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The Clericalist Troops are now triumphantly saying the “Repubblica” interview can happily be discarded, because it has emerged the Bishop of Rome… either lied himself in the interview, or else accepted an obviously wrong fact to be published and read worldwide because it let him appear oh so “mystical”.

There was no recorder! It's all a fabrication! Discard everything! The man is 88! Phew! Yippee-ya-yay!!

How is it, then, that the same Clericalist Troops defended the content of the interview as orthodox with such fantastic verbal contortionism? How is it they did not object to the age of the interviewer as the interview came out? How is it no one of them said the interview was not credible when it first appeared? How is it no one of them asked that the Bishop of Rome reneges the content of the interview?

Those who defended the interview when they first read should do the same now. It's not that the content has changed.


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  1. One almost hopes for more craziness. It might cure people of cult of personality and of the unCatholic position that everything a Pope says must be taken as Gospel.

    • I begin to think the same.

      I am sure some Cardinals are already “cured”. Others will be when Bergoglio’s “activism” begins to impinge on their own diocese.

      The tide is already turning rather fast, at least among those who care. Yes, he will remain an idol of the liberals, but in the long term this is not going to make him any favour.


  2. I am sure we have had all sorts of personalities in the Papacy, whose private thoughts we were thankfully spared. I wish God’s blessing and wisdom on our Pope.

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