The Pitfalls of Humbleness

Monsignor Ricca

One’s friends say a lot about one.

I wasn’t there, of course, and can therefore not give witness of what exactly has caused the last madness of the Bishop of Rome: the interview with Scalfari.

I am, though, old enough to try to make a hypothesis – as charitable as I can – of what I think led to the present meltdown in the Domus Sanctae Marthae. If you think I am not entitled to make such hypotheses stop reading now, or hold your tongue. Otherwise, this is what I think might have happened.


– Francis obviously doesn’t trust many people. He feels that the Vatican apparatus is his enemy, bent on blocking every initiative of his. They don’t know anything of the favela, you know. They listen to Beethoven, dress exquisitely, and eat like princes. Among them, he feels like a revolutionary peasant in the middle of the bureaucrats of the King he has just deposed.

– He thinks he knows everything better, though. He has a certain idea (heretical, and stupid; but this post is not about that) of how the Church must become: a confused, explosive mixture of Peron, Chavez and Che Guevara; a mixture of which he has persuaded himself, a long time ago, that it is something not only good, but even Christian. He knows the Vatican “machine” is out there to (to use the delightful expression of “Yes, Minister”) “house train” him, and he therefore decides to “do his own thing” without looking left or right.  

– His pride therefore leads him to isolation. He has nowhere to turn among the soft-spoken, but extremely alert personnel of the Vatican. He fears encirclement, isolation and, ultimately, castration. He decides not to enter the Papal Apartments, and to live as far away as he can from the Vatican bourgeoisie.  A self-appointed spiritual son of the favela, he knows they are his class enemies.

– Coherently with his Jesuit-born “all you need is luv” religion, he starts surrounding himself with strange people. People like the homosexual Ricca, whom Francis keeps near him – very near him, actually – even after a huge scandal erupts. Francis does not care much of what other people think, so he does not think it fit to send Ricca in the wilderness – as a layman, if you ask me -. At least, he does not care as long as they do not dent his ceaseless quest for approval and popular adoration, which is proving more and more the most evident weakness of this, in the best case, mediocre man. He must think – I am charitable again – that he is doing what the Lord (or at least the very confused image he allowed himself to have of Him) would want him to do and, blinded by vanity, must see the popular approval as the evidence that he is on the right track. Vox populi, vox dei: the battle cry of demagogues and vainglorious leaders since time immemorial.    

– Francis ends up, then, with a very close circle of trusted friends, none of them prudent or expert, none of them fit in Catholicism, many of them certainly sycophants. It’s the eternal bane of power, that wants the boss relentlessly subject to flattery of all sort. If he is a man of integrity, he will deal with it brilliantly. If he is Francis, he will soon believe he is the one who will be remembered in the centuries for his groundbreaking revolucion.

– I think I might know who some of these friends are. If they aren’t exactly those ones, then they are people like themPeople with an agenda, or people who do not know, or people who do not care. They become the inner circle of this lonely wannabe revolutionary, and help him to fabricate his own personal tragedy. He doesn’t see the pit, because he isn’t enough intelligent or humble for that, and like all those who aren’t very intelligent he believes himself extremely smart. This is why he puts a bomb under his chair every two weeks, and still thinks he is doing just fine. 

– One of these people might just be Monsignor Ricca. Francis wanted to keep him near him as the head of the Domus Sanctae Marthae, and he evidently trusts his advice. Don’t laugh. Francis is just the type to ask a scandalous faggot what he thinks  of his theological views. Faggot priests he has seen and tolerated enough and for long enough, and, in his own words, “who is he to judge?”.

– Another one of these people might well be Rabbi Skorka, his dear buddy from Argentina who, besides being a Jew (no, they do not believe in the same God as we. They truly don’t!) is in favour of perverted “unions”. Skorka was in Rome around the time of the interview. He is possibly Francis’ closest friend, or at least one of his closest friends. Francis is so confused concerning matters of religion, that this very Skorka said in an interview Francis watches that he eats kosher. I kid you not. Google it!***

– If this is the morning, how can the day be any better than what we have just seen? Is it so unrealistic to think that Francis receives the draft of the interview, has it open on his desk, knows that it will be read the world over, and asks for advice people like Ricca and Skorka, and perhaps these very two? What will, then, a faggot and a Jew say to him when they see him (unwittingly, perhaps; again, he is not a genius) demolishing the Catholic faith? Will they say to him “are you sure this is how you want to be seen?” Will they say to him “I am not sure this is very Catholic?” Or are they going to say to him “this is so beautiful, Jorge! The world will applaud you! This is the dawn of a new era of peace, dialogue, understanding among the people, luuuv, and you are the prophet who ushers this new Christian (!) vision!” ? 

