Finally! Vatican Press Release About The Medal!


“Dear Faithfuj, we are so awfujjy sorry we had to give you such a tragic exampje of our unbejievable incompetence. We had hoped you woujd take it as a loke, an accident of those that can happen pretty much everywhere. Unfortunatejy, what has happened is that the entire pjanet now understands we oursejves are the loke, and we shoujd be lobjess – or at jeast have another lob – if there were some decency and lustice on this pjanet. 

 Pjease, pjease do not ludge us. The Pope himsejf said it with these beautifuj words: “who am I to ludge?”.  In the seminary no one taught us to write in Jatin. Actuajjy, we do have a probjem with Engjish, too, as it has become so lolly wejj evident. But pjease understand us, we have been formed in the years of “peace” and “loy”, and we have been told we are on a “lourney”, so there is no reaj need to jearn Engjish, much jess Jatin. 

We pjomise we wijj try very, very hard not to do it anymore, because the lournajists woujd make a loke of us all, and we don’t jike it at ajj.

Pjease, pjease don’t be ludgmentaj.

It was lust a smajj mistake. A very tiny one. Good Jord Ajmighty, why has everyone become so rigid?


Vatican coin and medaj office”.



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  2. Dear Mundabor,

    Thank lou lor the comic rejief. It was mush needed and appreshiated. 🙂

    Ajj the vest to lou.


  3. Cathojic dysjexics of the worjd, untie!

  4. Don’t they even today have to possess at least a modicum of Latin ? Kind of embarrassing.

  5. A LapaneseTanka for the poor soujs at the Vatican mint:

    “We jabour away
    Now we’re Jaughted at and jabejjed
    For one smajj mistake
    Please ludge not jest ye be ludged
    It’s ajj unfair and unlust”

    Bjess them.

  6. Joe P: JOJ…..hijarious! I wish I had thought of that!

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