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“Change”, Francis’ Style.




I wish I would not read around so often that nothing major has happened after Francis’ election, because “he hash’t changed Church rules”. It just does not make sense.

In essentials, no Pope can “change the rules”, as both what is dogmatically defined and what the Church has always believed could not be changed even by an angel coming down from Heaven.

In all the rest, Francis is changing as much as he can, as fast as he can, as brutally as he can. He has shifted the Papacy from accuracy to improvisation, has introduced a system of uncontrolled, often senseless, not rarely heretical, rambling; an inordinate waffling that, whilst not officially changing any rules, certainly changes the perception of them, and of the need to follow them.

Francis himself leads, in this, by example, with a gross liturgical abuse on Maundy Thursday that clearly shows what respect he himself has for rules. The calls to lio and the huge confusion spread by his heretical rambling are making the rest.

No, he has not changed any dogma. He could never do it. Therefore, this is simply no argument.

I wonder if the neocon followers of a similar line of thought apply the same thinking to Obama. Hey, Obama has not declared himself King or Lord Protector, either; so they should have no reason to complain, should they now?


The Rise And Fall Of The Faggot Movie



For many years now has the Gaystapo tried to force their perverted views into the cinema screens and living rooms of the West. Due also to the extreme infiltration of perverts and their friends in Hollywood, where Liberalism is the only accepted religion, they started to make inroads in cinema productions, not as object of more or less amused disgust, but as “new normality”.

At first, faggots were the “friend of the protagonist” in, say, romantic comedies. Visible, horrible, but not at the centre of the action. Then came “Brokeback Mountain”, and faggotry claimed, for the first time in mainstream cinema, “equality” with normality. Needless to say, real and honorary faggots (like David “brown nose” Cameron) were all there queueing at the cinema in front of the press.

After a while, it became endemic: I particularly remember the trailer of a faggot comedy with Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor (not only did I not see the movie, but I never went to see a film of either again), but there were several example both sides of the Atlantic, with the BBC (the Buggers Broadcasting Corporation) having the faggot element in basically every film they co-produced (the “History Boys” one, and the one with the “Marigold Hotel” to mention just two).

Then something, I am told, started to happen. Besides the at times questionable success at the box office, the DVD and TV sales started to lag. Families do not buy or rent the romantic comedy with the “positive” faggot very much, and TV stations must pay more attention than liberal film producers to what they do. Suddenly, things started to go back (or forward…).

I am a rather attentive and frequent cinema goer, and the turnaround seems very clear to me. I haven’t seen “faggot friends” of the movie star for a while, and I have actually seen a movie (“Seven Psychopats”) with a beautiful quip just at the end that only a couple of years before would have caused a storm (remember: Vince Vaughn had to “apologise” for his character saying that the Toyota Prius “is gay”; which, by the way, it certainly is).

The last episode of this slow faggoty Stalingrad is the recent movie about Liberace. Notwithstanding two Hollywood heavyweights and a very media effective, if very stupid, campaign around Michael Douglas, the movie didn’t work. In Germany it is considered the flop of the year, and I was yesterday informed in the US it did not even find a distribution network, ending as a “straight to DVD” that is the best sign of a production that bombed. Now think of this: in order for the movie not to even get a chance it must have been considered radioactive, and the danger of losing money far worse than every bullying and threatening of the Gaystapo. In the end, consumers choose, and I think we can now confidently say the consumers have spoken and said they do not consider perversion normal: they keep their children away for it, have no time for it, have no money for it, and have no interest in pushing the faggoty agenda beyond the ideologically motivated “token gay friends” of some of them.

The people have chosen, and the Gaystapo can go wherever they please. I do not doubt it will be many years before the cleaning has completed, but I can’t imagine there is a going back now.

How the times have changed. From Brokeback Mountain to broke production houses. It serves them right.


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