Spitting On Christ’s Face


The Diocese of Freiburg has been called to order from the Vatican. It would seem good news, but it isn’t.

Whilst the soon-to-be-retired bishop Zollitsch (take my word on this: one of the very worst even by the German standards; not by coincidence he is also at the head of the German Bishop’s conference) now says the “pastoral” text was published without his consent, he has not condemned with half a word the very idea that public adulterers may be allowed to receive communion. The step was, in short, premature or unauthorised or otherwise unfortunate. But, evil?

The same song is now being sung from the Vatican. The matter “will be discussed”, therefore the initiative of the Freiburg diocese (wherever it came from) is not fitting. Rather premature, you see. Just wait for next October and then the thing will be discussed to their hearts’ content. No need to rush with individual initiatives.

Now, let us stop one moment and think what is happening here. The vey idea that public adulterers may be allowed to receive communion is, in my simple world, tantamount to spitting on the face of Christ, as the Roman soldiers did. It is, I would dare to say, worse still, then the Roman soldiers did not know what they were doing, whilst a priest or bishop (or Cardinal, or Pope come to that) bloody well should.

Look at yourself in the mirror and think if you would be ready to die, today, and go to your judgment knowing that you think public adulterers should be allowed, out of “pastoral care”, to receive Communion.

The discussion therefore looks like this: some German priests – probably among the many accustomed to do so every week, and who have admitted it in public – say “we must be pastoral: let’s spit on the face of Christ!”. The Bishop and Head of the Bishops’ Conference says “the initiative to allow the priests of the Diocese of Freiburg to spit on Christ’s face was not authorised by me; it is a document that was merely circulated privately, examining the possibility that spitting on Christ’s face may be considered “pastoral”. The Vatican also retorts that “whether to spit on Christ’s face will be discussed at the Synod in October 2014, which will deal with the pastoral treatment of public adulterers; so there should be no individual initiative before that time”.

To spit or not to spit?

In Bergoglio’s Church, this is the “pastoral” question.



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  1. Oh yeah, and as a divorced (read: abandoned with two teenage boys and forced to file for civil divorce after repeatedly, but unsuccessfully, begging my husband’s Wiccan mistress to let him come back to his family) Catholic woman vowing to God to remain faithful to my marriage vows until death…it is also in my face that any such Synod that changes the discipline in this matter would be spitting….but if such an unthinkable thing were to happen, I would rejoice in that, as it would conform me more to Christ’s image and I could say, “Lord make me more like you and help me to bear this suffering for love of You!”

  2. the bishops of Germany probably also presided over a catechesis due to which the faithful are invincibly ignorant about matrimony. I think many Catholics are invalidly married because they either don’t know or don’t intend what the Church intends.And then there is the new form of the English wedding vow, which is prima facie invalid (all the days of my life, indeed- I know people who thought this meant you could not remarry after being widowed!)

    • I think we are making it a bit too easy here. If this were so, it would be better Catholic teaching were forgotten altogether, so that one can bank on invincible ignorance and hope on that.

      I work in the middle of Gomorrah, and even here everyone knows what meaning marriage has for a Catholic.


  3. I will never understand WHY our bishops , cardinals and even our Holy Father would even think to spit in the face of Our Jesus….it is alarming and very sad!
    Our Lady, Mary Oueen of heaven and earth has WARNED us , hasn’t she ?
    Didn’t she tell us that ROME would lose the faith .
    That Rome would also become the seat of the anti-christ….
    These are dark times, should would be surprised at all this, I think not.
    Our Lady gave us Heaven’s Peace Plan but nobody is listening …Our Lady of Fatima has told us …The Consecration of Russia must be done according to her ways and plan..but nobody is listening .
    The messages of Our Lady of Fatima, Akita, LaSaleete and Our Lady of Good Success NEED to be obeyed …GOD has sent HIS MOTHER to warn us and prepare us!
    I pray everyday for Holy Mother Church….
    Thank you dear friend …..I learn so much from reading this blog!
    Our Lady , Queen of the Most Holy Rosary pray for us!

  4. To psychthomist: I can scarcely imagine your pain and I’m sure near despair at times. I will remember you, your boys and derelict husband in my prayers today. You are fighting the good fight! Remember, He will wipe away every tear. You are not alone. Though our circumstances differ, so many of us would be dead by our own hand or would have done harm to others if we had not reached out for the saving love of Christ.

