The Prodigal Father

And it came to pass a prominent soi-disant Catholic magazine (no link, thank you very much) dared to make a comparison between the father's reaction to the return of the Prodigal Son and the Bishop of Rome, Francis.

The thinking would be that as the father of the Gospel went out of his way to forgive the dissolute son. In the same way, the Holy Father has “basically” gone out of his way to kill the fatted calf and “reach out” to perverts (obviously called “gays”, otherwise one could hurt their feelings; and God knows whether they haven't other body parts hurting already) and other sinners.

In this kind of commentary we see the utter state of decay in which 50 years of effeminate happy-clapping to the world have reduced the Catholic faith. Today, a journalist can say things that would have cause a boy of 14 to be slapped in the face only two generations ago, and be considered a professional of his trade.

The journalist in question forgets a couple of details: the prodigal son is repentant, and the father shows his generosity because the son he had lost has been found.

The father does not “reach out” to the son in the brothels and taverns to “dialogue” with him. He does not say to him that he should not feel “alienated” because he lives in sin and squanders God's grace; he does not say to him he can live and die in his ways and still be all right, provided he follows his conscience.

There is a big difference between rejoicing for repentance, admonishing to repentance and renouncing to repentance. There is, in fact, all the difference that can be found between Catholicism and new-age nonsense.

It is astonishing the very foundations of Christianity are being lost. Even the most elementary concepts are being perverted by an omni-present goodism that can do nothing else than spit a disgustingly sugary, vaguely homosexual, certainly effete, utterly Christ-free, diabetes-inducing fare.

What is next: Pope sleeps with a prostitute and soi-disant Catholic journalist rejoices he has brought the Good News to her? Or perhaps boasts he has a shepherd with the “smell of his sheep”?

Pope Francis is bad enough; but his choir of sycophants make things even worse; which might well be what Francis secretly wishes anyway.

We must seriously wake up.



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  1. Mundabor my friend,

    Thank you again for a great article. Please add a link to Louie Verrecchio new article “A Catholic Answer for Karl Keating”. I believe your post and his are based on same subject.

    God Bless you and your readers,

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