Cool Kids And Unsung Heroes.

Pray for us now, and in the hour of our death.

Pray for us now, and in the hour of our death.

It seems fashionable nowadays to show so much understanding for those who have willingly decided to put themselves outside of the Church, and in opposition to Our Lord and Saviour. If one is an atheist, it seems he is considered the spearhead of modern thinking, and even Popes – though not those who call themselves such – will make extraordinary (and actually heretical) contortions to show them how very cool they are in their atheism, because hey, they follow their conscience. Oh, how much better the world would be if there were more cool atheists following their own conscience… 

In all this official and unofficial pandering to the ideology of our time, there are some situations that, I think, are never called to our attention. Therefore, I will do it myself.

Here, a good mother lovingly raises her children and tolerates a husband gone bad, because of love for the family and fidelity to Our Lord and to the sacrament of matrimony. There, another mother is tested with a sodomite as a son, but she has the guts to not capitulate to the “acceptance” mantra, and prays every day that her son may find the strenght to get rid of his satanic perversion and avoid hell. Follow me a few houses down the road. Do you see that man? He is a husband left by a sluttish wife, and who resists the temptation to think he can – nay, he has the right to – throw his sacrament from the window and pursue his own “happiness”, as some of his friends and all colleagues around him do, and as everyone in his family suggests he should be doing. Walk with me for a while, if you will. Do you see that window? You cannot hear it, but behind that window pane a young woman is crying; she must see a man for whom she deeply cares go away, because she does not want to acquiesce to his demand that she becomes his public concubine, or his bed companion. Walk with me to the school, and observe that young boy in the schoolyard; yes, the one isolated and silently mocked, and considered stupid or ridiculous for insisting to defend his Catholic values in front of the general opposition of his peer. It is even rumoured he counts his rosaries. To count… rosaries?! Can you believe this guy??!! And what’s a… rosary anyway?   

All these people pay a price – at times temporary, at times very heavy – for their belief in Christ and His Commandments; they are those who think that their conscience is only then worthy of being followed, when it tells them what Christ would; they are those who – sinners as we all are – would not even contemplate giving scandal in front of their entire community and in the face of God just for the short-term reward of an illusive “happiness” that is, in reality, extreme rebellion; all those people are never the object of much attention from their shepherds. When they get it, it is generally the wrong one. “Obsessive” they are called, or “narrow-minded”. Next thing you know, they’ll be called “Pelagians”.

Nowadays, when the clergy tends to praise the Catholics, it is never for their obedience to God’s laws. It is, in case, because they are so social, so inclusive, so full of this flippin’ “joy” allegedly so well spread, but such that no one would be able to say, walking along a busy sidewalks, “that, that and that must be Catholics, because they have such joy written on their face”.

The Fear of the Lord most have heard mentioned last time, very probably, in the Bible. Christ’s yoke is now rather an amusement park, so when one can’t remarry there must be some serious issue with the machinery.

“bbbbzzzzz…… Service announcement: we are so sorry you are not getting the fun we promised you. Bishop Zollitsch is looking at the wheels as we speak, and Cardinal Woelki has some ideas about how the machine can be unstuck. We hope to be able to re-start the merry-go-round very soon. Please don’t go away. We value your custom”

Still, there are a lot of people out there who fight the good fight in silence, and pay the price without any Pope Bishop of Rome praising them. People enduring privations, solitude, mockery, or financial insecurity. People who have lost their job because they did not want to be the nurse of an abortion, or the doctor who goes to sleep knowing today he has killed a baby; people spat on the face, or provoked in the street, for not wanting babies to be murdered in the womb. Strangely enough, they are called “obsessed”. They aren’t helping at all, you see. This is soooo the wrong message.

There are still a lot of these people around. They just aren’t cool. They are no examples. The atheist who has his conscience – and therefore himself – as his god, not the believer who has his faith in God, is, nowadays, the cool kid.

How can a God-fearing man be cool? He is so narrow-minded! His “excessive doctrinal security” certainly does not make him worthy of being made an example. He is so stuffy. Unfashionable. Pre-Council. Ugh!…

Doctrinal security is, we are told in so many words, a bit like chocolate. Not bad in moderate doses. Even good, actually. But too much of it? Heavens, it upsets those who have been appointed as the cool kids! It can’t be allowed, can it now. One wants to be liked by the cool kids. One wants their approval. One will do everything one can to show them whilst one must – alas – keep some divergence of opinion, one will do as much as one can to minimise it, make it almost disappear if he can, and make it appear just another version of their same coolness if he cannot. One will, therefore, become very popular. A just reward, because one is so very humble. 

Thus, the unsung heroes will remain unsung, whilst those who should praise them most try to be popular with those they have appointed as the “cool kids”. 

If those who should praise them were smart, they would recognise those whom they think cool are the real morons, and those whom they think “narrow-minded”, “obsessed” and plagued with “excessive doctrinal security” are the real cool kids. But they aren’t, so they don’t.

