Who Are Radio Maria To Judge?

Read on the Eponymous Flower about the interview to Palmaro and Gnocchi, the two Italians who wrote a candidly critical article on the Bishop of Rome on the socially conservative Italian newspaper “Il Foglio” and had their collaboration with the effeminate Radio Maria terminated around two hours after the newspaper got into circulation.

I would like to point out to some elements that I think are important.

1. The two good men point out to the drama everyone of us is living: one does not want to criticise the Pope, but there comes a point where silence is not possible. I personally think what would make me worse off if I were to die on the same day the Pope does something very stupid again: to die after writing, or to die after having remained silent. This blog answers the question, I hope, eloquently.

2. The two men followed their conscience. The Bishop of Rome goes to extraordinary lengths to get the approval of anticlerical journalists, and to pander to the anticlerical part of the country. I have had no news as I write of Francis calling Radio Maria and telling them “who are you to judge?”. Mind, Radio Maria isn’t a small sender made from parish volunteers. It’s a substantial operation.

3. Palmaro and Gnocchi make a point already made several times on this blog: Francis is the Pope, of course he will be orthodox most of the times. But this does not mean he can hope we count the orthodox statements against the heretical ones.

4. The cry of good Catholics against the antics of the Jesuit Pope has now abundantly reached the mainstream, and it is not going to go away. Catholicism is a religion, not simply an ideology. The Bishop of Rome will never manage to neutralise and castrate it as David Cameron did with Toryism. Francis will soon discover his position – not title: he doesn’t use it – will not shield him from justified criticism.

5. The last point I would like to point out to is this: of course it is legitimate to criticise the Pope, say the two, if the criticism is not against the teaching of the Church. St. Paul and St. Catherine of Siena did it too, very publicly and very vocally. Too many people forget this.

Enjoy the article.


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  1. Libs at Radio Maria show how hypocritical neocon Catholics are, esp. when there is a criticism of liberalism, not too tolerant and open minded then, eh?

    • Extremely judgmental, I should say 😉
      Inflexible, and narrow-minded 😉
      Great show of “excessive doctrinal security” 😉
      No regard for other people’s conscience! 😉

      Tolerance applies only to the enemies of Christ.


  2. Where can we find the aforementioned article referenced in the interview? Thanks

  3. St. Catherine of Siena has been my go to Saint during these trying times. I am going to write up a post and point out how she criticized her Pope, and even questioned his manhood.

    St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us!

  4. Citing Paul’s rebuke of Peter (Galations 2:11) is right to the point! To rebuke him to whom it was said by Jesus, “Feed my lambs” (John 21:15.

  5. Bergoglio is proving to be a divider; he sets the poor against the rich; he sets the ignorant against the educated; he sets those favoring lax liturgies against the advocates of The Gregorian Rite; he sets the liberals against the Traditionalists; he sets novelty against Tradition; he sets his papacy above all other papacies – but – if you even point out the obvious, you are singled-out for retribution.

    The Peronist Papacy will prove to be the best recruitment tool the SSPX has ever had.

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