  5. I just watched this, from the great Fr. Rodriguez:

    It is quite helpful in dealing with this mess. I can’t recommend it high enough.

    • I must say, an extremely interesting video.
      I watched most if it initially to be sure it’s no Sedevacantist material, but ended up being impressed by the lucid analysis of this man.
      I do not need to say this is the most scathing condemnation of Francis’ work I have read (or listened to) up to now.

      I merely object to the idea that the same Pope taken so often as a wonderful example of orthodoxy by the same Fr Rodriguez (Pius XII, actually quoted with the same words you read on my right hand column) may be accused of disobedience to the Blessed Virgin.

      It is clear that the Pope of Fatima did not disobey to an apparition in which he firmly believed, but rather thought the times not fitting for him to be the one that acts on it in its fullness (he went near, search the blog for more). Whether he acted directly following a private revelation or his – generally excellent – prudential judgment we do not know. But to put him in the same basket of “disobedient Popes” as Francis is just not fair.

      Still: on the whole, I am impressed.


  6. Well, as you said, this is Bergoglio’s church, so we can expect plenty more heresies. If I recall correctly, Christ himself forbade divorce and remarriage, so these bishops, especially in Germany, need a serious reality check. Or laicisation.

    • The stake would also help a lot.
      Unfortunately, I am told we don’t do it anymore.
      Letting millions get lost is far more human.


    • I think the sheer threat of the stake would put people into shape, however the secular governments are politically correct, so unfortunately that’s not going to happen any time soon.

      Marie Le Pen for French President!

    • I’d be overjoyed if the Vatican started to demand its reintroduction, even if with zero possibility to see it happening in our lifetime. Already that would be a huge step forward.


  7. Mundabor, what do you think of this:http://www.news.va/en/news/pope-francis-to-welcome-the-original-statue-of-the ? It is not the consecration but rather “Pope Francis will preside over a prayer on the occasion of the Marian Day convoked in the context of the Year of Faith.” Is it even possible for all the Bishops to do anything in union with the Holy Father if he chose to make the consecration? I have never understood this aspect and have not understood the controversies that have surrounded it in the past.

    • The controversy is too long for me to recap is here, but I doubt Francis will proceed to the consecration requested – if you believe in the Fatima apparition; which you must not do, though I personally do – by the Blessed Virgin.

      Francis massacres proper Catholicism day in and day out, but he also gives a show of devotion to the Blessed Virgin. He is playing by the rule book of the Modernists.


  8. Don’t want to alarm anyone but here in Bergoglioland the nothing discreet close friends of Bergoglio like the odious journalist Alicia Barrios and the anti-prostitution activist Gustavo Vera are telling everyone that Jorge the menace will end priestly celibacy soon, maybe they are just saying non senses but they said Bergoglio would be the new pope months before the conclave..Jesus piety!

  9. Agreed.

  10. Thank you sir, for these articles. I am 73 and I never stopped being the Catholic I was.
    The Ten Commandments, The Catechism, and the New Testament are a comfort. Recently, I was taken by a friend to a traditional Latin Mass. She takes me monthly.One weeps to know that this beautiful Mass the Birthright of every Roman Catholic is no longer
    the center of Catholic worship. thank God for this site and the above.

    • May God give you abundant blessings, Ma’am.
      It is a pleasure to know one helps people who have seen, no doubt, the world get mad under their very eyes.


  11. Praise be to God for Father Rodriguez, one of the precious few priests that truly understands.His homilies truly inspire me and I know in my heart The Holy Spirit is with him and guides him. He is such a gift of fresh air from the dreadful novus ordo politically correct homilies given at most catholic parishes.

    Lets be honest, Pope Francis has issues and these bizarre statements he makes give true Catholics pause and one gasps after hearing them. Perhaps this Pope with his “good intentions” mentality should understand what Saint John Chrysostom said: “The road to Hell is paved with the bones of priests and monks, and the skulls of bishops are the lamp posts that light the path.” and what led him to say that. Despite Vatican II with its modernist reforms I try to always discipline myself to be a 1917 Pio-Benedictine Catholic Canon Law or Council of Trent Catholic. That is what I personally refer to as true Catholicism and or true Catholics.God Bless All that enter this Humble Catholic Site


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