remain in the collective consciousness forever. Liberals, atheists, anti-Catholics the world over will feast on this for decades.

Second stage: deception. Proselytism is nonsense… if it really means bullying. If you can, hide behind Pope Benedict. Don't worry, no one will ask why with you there's no week without an earthquake, and with Benedict it was not the case.

Proselytism is bullying. Rosary-counting is Pelagianism. Truth is a relationship. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Third stage: confusion. The obvious task of the Church (proselytism) becomes described in the following words:

Let us ask the Lord that our work today will make us all more humble, more meek, more patient, more trusting in God, so that the Church can give a beautiful witness to the people, and seeing the People of God, seeing the Church, they might feel the desire to come with us.

Fluffy, emotional nonsense that means nothing and can cover everything. Every wet Catholic in the land will easily understand “meek, more patient, more trusting in God” as meaning “cowardly, silent, and happy to show his oh so humble joy rather than say what must be said”. Make no mistake: this is exactly was Francis want, as seen from the fact that he does it all the time. It is astonishing exactly the one who refuses to witness Catholicism – when he is the one with the least right to do so – should have the unspeakable guts and the indescribable arrogance to imply that exactly his inaction may constitute “a beautiful witness to the people”.

Then, seeing this “people of God”, they “might feel the desire to become like us”. Or they might die in their sins, of course, and go to hell. Heavens, the world has seen such effeminate priests and laymen around for the last fifty years! Has the world desired to become like them? No, it has despised them, and rightly so. When proselytism is supposed to be merely the byproduct of the Catholics being oh so nice and satisfied with themselves, the only thing one will get is ridicule.

“Look, look how joyous I am! And so non-judgmental!”

This is so gay, it can only have come from a Jesuit.


Do not be deceived. Francis is using the same tricks used by all heretics and subversives before him. He has lost face, big time. He will not recover it throwing some food to some desperate pigeons.

Remember: even the devil can quote scripture (let alone Pope Benedict). Look at this Pope by what his actions of every day tell you he is doing, not by the occasional bird food he throws at you.

Do not be deceived. It's an old trick.



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  1. Cannot disagree. The modus operandi is too clear. It’s not just the two most recent interviews. over the summer Pope Francis made incredible statements very publicly, then tried to walk them back in those little homilies he gives in the airport hanger cum church.

    And it is an old trick. I’ve been reading on the modernists of late, they were entirely disreputable and immoral in how they conducted their affairs and tried to advance their cause. Pope St. Pius X was right to deal with them as he did. A pity for us he did not live another 20 years, he might have totally wiped these heretics out.

    • Thanks, tantumergo,

      I do agree the problem is in the person, not the journalists or the translation.

      As to Modernists, if you ask me heresy is part of the human nature, the fruit of the same pride that has ensnared Bergoglio. Pius XI and Pius XII have been very harsh in persecuting it, but it was already underground, it is difficult to go further than that. I have read Pins XII even had “plants” in seminaries and universities! It is difficult to do one’s job more thoroughly than that, but again it’s like thieves or rapists: there will always be some around.

      The great problem is not the existence of rats (every big ship has rats), but allowing them to get out, reproduce and spread all over the ship…


  2. About the modernists it must be noted (as was noted in Prof Mattei’s must read study, The Second Vatican Council (an untold story) that their conspiracy, begun prior to the opening of Vatican Two, was wildly successful while the conservative fathers were way too late in recognising the threat they posed and they did way too little to oppose the modernists, and their progeny, the New Theologians, and so the vast meek middle of the Fathers surrendered to the militant minority of modernists conspirators who marched right over their weak, and rare, objections.

    That must be a lesson to all; conservative catholicism is doomed to failure because it always seek compromises with the radical revolutionaries who, of course, exploit the ineffective tactics of the conservative catholics and come to triumph through their weakness.

    Only Catholic Traditionalists are effective against the revolution because they are even more committed to actual truth than are the modernist revolutionaries committed to their immanentism and myths.

    Hell, man, this fight is just starting and men like Mundabor are leading the charge.

    • Thanks Vermontcrank, and I think you are right.
      Like homosexuals, modernists must have hidden behind code words and ambiguities not necessarily transparent to those who were not really committed, but whose meaning was clear to those of the same parish.

      Look at what Bergoglio is doing now, and how many who do are instructed simply refuse to see.

      Some people tend to believe in what they want to believe more than it is good for them and everyone else. I assume this is another trait of human nature. Thank God I was born a mistrustful chap, and burned the initial goodwill for Bergoglio rather fast.

      Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me thirty times, well…


  3. “The great problem is not the existence of rats (every big ship has rats), but allowing them to get out, reproduce and spread all over the ship…

    We are in a situation now I think, Mundabor, where their greatly increased numbers have not only free roam of the ship, but have stormed the bridge and are broadcasting obscenities over the captain’s radio..

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