Reading Francis Through Catholicism: Fr Rodriguez

This video is forty minutes of pure Catholic teaching, as our shepherds cannot give us anymore.

The likes of Archbishop Nichols, Cardinal Woelki, and Bishop Francis of Rome could do much worse than listen to this. 

They are in great need of Catholic instruction.

Note the approach of Father Rodriguez: absolute fidelity to the teaching of the Church, and no “respecting of persons”. Splendidly, he quotes Pope Francis exactly to explain what Pope Francis is not doing. Please also note he does not read Francis through Benedict a bit.

This is truly, truly good. Don’t miss it.


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  1. Thank You Mundabor for introducing us to this fine Priest! We listened last evening to another of his teachings here: . Father Rodriguez has been exiled to a small parish in Far West Texas (furthest away in the El Paso Diocese) for these positions. Battle lines are being drawn everyday. We must pray hard for this good man of God.

    • I tell you,
      Francis would be terrified of sending such a one in the favelas. He would start to convert people, and more and more people would see who the true priests are.


  2. radjalemagnifique

    Absolutely great! Thank you very much!

    Radja le Magnifique
    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

  3. Beautiful sermon !
    Father Rodriguez is a BRIGHT LIGHT ….yes they threw him to that small parish but they cannot extinguish the TRUTH that this holy priest speaks at all times .
    I have listened to many of his sermons and renewed in my daily walk.
    The battle lines are being drawn everyday that is TRUE but we MUST be faithful to the complete TRUTH and not sway with the wind ….so many sheep in wolves clothing don’t you think dear friends.
    Get your armor and pray your rosaries ….after all we are SOLDIERS FOR CHRIST!

  4. Father Rodriguez demonstrates the inner peace and beauty of a man completely aligned to the will of God. I feel I am listening to a saint. St. Michael protect him always!

    I recall with sadness the fall of another warrior priest who garnered another kind of media attention and know we must not fall victim to the cult of personality, but I believe Father Rodriguez is the real, enduring deal!

  5. I saw this a day or so ago and found it to be what I expected it to be. Frankly, over the past several months now and again, the thought occurred to me, “hmm, I wonder what Fr. Rogriguesz’s thoughts are these days, regarding this new Pope. I particularly appreciate his charity and lack of personal attacks, while at the same time, clearly illustrating the obvious dangerous modernist statements of the Holy Father.

    • It depends where the personal attacks start in your book.
      Whilst Fr Rodriguez is never sarcastic or malicious, he clearly states Satan is about to get control of the current Bishop of Rome. I have a video in the “comment” section.

      He is not spiteful or malicious, but he is absolutely brutal. Astonishing in a priest, but worthy of admiration. I hope he will be sable to make his videos for a long time.


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