“Nuns Must Not Be Too Spiritual”, Says Francis

Not good, says Pope.  Try at least a flight attendant's smile, no?

Too spiritual, says Pope. And the smile is not good enough.

Bishop Francis went to Assisi, and found some nuns who weren't smiling enough.

I believe them, with a Pontiff as the one they have to endure.

Still, it seems they tried. They smiled to him like a flight attendant, or so.

Not good enough, said the “non-judgmental” Pontiff. Try again.

He might have sensed the nuns didn't have an extremely high opinion of him, because he also said to them

“Nuns must not be too spiritual, and must endeavour to be experts in humanity in order that convent life is not purgatory,”

Ah, that's the problem. The smile was too spiritual. Not worldly enough.

After this astonishing show of… worldliness, the Pontiff who does not tolerate smiles that aren't after his liking has to say:

“Know how to forgive, how to tolerate each other because the devil takes every opportunity to divide us. Nurture friendships with each other and family life. And don't brag!”

All this comes from a source calling itself a “Catholic news source”. I can't avoid thinking Francis saw the dislike in their smiles, and had to retort “off-the-cuff”.

I might be wrong, though. This is just an “off-the-cuff” observation. Very fashionable nowadays.

Still, I truly hope it's not true.



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  1. “God is your business and language. Those who want to speak to you must learn this language; and if they don’t, be on your guard that you do not learn theirs, it will be a hell. If they should think you are unsophisticated, what does it matter? If they take you for hypocrites, it matters even less. You will gain in that no one will want to see you except the one who understands this language. And (speaking of the world) involves a constant disturbance from which you ought to flee at all costs, for what is very well suited to this path that we are beginning to discuss is peace and tranquility of soul.”
    -St. Teresa of Avila, Interior Castle

  2. If true, it seems to indicate the gratuitous insult of a bully whose victims cannot answer back.
    In their cloister the good nuns will, no doubt, be able to respond by redoubling their prayers for Francis and their intercessions will not be off the cuff.

  3. Wow. I wonder what all the poor flight attendants of the world are feeling right now, just having been told that their smiles are not good enough.

    Honestly, imagine an actual flight attendant, an older woman or man, who really pours him/herself into their difficult and often thankless job of trying to make cranky travelers happy in cramped spaces! The selfless giving that I felt from some of these folks has been a true blessing, and I used to fly A LOT.

    Imagine the hurt just caused by this pope. The same hurt doubtlessly caused to all those who actually thought their “bouquet” of rosaries would be accepted lovingly by the head of the church, who would have the wisdom and sensitivity to perceive the love sent to him through genuine prayers of faithful Catholics and to thank them or at least NOT INSULT THEM PUBLICLY.

    I am beginning to feel “as mad as hell” and have a feeling that I am not going to “take it anymore” as I have found myself unable to resist commenting on blogs.

    I think it is a very bad sign that I am beginning to feel towards this man as I do towards Obama. Of course, it probably was an even worse sign that Obama said he is really impressed with him.

    Interestingly I am feeling more “obsessed” with participating in pro-life activities. On Monday I held my “I regret my abortion” sign up while standing on a street corner for about an hour in my community. I am going to do it next Monday too. So there…Come Holy Spirit.

    Help us ordinary Catholics see that the time is now to get out there and speak the truth in love to people and to be careful not to calumniate the pope even as we must defend the Truth of the Catholic Faith.

    • Good for you! Continue your effort!
      Don’t worry too much for the flight attendants: whenever one says “used car salesman” they do not worry too much about them, either.
      It is, though, fair to say if Bergoglio is never smiled at from the heart from a flight attendant, then he is probably not so pleasant a person that they would. One can’t fake real sympathy, either.


  4. Yes, bragging would be bad, especially about their humility.

  5. Why does that phrase “chimpanzee with an uzi” keep running through my mind? Someone said it here and it has certainly stuck.

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