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This article signed from Christopher Ferrara and appeared on the online version of The Remnant is the most complete, brutally frank account of seven months of Bergoglio Pontificate I have ever read; though astonishingly I do not think even this can claim to be a full account. The recent interview with Repubblica has pride of place, but many other “incidents” are mentioned.

Still, the sheer quantity of the therein mentioned episodes gives the full scale of what is happening at the very heart of Holy Mother Church.

The article makes it easy and convenient to do what I have written for some time: the best way to understand what is happening is to read Francis through Francis.

His message is clear enough, but its fundamental opposition to sound Catholicism is just as evident. Hence the Contortionism World Championship now in full gear.

Enjoy this brilliant article.



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  1. Isn’t it utter nonsense to portray PF’s sloppy and heretical outbursts as some kind of new mechanism of Papal communication which we must interpret in a casual imprecise way?never thought I’d live to see the day when we are fed such piffle from the Vatican. It must be obvious to all that we are really heading for some major upheaval in the not too distant future under this destructive and disastrous Papacy.

    • Oh, I think Lombardi & Co. are merely trying to deal with the unavoidable. “Try to ignore him, but I haven’t told you that” seems the message. It’s those who believe this nonsense that are really execrable.


  2. Indeed the Christopher Ferrara article is a well stated and accurate glimpse of the mindset and beliefs of Pope Francis. There is enough of a track record both before and after his election to the papacy to draw some conclusions. The situation will grow worse as long as Francis is Pope. Catholics of good will increasingly be called on to defend and openly be a witness to the previous centuries of true Catholic teaching, reverence and timely discipline. Silence will imply consent to the babel and outright heresies that will become obvious unless 180 degree turnabout occurs which seems very unlikely. The power of prayer can and should never be underestimated but we will also need to implore clerics of good will to act in defense of the truth. There are many holy priests who must act to defend our Catholic faith. It pains me beyond words to have to write this but when I think of the great flood in the time of Noah and the inability to find even a mere handful of good people in Sodom and Gomorrah, I tremble with fear to be silent even though I am a lowly sinner in the eyes of God.


    George Brenner

  3. If I were him I would be very, very scared, the righteous wrath of The Lord will fall on him inevitably and no populist trick will save him.. this Pope is a disgrace, my dear old mother is so angry, she just told me this is the first pope whose portrait will never hang on her walls.

  4. And, yet, according to a certain priestly blogger, we just need attach the correct hermeneutic to the Pope’s mouth and nothing but crystal-clear orthodoxy will pour forth. But when said blogger makes money from being the Great Interpreter I fear I am somewhat sceptical…

    • I do not have problems with anyone making money; but I wonder then why the same extraordinary energy is not expended to reduce to obligatory orthodoxy everything the mad nun say…


  5. The Girondists in the Conservative Catholic Collective, who ought to be hanging their heads in shame, are doing their damndest to defend this dissembler.

    But this is exactly the Conciliar Jacobin the Gelaro-wearers, chosen by Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II, desired and so we see in Bergoglio the Vatican Two Revolution actualised in his person.

    His two immediate predecessors were the rennet binding the Girondists to the V2 Revolution and so it will be interesting and, yes, highly amusing, to see them scattered now that they see how deeply the revolution struck the Shepherd.

    Our Pope, Our Cross
    Bringeth us Chaos

  6. I think the truth – how abominable this Papacy really is – appears to be steadfastly avoided on almost all corners. We all know that. What will Pope Francis need to do before people see the real reason behind all this? Call Vatican III, deny the Real Presence, abolish the hierarchy and sell St. Peter’s? Canonise Hans Kueng?

    • Allow adulterers to (think they) receive?

      Just a thought.

      There was a time I thought he could dance the tango on St. Peter’s square for the camera. But in the meantime he has done much worse….


  7. I have the same fear as Mr. Brenner that silence in this circumstance is a sin of omission. But I also fear that both Church and Governments are working to produce in the people a state of shock. Shock paralyzes our judgment because our circumstances seem to have entered an entirely new dimension in which the old coping strategies are no longer effective, and for many, this means the old laws and morals no longer apply. Shock creates a people eager to be lead by anyone who offers a solution. This is a very dangerous predicament indeed.

    • I don’t think anyone ever has the right of being stupid, though. In the case of the modern Western society, a huge number of people even go against natural law. There can be no excuse for it, not even if Obama and Bergoglio both conspire to let accept this state of things.


  8. I have emailed the following addresses to state that I will no longer contribute any money to the Church until our pope begins to act as one.

    • It would be wiser, methinks, to help worthy initiatives and organisation within the Church, like the SSPX.

      Every Catholic has the duty to help and sustain the Church according to his means, and to help with those works of mercy for which the Church is so eminently suited.

      If the diocesan organisation is a mess, other organisations should be found. In doubt, the SSPX can’t be wrong.


  9. FYI, the Scalfari ‘encounter’ is not only still on the Vatican website, but now boasts English and French translations that were not there even a few days ago:

    (Since the soft ultramontanists will try to negate your, my and similar critiques of the Pope based on a faulty translation at La Repubblica or Scalfari’s addled old brain, it would behoove us to read that feckless exchange once more in the OFFICIAL English translation offered by the Vatican to see what critiques still hold.)

    Lastly, I’m not going to mention my own blog here to generate “traffic” but simply to get support and insight from your obviously “solid” readers. My faith was very rattled by our Jesuit Pope recently, and I’ve been trying to climb back out of the confusion with similar deconstructionist posts to yours. I REALLY appreciate your writing and your prayers!

  10. Of course I will continue to support Catholic chapels such as SSPX, but no Peter’s Pence, Catholic Charities, etc.

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