– Again: Francis might not have asked exactly Skorka and Ricca (though again, he might well have asked just those two: they were near enough, and are trusted enough). But if he has cut himself out of sound advice – as he must if he wants to pursue his revolutionary plan; and as abundantly showed by his decision to avoid the Papal Apartments – he must have around him an awful lot of sycophants, perverts and unbelievers; people seeking personal promotion and advantage, or perhaps even believing in their very badly formed conscience that they are doing the right thing, and working for “world peace”. You read Skorka’s words, and you realise besides a thin varnish of Christ put here and there by Francis there isn’t much difference between the two: peace, dialogue, understanding, love; more peace, more love, more dialogue. Individual conscience, no matter how badly formed, is the metre of everything. Are you a Jew? Eat kosher!

If this is true, it become not only clear, but unavoidable how the meltdown could happen: when a confused Peronist who would be astonished at reading the Penny Catechism decides he can do without the “leprosy” of the Vatican apparatus, the result can only be the decision to publish the Scalfari interview as we have all read it, and allow it to go around worldwide without a word of correction.

Word, by the way, for which I am still waiting: then up to now an awful lot of people has started saying the interview does not reflect the Pope’s thinking; only, not the Pope.


I know, I know. Some of you think this is a far too gentle reading of the events, and I understand these readers though I do not agree with them. I do not think he is willfully evil. I think he is very confused, very ignorant (and I mean brutally ignorant, as in “no knowledge of the very basics”: commandments, sins crying for vengeance, works of mercy, stuff like that…) and naturally arrogant, and the mixture of the three leads him to believe he is being a good Catholic.

A thin excuse I know, and the Pope is the last one who can be excused for not having a properly formed conscience. Still, I would say it’s still better than the malicious intent. At least one can hope he lives and learns.  

Pray for our confused, ignorant and arrogant Pope. It’s the confused, ignorant and arrogant Popes who need our prayers the most.


*** Then people are surprised he considers proselytism nonsense… 

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  1. Maybe you are right mundabor, and I came to similar conclusions. The bishop of rome ist not willingly destroying the church, he “only” is not well educated, and very, very confused.
    He acts like a man without friends. He seems not to be familiar with anybody in the curia and so on.
    But mundabor he was elected by the majority of the cardinals very quickly.
    How could this happen? Who forced the cardinals to eleced such a mediocre man without any charisma und with very little theological knowledge?
    We must draw the conclusion either the cardinals didn’t know what they were doing, or the majority of the cardinals wanted a man become pope who is weak.
    Both opportunities don’t reflect well on the cardinals.

    • My impression is that the Cardinals though they got “Bergoglio light”: a bit of populism here, a bit of waffle there.

      Not a huge scandal every two weeks.

      The elections does not reflect well on V II church. Or perhaps it reflects her only too well.


    • He’s not confused, he is doing the same he did when he was the Bishop of Buenos Aires, you can’t be confused for more than 20 years, he’s the same Bergoglio we knew here but now he’s on steroids and he has more room to sow the seeds of destruction that took the Argentine Church to a moral and spiritual swamp. if you think he’s confused then you are playing his game, he’s abusing the fact that most Europeans ignore what he did here. As for the Cardinals who elected him..¿remember the scandal about the secret report on the gay lobby that was made before the resignation of Ratzinger? I think there you have the answer, all his life Bergoglio cultivated a close relationship to the so called LGBT movements (as well as with jews, atheist, abortists,communists,,) Bergoglio had a very relativist positions (surprise, surprise!) when the so called same sex marriages became legal heret two years ago , he also forbiden the priests to express opinions about the matter, he stongly opposed the street protests against the sodomite marriage, declared that nothing should contradict the justice when he was asked about the case of two men who were granted the legal adoption of a baby, he had not even a single word of conmdenation to this aberration, Bergoglio was also popular among transvestite prostitutes because many of his “slum masses” were celebrated in places where these people practiced their “profession” and his words were always “God loves you”but never there was words like “repent and sin no more”.. The sociopaths argentine friends of Bergoglio (Sodomite leaders, lefty/atheist politicians and journalists, rabbis and slum actitivist) were nothing discreet when Benedict resigned, they started to shamelessly tell everyone that Bergoglio and “his friends” had succesfully schemed against Benedict and He (Bergoglio) would be the new Pope, his election was not a surprise here.. when he said that Gossip and murder were the same, he wanted you to continue ignoring what he did here and what, say ,Ricca did here too, and there is more, much more…
      it’s really painful to me to see this man wreaking havoc on the Heart of the Church and people still gives him the benefit of the doubt or think he’s simply confused,, he’s like an invasive species that is successful because it has no natural predators in its new environment.

