Meet The “Hermeneutic of Blindness”

Please, dear Lord, no interviews anymore!

Please, dear Lord, no interviews anymore!


Poor Father Federico Lombardi has tried to stem the mess as he can on Thursday evening. Unfortunately for him and for us not only what he can is very little, but he makes things worse.

The idea now seems to be to tell Catholics “don’t take him seriously”, whilst saying to the atheists and liberals “look how good he is”.

In short, Catholics are supposed to exercise themselves in a “new hermeneutic” whenever the Pope speaks like a drunken heretic; because hey, he’s not dangerous. He only wants to play. In what this new hermeneutic would consist it is clear enough: ignore what he says when his talk is heretical or simply stupid, praise him to the sky every time he says “amen”. 

This new hermeneutic is nothing less than blindness in front of, and complicity in, Francis’ demolition work. It is being accessory to his sins.

Still, cue all the Neoconservatives now saying “let’s apply the new hermeneutic” every time Francis throws another bomb. What a disgrace this papacy is.    

My suggestion is that the Pope only speaks Catholic, or shuts up. Neither he nor anyone else – and he less than anyone else – has the right to confuse the Catholics; be it with homilies, informal chats, formal interviews, or long letters.   

“This isn’t Denzinger”, said a desperate Lombardi.

Yes, father. This most certainly isn’t.


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  1. One result of all of this is that Modernism is being shown very clearly to be what it is and shown to lead to a false religion in application. May we all be given eyes to see clearly and choose wisely. Especially our priests, who are responsible for so many souls. Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us. Jesus, mercy!

    • They are also all making of themselves the laughing stock of the planet.
      In this situation, it can’t be bad.
      Perhaps some sense will set in one day, but I won’t hold my breath.


  2. This is the Pope Elton John, Oprah Winfrey, Bono Vox, Madonna and Ricky Martin have been waiting for… what a disgrace! Everytime he opens his mouth his words make moral and religious relativists do somersaults, this man is DISGUSTING! feel free to reject this comment but that’s what I think.

    • Particularly Elton John.
      Without fogetting Monsignor Ricca, of course, still at his place, courtesy of Pope “Who am I to judge” the First…


  3. October 4, 2013, from the UK newspaper, The Independent, headlined “Pope Francis is launching a Vatican spring” –
    Paul Vallely writes approvingly: :He was more overt when he entered the room where St Francis had stripped himself of his rich clothes to embrace a life of poverty. The local archbishop asked the Pope to say the Lord’s Prayer there, as St Francis had done eight centuries before. “The Our Father?” the Pope replied. “But I want to talk about what the Church today needs to strip away to emulate the gesture Francis made.”

    • I’d take third party quotes with a grain of salt unless they are verified. The “Telegraph” is infiltrated by sodomites. They have all the interest in the world to misrepresent him.


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