The Pope And The Ideology

He also has an ideology and he also does not pray. But Francis is very fine with it.

I read around around even the most ardent supporters of the Bishop of Rome have a problem in understanding what he is meaning.

I think I can help.

I report below part of the latest attempt of Francis at looking cool and smart.

“When a Christian becomes a disciple of ideology,” urged the Pope, “he has lost the faith: he is no longer a disciple of Jesus, he is a disciple of this attitude of thought,” and “the knowledge of Jesus is transformed into an ideological and also moralistic knowledge.

Ideology frightens, ideology chases away the people,” he stressed, stating that it is because of this that many are distanced from the Church.

“It is a serious illness, this Christian ideology. It is an illness, but it is not new,” he said, recalling how the Apostle John alludes to this mentality in his first letter.

Pope Francis then emphasized that the attitude of those who lose their faith in preference of personal ideologies is “rigid, moralistic, ethical, but without kindness.

“But why is it that a Christian can become like this? Just one thing: this Christian does not pray. And if there is no prayer, you always close the door.”

Now: as always, there is a very easy way to understand what Francis wants to say. In order to do so we need to do the following:

1. Read Francis through Francis.

2. Understand the words for what they mean.

3. Understand Francispeak.

It is clear that for Pope Francis to have a rigid morality is very bad. He does not say so explicitly, but he insists on the point so often one must be blind not to see: Francis dislikes and mistrusts spiritual people (he says to the nuns they must not be “too spiritual”, as if anyone could be “too spiritual” to any but a very worldly person). He seems to think without “kindness” nothing can be good: not even being ethical! This is exactly the Church of Nice Michael Voris so eloquently attacks.

Truly, lack of ethics (but with kindness) seems to be the way the Pope prefers. Why? Because the whores and trannies in the favela have a lot of this lack. Therefore, a decent Christian pointing out that such behaviour is gravely sinful and perfectly apt to lead one to hell is exactly the kind of person Francis is aiming at: your ethic is without kindness, but my embracing of unethical behaviour is good.

The words reported above speak a clear language, and whom Francis aims at is clear enough: the rosary-counting, commandment-observing, four-last-things, frequent-confession, fire-and-brimstone, ethical Catholics. He really doesn't like them. They are far too spiritual for him, and therefore he does not understand them. And they talk openly about hell and therefore lack, in his eyes, kindness.

Obviously, our man will mix in the cards some Francispeak. Those rigid Catholics are those who have made of Christianity an ideology. This is the minor subject of this particular example of Francispeak. The rigid Catholic is the Catholic who reduces Christianity to an ideology, so those who insist in not wanting to know whom Francis is talking about will say “clearly, such a bad Christian is a bad Christian, but this is certainly not anyone of the people I like”.

Still, from the clear portrait Francis makes of this “ideologue” it is very clear the recipients of the message are the people mentioned above.

As always, Francis sends a major subject to make the headlines: the qualities traditionally linked to orthodox Catholics. But he also puts in a minor subject (the “ideology”) so that everyone who so wishes can delude himself orthodox Catholics are not the real aim of the sermon, only these caricatured and actually non-existent “ideologues”.

Obviously, Francis can't leave his own (cough…) ideology, or his Jesuitical speech, aside. He certainly has people able to write for him one perfectly decent homily a day. But this would be too little a stage for such a humble man as he. So we have the off-the-cuff nonsense week in and week out, as he dreams of a Bergoglioland where no one is encumbered with the unkind burden of Catholicism.

Pray for this Pope.



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  1. According to Bergoglio, then, to hold unswervingly to the teachings of the Church is to exhibit a neurotic addiction to ‘doctrinal security’ – a kind of ‘mental illness’.

    • … And woe you do your best to live by the Commandments, and admonish the sinners. You obviously lack kindness, then. I even wonder whether you pray.


  2. I know why he talks so much about the devil. It’s not just to feed the pigeons. He is getting ready to demonize those who oppose him, blaming this ‘rigid ideology’ on the devil.

  3. ‘one must not mistake an act of Christian piety for an ideological gesture’ – The District of Italy of the Society of Saint Pius X concerning the controversy of Priebke. (15th October).

    Any possible relation to what His Holiness Pope Francis is talking about in regards to Ideology?

    God Bless.

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