The Pope, The Error And The Spoon

You will not like this meal...

Understandably, many good Catholics are now praying every day that the Lord may, in His Mercy, free us from Francis, the Scourge of Catholicism. They rightly reflect that due to the unique position of this man, as I write this on the morning of the 3 October 2013 it is fair to say no one else on the entire planet is making – unwittingly, I hope – the work of the Devil as effectively and as destructively as this man.

Still, it must be very clear to us that what we – as Catholics and Christians – are collectively living is nothing more than what we have collectively deserved, and the Lord's Justice has now descended upon us in a way that is impossible for us to ignore any longer.

It is as if the Lord would – in a way, of course – say to us: “So you love ecumenism, don't you? Care a lot for “religious freedom”, right? Live happily with abortion, am I wrong? Are so full of understanding for sins that call to heaven for vengeance, aren't you? Well, boys 'n girls: let's see how you like this…“.

After which, he allows the Cardinals to commit the Stupid Act Of The Century and appoint an ignorant, hypocritical, morally very questionable, fake humble, unaware of Catholicism, clearly heathenish, popularity-worshipping, camera-loving, logorrhoea-plagued, beauty-hating, provincial Argentine Peronist as Pope.

Punctually, the man begins to give them – and all of us – overdoses of what they – and all of us – have been tolerating for decades. Better still, the man brings the many budding heresies of the V II to ripeness, like a peach in August. With him the Neo-Modernist heresies, up to now mixed with Catholic Truths, become of age, and want if not the sole attention, certainly the main place at the Catholic table.

You loved ecumenism. Enjoy Francis being consequent and saying that, then, there is no need to convert anyone. No! No! No! Hey, God isn't Catholic, says he! (a Sign of the Cross is here certainly in order).

You loved religious freedom. How about a Pope fighting for the right of Muslim to eat halal meat? Or paying attention that his sodomy-loving Jewish buddy eats kosher? Do you really like to be forced to have the couple of faggots “sleep” in your bed and breakfast, in front of your family? Is having to pay for other people's abortion and contraception tolerant enough for you? How do you like the obvious faggot soldier on the shower near you, talking of his impending “marriage” with his “love” whilst he looks at your buttocks?

You were happy to look the other way about abortion, and always said you were “personally opposed”; but you clearly wanted to be nice at all times and not impinge in the “right” of others to kill their baby in the womb. How about a Pope who says a yearly multiple Holocaust on a planetary scare is something we should not obsess about, and the biggest problems in the world are… youth unemployment and old people's loneliness?

You were happy to be so silent about sodomy. How about many countries exposing your children to sodomy as a human right even at school, whilst the Pope does not say one single word against sodomy, doubling it with “who am I to judge” and the invitation not to be “obsessed”? I am sure I have left aside a lot, but you get the drift.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

Sow the Novus Ordo mass, reap the Pinocchio Mass.

Sow ecumenism, reap indifferentism or outright New Age rubbish.

Sow religion freedom, reap the persecution of Catholics.

Sow Vatican II, reap Francis.


We are being deservedly punished. We are being shown on our flesh the folly of our ways, because we were so blind and stupid we did not get that, to make one example for all, the Assisi gatherings – particularly the first – are blasphemy and abomination.

We collectively pay the price of our collective folly. We collectively deserve every mouthful of excrement this unspeakably unworthy Pope will thrust down our throats; feeling, no doubt, extremely humble as he does so, and reaping the lavish praise of all the wrong people, from perverted singers to abortionist organisations, and from liberal journalists to the holocaust-promoting President of the United States, who has just joined the long list of his fans.

The only way out now is to denounce the excrements for what they are, and hope the Divine Spoon will be taken away from us soon.

But truly, we have deserved every spoonful. God does not owe us an orthodox Pope. We may hope he takes Francis away from us; but if we are honest with ourselves, why should He?

Sow the error, reap the spoon.



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  1. “A letter to confused Catholics” – well we are certainly confused now, more than ever before! Msgr. Lefebvre RIP.

  2. Well said and I agree totally …..WHY SHOULD GOD listen to us and rid us of this “awesome”
    Francis ….
    We truly do deserve this …..I for my part pray many rosaries ….and cling to the TRUE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH….like I have said before I reject MODERISM and Vatican II ….I long for TRADITION and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the ExtraOrdianary Form….you know the one the Saints loved and the Martyrs died for ….
    God deliver us from this madness and let us return to the COMPLETE TRUTH….
    Soliders for Christ we are ….the BATLLE is upon us dear faithful!

  3. Yay!!!! Americas’s bestest ever Kenyan Born Mulatto Muslim loves Pope Francis.

    Today, during my morning walk when I prayed the fifteen decades (Yes, Pope, I count) these words from Psalm 108 spontaneously formed in my mind: May his days be few: and his bishopric let another take.