    • Maria,

      it is simply charitable to at least try to leave a shred of goodness in this man.

      It is not, on the other hand, to say “you are simply playing his game” to someone who appears to simply have a slightly less negative opinion of Francis than yourself.

      On a slightly different note, you have written a dozen messages saying exactly the same thing. We got the message.


  2. V. Let us pray for our Pontiff Francis.
    R. May the Lord preserve him, and give him life, and make him blessed upon the earth,
    and deliver him not up to the will of his enemies.

    Let us pray.

    O God, Shepherd and Ruler of all Thy faithful, look mercifully upon Thy servant Francis, whom Thou hast chosen as shepherd to preside over Thy Church: grant him, we beseech Thee, that, by word and example, he may edify those over whom he hath charge, so that together with the flock committed to him, he may attain everlasting life. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

  3. I usually don’t comment in foreign blogs but what I read here is just brilliant, I live in Montevideo, Uruguay and I can say that the scandals of Mons. Ricca were countless and disgusting beyond all telling, he was so blatantly homosexual that many people didn’t believe he was actualy a priest, I was told by people who meet him that he’s quite effeminate in manners and he even complimented young men without blush! As for Bergoglio he’s just an semi.illiterate ambitious caudillo, when he was announced as the new Pope our neighbours, the Argentines, reacted like they had won the foootball world cup, they considered it a triumph over the old, cold, snobish europe they hate and simultaneously envy so much, some even said “now they will have to endure us”.. revenge and resentment: pure peronism

    • Ah, someone from Montevideo!

      I should answer “who am I to judge” now, should I not? 😉

      I always found extremely funny that the usual useful idiot would suddenly decide Ricca was “reformed”.

      He wasn’t reformed, he was outed!

      Please stay in tune. Your English is excellent.


  4. The Pope has repeated that he feels an affinity with and admiration for Communists that he read and knew in his youth. He clearly has a socialist agenda. And, he has adopted all of the tenets of the Bahai religion, the one favored by the United Nations, as his own–right down to the condemnation of “gossip”. The one thing the One World Religion can not stomach is Fundamentalism in any form. Any belief system is okay as long as it is NOT dogmatic. No, I’m not believing that after a decade or so of philosphy and theology he does not know the teachings of the Church. He’s just not all that into them, ya know?

  5. Oh, and I want to add that one of the primaryl goals of the UN is populaltion reduction. Can’t keep condemning abortion and birth control and pretend you’re with the UN agenda.

  6. I was wondering if you saw this:

    I know you’re fluent in Italian – perhaps you could find the original, if you don’t like using the English translation, and comment on it. It seems pretty devastating to me.

  7. … no, they” (the Jews “do not believe in the same God as we. They truly don’t!”

    Shock …. horror!

    I am so pleased to read this. My father converted from orthodox Judaism in his late-20’s. His father was a rabbi and so this was a very, very big deal in the late 1940’s and he was shunned by all his relatives. He was a Talmud scholar and knew his way around Kabbalah too. He always maintained modern day rabbinical Judaism did not worship the God revealed in the Old Testament; that it was a satanic corruption of the Jewish religion of the Second Temple era. He recognised Jesus through Jewish eyes as the Messiah, especially in the Gospel of Saint John which he loved reading. It was his view that both Islam and rabbinical Judaism were equally heretical and equally dangerous creeds.

    So thank you for saying the unsayable – again.

  8. Better words have never been said on the Francis situation, hope you don’t mind me borrowing and adding some comments of my own

  9. Why do you say Jews do not worship the same God? Of course, they do. Jews do not know that the God they worship is triune, and that one Person is incarnate in Jesus Christ, but there is one God that we both worship.

    • What on earth are you saying.

      Then you can say the same of Muslims.

      If you do not believe in the Trinity, you do not believe in the God of the Christians.

      Jews and Muslims may believe that they worship the same God, but they don’t.

      No same Trinity, no same God.


    • The God who revealed Himself in the Old Testament, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is the Trinitarian God.

    • He that heareth you, heareth me; and he that despiseth you, despiseth me; and he that despiseth me, despiseth him that sent me.
      Luke 10:16

      If the Jews and Muslims believed in the same God, there would be no need to convert them.

      Please let’s stop confusing the Catholics.