The unsung heroes continue their battle every day, belittled by those who should encourage them most. But they aren’t discouraged. 

The Blessed Virgin sees them all; the smarts and the idiots, the brave and the cowards, the faithful and the rebels.

She sees the wife with the bad husband, the mother with the perverted son, the husband with the sluttish wife, the young woman crying in her bedroom; she sees the young boy walking alone in the schoolyard, the pro-life activist provoked in the street, and the nurse or the doctor who have chosen to endure the loss of their job.

She knows who the cool kids are.


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  1. One of your best, Mundabor. Thanks.

  2. Cardinal Ratzinger addressed the issue of an erroneous conscience back in 1991. He stated the problem thus:

    “I first became aware of the question with all its urgency in the beginning of my academic teaching. In the course of a dispute, a senior colleague, who was keenly aware of the plight to being Christian in our times, expressed the opinion that one should actually be grateful to God that He allows there to be so many unbelievers in good conscience. For if their eyes were opened and they became believers, they would not be capable, in this world of ours, of bearing the burden of faith with all its moral obligations. But as it is, since they can go another way in good conscience, they can reach salvation.”

    One wonders if the Church is succumbing to this way of *reasoning*. Why convert people and teach them universal Truth. Better to leave them in a state of invincible ignorance. Ratzinger demolished the argument and it is worth studying the text of the lecture in these dark times.

    Ratzinger on Conscience in 1991

  3. Typo alert: In the paragraph above, M., you mean the doctor who can sleep because he has NOT killed a baby.

    As a mother unable to conceive and shunning immoral technology for adoption ,I was once told that I had no business voicing my opinion against abortion because my opinion was invalid. The logic was that of course I would be against abortion and be resentful of any woman who could conceive and chose abortion instead. How many have thought this about me, but didn’t say it?

    • No, I meant that he “did not want to be” “the doctor who goes to sleep knowing today he has killed a baby”, and therefore prefers to lose his job, making the same choice as the nurse.

      As to the pregnancy, I cannot follow the reasoning at all. I cannot remain pregnant, either, and this is nothing to do with my being against abortion.


  4. This is what I call a signal grace. My happening-upon-this-blog, I mean.

    As a pharmacist who was called, by our Lord, out of this world – and into the Church abandoned some twenty years back, during college . . . called back not long before pharmacists in my Canadian province were given prescriptive authority – I “stood down” after only a few weeks’ reading, prayer and spiritual direction.

    God takes the moment of conception rather seriously, I’ve come to believe.

    I work, now, in a backbreaking construction job. I see no way for a druggist to be in communion with the Catholic Church while practicing in this socialist milieu.

    No exaggeration : I am basically alienated and seen as a kind-of-a-fanatic by 95% of the Catholics around here. They seem irritated when I am around. Even when I am quiet and smiling.

    This blog entry shows me that I am not alone, or insane. I was starting to wonder. Basically, a couple or three, maybe four, local priests and six-or-seven religious sisters, two brothers and maybe a handful of other Catholics around here – plus a few non-Catholic friends who could care less about my religion and like to drink beer and watch football with me – find me to be a sane, caring, funny, normal man. They like me. They really like me.

    But around my parish? They avoid me. They really avoid me.

    The recent papal interview didn’t help me to NOT feel like such an alien.

    Wow. I wasn’t even looking for this topic. Not even close. I was actually, in a weak moment, rather dejectedly ‘Google-ing’ random Catholic stuff, wasting some time before night prayer and lights out. Again, wow.

    Thank you.

    p.s. . . . only yesterday, following Lauds and Mass, I was enrolled in the Family of Carmel by a kindly 87-year-old retired priest . . . I am wearing the Brown Scapular . . .

    • You are not alone, and you are not insane, but you certainly are more courageous than most.

      I hope you will soon find a way to use your qualifications in a way with which you can feel happy to go to sleep, it’s not that Catholics don’t need pharmacists… 😉

      If I were you, I would consider emigration rather than the perspective of a future in a backbreaking construction job, but this is just me.

      Another suggestion: every source of Post V II that does not come from sources like the SSPX is to be looked at with suspicion. Yes, including this blog. This blog doesn;t have the Truth. The Truth is the Truth. Therefore, one must educate himself to learn this truth and sees it reflected – or not reflected – in what he reads around, including this blog.

      Thanks for your kind words and, again, best wishes to you.


  5. Many thanks for this beautiful post, on behalf of the cool kids.

  6. Sean, if our good host permits me a few words, I find these words of Jesus to be of assistance:

    “Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves.”

  7. It truly has been a gift of the Lord’s mercy to find this blog. As a Catholic woman who has struggled with her share of “uncool” positions in the battle for the faith, it is quite comforting to know The Blessed Mother hasn’t forgotten.
    Thank you for writing it. +

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