The Pope, The Interview And The Holocaust

Vatican observers were puzzled about Hitler's involvement in the Holocaust.

It is a well-known fact that Hitler never signed any document directly related to the Holocaust. Being evil, but smart, he knew that by doing so the future generations would have no shortage of stupid supporters ready to believe he had never anything to do with it, just because it is convenient to them to think so. They will – and they actually did; and still do – fabricate in their mind the legend of the evil people staging the Holocaust behind the back of the good-natured, unknowing Führer who was, in fact, always so nice with everyone, and loved his dog so much.

The wolves, you see. It's always the wolves. When some people put into their heads that someone they like cannot have taken certain decisions they don't, they will go to extraordinary lengths to try to let reality match their delusion.

An even worse degree of delusion is happening with the current Pontiff. There is no doubt he has approved the content of the Repubblica interview. The newspaper stated it, and Father Rosica also confirmed it on the Vatican's side.

This gives everyone a degree of certainty about who is responsible for the interview that vastly, vastly exceeds the certainty every reasonable, thinking person must have that Hitler was the driving force behind the Holocaust.

Still, the last desperate defence is the complete, total, utterly drunken denial of reality. Francis has approved, but has he read the interview before he did? Basically, in order not to admit the man is a walking heresy some people are ready to concede he might be so irresponsibly stupid as to approve the text of an interview that will be read worldwide, and of which he knows no recordings or notes exist, without even reading it. God knows I am not a great admirer of the intellectual faculties of Jorge Bergoglio, but this defies every notion of common sense.

Not only this: this delirious train of thoughts must assume that Francis has not read the interview even after it was published; and not even after it was clear all the Catholic world was in shock following the publication.

Therefore, the thinking goes as follows: “We know Francis has approved the interview, but we do not know whether he has read it. We also know the interview was published and read worldwide, but we are not sure he got the newspaper. The newspaper might well have reached his desk, but we do not know whether he has opened it. Yes, he might have opened the newspaper, but we do not know whether he read the actual words. Yes, it was suggested to him he should read what all the world was reading as attributed to him, but we are not sure he was listening“.

As I pen this we write the 9 October 2013.

Francis still hasn't retracted a word.

Make no mistake, those who think Francis “has not read” have no doubts about who is behind the Holocaust.

Thinking is suspended only when the problem is called Francis.



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  1. Now, according to the clericalist troop leader himself (the one promotes reading Francis through Benedict), we are dopes because we think Bishop Francis is a bad pope. You know he talks about the devil and all but only in between interviews and waffling. Well just call me dopey….

    • I am sure Antichrist will be able to warn you from the devil – whilst saying being pious is making the work of the devil -, show a great devotion for the Blessed Virgin, quote scripture profusely and hug every wheelchair in sight…

      As for myself, I will stay with Christ and 2000 years of Christian tradition.


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