    That just happened spontaneously today but, from now on, those words will be part to my daily Rosary Intentions

  4. You are completely right mundabor.
    We all deserved our current bishop of rome.
    Maybe if we accept this fact the LORD will have mercy on us.

  5. The Pope praised the deceased Cardinal Martini in his interview with La Repubblica. “….Ignatius, for understandable reasons, is the saint I know better than any other. He founded our Order. I’d like to remind you that Carlo Maria Martini also came from that order, someone who is very dear to me and also to you. In my view this is an unmistakable signal to ‘modernists’.

  6. Courtesy of Rorate Caeli:

    ‘It emerges from conversations with his visitors that Ratzinger himself has seen in this restriction a “vulnus” on his 2007 motu proprio “Summorum Pontificum.”‘.

    Reading Francis Through Benedict should be finally put to rest.

    God Bless.

  7. Dear Mundabor. Agreed; there is nothing wrong with being a Mulatto and that was not my intent in including it in my description of the Jug-Eared Jerk; I just liked the alliteration and euphony of Mulatto Muslim

  8. Mundabor my friend,

    I agree!

    I would like to challenge you and your readers.

    Yes we “Orthodox Catholics” see the elephant in the room (really clown in the room), but what are we going to do? How is God ashamed of us? Now that we have been enlightened by the Holy Spirit how are we lacking action? I agree that the Pope is what we deserve, but if we are the Pious Catholics how can we unite and suffer more for Holy Mother Church? How can we thank the Holy Spirit for enlightening us with Truth? How has God been frustrated with us? Is God angry with me because he gives me the Truth and I use the knowledge to make sarcastic jokes?

    Now that we know the Pope is a heretic WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? We can write all we want on blogs. We can laugh at each others sarcastic jokes. There comes a time when we must unite and take action. Tomorrow is Saint Francis of Assisi’s Feast Day. He took off all his clothes and trusted God entirely. Mundabor and readers ….. how many of us are ready to lead by example? How many are ready to give up everything and trust in God. I know I am lacking. If we just give our opinions it could be a long long time!

    We are the leaders of the Church because the Holy Spirit has shown us the Truth. We have been Blessed by God. Now we must strip ourselves of the modernist playbook, and trust in God. Who among us is ready? How are we going to counterattack the devils actions?

    Obviously I am filled with questions. I do not have the answers except more prayers.

    God Bless you and your readers,

    • We are not the leaders of the Church. The Church is led by the Clergy, with the Pope at the top. Being bad leaders does not deprive them of their role or responsibility.

      What can we do? Work in our sphere of influence with intelligence, charity and prudence. Dare to be Catholic and proud of it in our family, with our friends, at work. Pray that we may become better at living, better at converting, better soldiers for Christ, and that we may have better leader.

      My two Eurocents, at least.


    • Thank you my friend.

  9. A brilliant analysis, Mundabor, congratulations. And we thought that a spoonful of Mueller was pretty revolting – but Francis serves two helpings which act as an emetic: one down and one up!

  10. The latest gift to the modernists:

    And the most troubling part of it:

    “The “C8” will discuss the following: the pastoral care of families (including the issue of communion for remarried divorcees”

  11. Since Pope Francis likes interviews and questions posed to him, why not pose the question to him to explain, No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church. Perhaps it could be signed by those Catholics who blog on sites like yours and live their lives according to true Catholic teaching. I know someone in Rome but perhaps Mundabor you might be that vehicle. I have prayed and prayed for decades and will never cease to pray but it is time to act and flush out the complete agenda of this Pope lest anyone of good will be lost by the babel. Silence is no longer golden or acceptable in this crisis of Faith which has lasted far toooooo long.


    George Brenner

    • I am not a fan of posing questions the addressee will never read. Besides, it seems to me a tad presumptuous. Still, be assured he would say to you the maxim still apply, in the sense that… (Here follows the complete negation of what he has just said).

      Remember, he is a Sixty-Eighter and a Jesuit.

      The kind of person who can say to you “truth is a relationship” with a straight face.

      If he were to tell me “it’s quarter past five”, I’d be tempted to look at my watch anyway.


  12. Tomorrow may well be Saint Francis of Assisi’s Feast Day, but I, for one, refuse to take off all my clothes!

    • Aha! Does it have to do with today’s homily? I have not read it yet, only one or two headlines here and there on news aggregators. I hope it wasn’t too very bad?


  13. Dear Mundabor, I’m very sad today, we Argentine traditionalist Catholics have been recieving the excrement pie from Bergoglio’s claws from years, the disaster of his bishopric can be seen here every day in every place, the moral degradation he encouraged, the prostitution he condoned, the sodomy he justified, the filicides he relativized, the monstrous poverty he found so endearing,the peronist cancerous corruption that rejects anything beautiful, righteus and noble for being “Bourgeoisie, Oligarchic, Elitist” <– three of Bergoglio's favorite words when he was here!… it's incredibly sad he has been rewarded with the Papacy. But Bergoglio is not a genius, he's in fact a very ignorant, tacky person, a cunning, uppity resentful provincial demagogue Peronist, Che Guevara admirer, middle class hater who is being pandered by the enemies of God, he's like an illiterate boxer or football player from the slum who makes invisible suited men earn millions, he's the loyal pet of the warlords of satan.