  10. Bergoglio seems to have a selective dislike when it comes to wealth, culture, high arts and refinement, I mean: he never objected the wealth and love of culture, hight arts and refinement of his jewish argentine fellow countrymen (think of the many rich cultured jews argentina has given the world E.G Daniel Barenboim) but when his catholics fellow countrymen show interest in improving their socio-economical status or cultivating the arts and appreciating its beauty,,, he thundered them with accusations that ranged from Olygarchy, Elitism, Gentrification to lack of humility and phariseism. I would like to know what argument (or magic words) did the argentine jews used to convince poor gullible Bergoglio about the harms of wealth, culture, arts and refinement in Catholics and why the same things are so positive in jews… I don’t remember seeing sinagogues more luxurious than those I saw during my stay in Buenos Aires, I speak Spanish and daily deal with South American people here in Denmark and many of them say that Bergoglio gives them a bad name and wants them to live in mud huts.

    • It appears Bergoglio’s reputation was far more spread, at least in South America, than we knew.

      One wonders how many Cardinals knew that.

      I have been writing this blog for more than three years and he at least almost never made the English press. I scoured my blog and I found one article, actually not negative.


  11. I’m very sorry M if I was too reiterative, beg you and your readers pardon, but it makes my blood boil to imagine him laughing at the people who is puzzled by his actions, I said so because that was exactly what he did here for many years: Divide et impera.. but probably and suddenly Bergoglio was “reformed” just like his friend Ricca.

    • No, I do not think he is suddenly “reformed”, but this is also a long way from believing him wilfully evil. Unpardonable as his ignorance is in light of his chosen profession – I very much doubt a true vocation – it must be surely allowed for a reasonable man to charitably assume he is simply so clouded he he does not see the damage he is doing. I do not even say “obligatory”, because a Catholic must be at some point free to believe the Pope is simply evil. But permissible, certainly.

      I try to deal with this disgraceful Pope in such a way, that I openly decry the disgrace when I see it in front of me, as clear as the sun. But I try to assume the “least worst” in what I cannot see, like his interior motives.

      If it consoles you, I do not bet on him avoiding hell, unless he repents. I do not believe God will judge him according to his conscience, I believe He will judge him according to His justice.


  12. To the commenter Maria Victoria: no need to apologize, at least not to me, I find your comments very interesting because they are first hand information. Some months ago I had dinner with some dutch catholic friends and they told me there is a considerable Argentine comunity in the Netherlands (well their queen is from Argentina) They also told that some argentines in the NL were full of anguish when they knew about Bergoglio new Pope and they keep telling them: don’t be happy about this, the man is a communist, a demagogue, he caused many tragedies in the argentine church etc etc etc, My friends said these argentines reminded them of Cassandre warning about the Greek present and I think you feel a bit like that. But keep a cool head for no bad Pope will defeat the Holy Church, She survived many bad Popes and will survive this one too.

    ps: the picture with Ricca makes my stomach turn

  13. Mundabor, thanks for your words, I was too effusive and I am deeply sorry but my own experiences with the Bergoglio style are too bitter and now the haunt me more than ever: it pains my soul to see that the Vicar of Christ is the same man who scolded and ridiculed old ladies in the Church for bringing flowers to Our Lady ,the same man who blessed filicide women in pro-abortion marchs, it pains me to see he is that man and seemingly unrepentant, because he still ridicules women who count rosaries and still flirts with abortists by declaring blurry imprecise postitions about the killing of babies, I remember seeing Bergoglio in the 90’s scolding a woman who dared to suggest him to have a word to people who entered the Church shirtless , he reacted in such a mean way to her, I was so shocked. That woman was what he considered “solteronas amargadas” (old bitter unmarried women) and it’s sad to see that he as a Pope still uses the same words to warn Nuns about being too concerned about those bourgeoisie details like people entering the Church with inappropiate clothes. To father Jorge those were meaningless details, if the church was full then it was ok, regardless if the Church was full of people whose only reason to be there was to ask for food or shoes after the mass. but to his eyes the church was full and that was all that mattered, and it’s sad to see that he as a Pope still do the same: he wants the Church big, universal, full with all kind of people regardless if those people are unrepentant sodomites or filicides and people who only enter a Church to mock and insult Our Lord Jesus Christ, like his Rabbi friends did so many times. It’s sad to see that he’s commiting the same mistakes he made as Bishop now as a Pope. May he find repentance and save his soul.

    • One day I will find the courage to abuse the goodness of my readers and ask for links to articles – in Spanish, obviously – describing Bergoglio’s activity in Buenos Aires. But it will be a difficult and ungrateful job.


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