Giant Statue Of Christ Erected At Syrian Border.


Well, this is good news.

A giant statue of Christ has been erected on top of a 2,000 high mountain on the traditional pilgrimage route between old Constatinople and Jerusalem. From what I could see, the look is very traditional.

The initiative is from the local monastery. The money comes from a Moscow association.

The statue can be seen from Lebanon and Israel.

I have already reported about the giant Christ of the Pacific in Lima; this one is another beautiful addition, perhaps even more symbolic because of its unique position. The operation also shows some robust faith at work, as if the Islsmist mob should come to power in Syria the life of this monument could prove rather short.

I can't avoid thinking someone would have preferred to give the money to the nearby oh so poor Palestinians, who are so much in love with peace and pacific co-existence; particularly considering the twenty-one Arab States are clearly too poor to help them.

The Russian benefactors clearly thought differently.

It's good to see for some people the priority is Christ.



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  1. Let us proclaim the King in every corner of the earth.

  2. Was the statue commissioned by the Catholics or Orthodox? Not that it matters, it is a beautiful statue of Our Lord. I was just curious, since Orthodox usually don’t use statuary.

    • I was also in doubt. The money is Russian, but I think in those parts there are Catholics in full communion aplenty.


    • On October 14 , Russian envoys and Antiochian Orthodox Churches mounted statue of Christ on top of Mount Cherubim in the Syrian city Seydnaya , 27 km . Damascus , reported the Armenian media. The sculpture , named “I came to save the world ” has become a symbol of hope for an early termination of the bloodshed in Syria. It is cast in Armenia.

      According to the Russian Fund ” Spiritual Heritage of St. Paul ,” organizers of the project, during installation work parties to Syrian conflict ceased hostilities. The sculpture is located at a height of over 2.000 meters and can be seen from Lebanon , Jordan, Palestine and Israel. Syrian Christ is one meter – higher than in Brazil.

      Interestingly, the author of the idea for the statue Yuri Gavilov , died two days after placing the statue leaving the world and Syria a beautiful piece .

  3. Would it be even more difficult to raise such a statue anywhere in the U.S.?

  4. wish we could have one in scotland!!!

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