    • I want to hope he is an unknowing pet rather than a loyal one. I do not doubt he makes the work of the devil, but I prefer to go to sleep thinking he does not realise it.


  14. radjalemagnifique

    The Tour Goes On !
    Mickey Mouse Confirmation in France.

    Mgr Pascal Wintzer, archbishop of Poitiers, the town where, in 732, Charles Martel fighted against the Muslim invaders and liberated France of them, has confirmed the youth by giving them the example of Mickey Mouse. « Nor more Saints, Doctors of the Church, Virgins, Martyrs, Confessors or Apostles … here come the heroes of the cartoons, the nice teddybears who will raise from now our Souls to the good and the transcendency ! » commented Riposte Catholique today.

    « During the homily of the Confirmation of the youth of Gâtine, Mgr Pascal Wintzer has presented a figure of Mickey Mouse of whom he has praised the merits : being always smiling and having big ears in order to well listen [to others, I think] ! These are the qualities required if one wants to be a disciple of Christ », reports Riposte Catholique.

    My own comment : « Wintzer », in German, means wine grower, and that brings me back to some of the earlier posts of this blog, speaking about « The Devastated Vineyard », of Dietrich von Hildebrand. How appropriate this name ! How ironic !

    Radja le Magnifique, who from now on will add to his signature :
    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

  15. Listening to and reading the Pope’s streams of consciousness, it strikes me that he hasn’t moved beyond what he was taught as a student/young seminarian by, among others, Marxist tutors. He remains emotionally stuck in his 20s and simply doesn’t possess the intellect to have worked out in Catholic terms what’s wheat and what’s chaff; he’s discarded the wheat and retained the chaff. Here we have an old man who seemingly regurgitates chunks of his juvenile tutorials without a real understanding of what their meaning implies or their dire consequences for the Church if put into action. But they sound like spiritual and philosophical gold to him and he has nothing else to offer. His elevation has convinced him that he has intellectual prowess and, like many with limited thought processes, assumes that he’s sharper than most. For the moment, there is no-one in the Vatican who will gainsay him. I think this is going to end badly for him. If it does, it will not be a cause to cheer, but to weep for the self-serving venality of those who put him on St. Peter’s Chair.

    • Agree with every word.
      A high school boy grown old, wanting to be accepted by those he thinks the cool people.
      Still a loser, though.


  16. I understand you Mundabor, I was like you some years ago, to the world Bergoglio is still a novelty and many people still give him the benefit of the doubt, but here in Bergoglioland (Argentina) conservative Catholics know very well his malice, his cynicism and his tricky nature, it’s a matter of time, you’ll eventually know him too. Even away from the juntle a tiger does not change its stripes.
    The enemies of Christ have many pets, but the”revolutionary third world priests” like Bergoglio are the worst of these. I’ve seen them literally foaming at the mouth on some tv shows defending sodomites and criminals and on several occasions, flinging white foam as they ranted at traditionalist Catholics that were telling the hard truth about the blasphemous assaults we faced here in Argentina (Bergoglio disaproved protests against gay marriage here and forbiden priests to express opinions about it) These cheguevarian priests are a disgrace but they’re not alone. They have a new breed of weak minded, politically correct morons on their side. They are the end result of generations of deliberate and careful propaganda and mental conditioning by the homophile/abortist/anti-Christian elite.

  17. Mundabor, Excellent, insightful observations and writing. Love your posts. You hope this pope is doing the work of the Devil “unwittingly” though. I am sorry, but he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. He is out to destroy the Church ON PURPOSE. The Devil wants nothing more than to rid the world of the Mass. That is what is coming next. He will be changing the words to the Consecration, making the Mass invalid. Please allow your readers to at least check out and decide for themselves whether it is true or not, but there is a woman named Maria of Divine Mercy – who I believe is getting genuine messages about this pope being the False Prophet. A schism is coming of the true and faithful remnant catholics vs. liberal, false, Francis-following catholics.

    • Oh, I agree. He certainly wants to ruin the Church as we knew it. But in his little, juvenile mind he might think God is pleased with that because the Church has become too rich etc.

      Not saying it’s right. Just trying to understand the man.


  18. In his October 1 interview with “La Repubblica,” Francis does in fact proposes the heresy of universal Salvation, […not the objective Redemption, as some try who attempt to defend him]: “Our Species (sic – !) will cease to exist; but in the end God will be all in all…” This is the heresy of apocastasis, first proposed by Origen; and condemned by the Church.
    This is utterly unCatholic, and everybody knows it.

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