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Papolatry Is The First Enemy

Going around several Internet sites, it is astonishing how often one reads one of the heresies and blasphemies of our times being dishes out by people who believe they are orthodox Catholics: the idea, namely, that the Holy Ghost not only handpicked the present Pontiff (which in itself is already heresy, and I would say blasphemy), but even guides him in everything he does.

Therefore, our deluded and poorly instructed friends have – or so they think – found the panacea for all the ailments of this disgraceful pontificate: whatever Francis has said must be fine, because the Holy Ghost guides him in everything.

I do not know whether this kind of thinking is most developed in Anglo-Saxon countries because people are exposed to the Protestant bollocks of “the Holy Ghost moved me to …” (Insert here whatever they wanted to do anyway, including divorce) in a way unknown in traditional Catholic countries. Still, it can't be denied it's the Anglo-Saxon countries that seem to be sleeping most soundly in front of Francis' heresies, whilst in countries like Italy, France and Spain the biggest newspapers and mass media now routinely and quite openly voice the discomfort of orthodox, observant Catholics in front of Bergoglism.

This Papolatry leads to absurd conclusions, and it is not entirely surprising the “relax, the Holy Ghost is guiding the Pope”-crowd do not see the absurdity of it. If one can believe God can inspire heresy, there is absolutely nothing he could not be made to believe.

A truly extreme example of this already extremely brainless thinking is in the comment of that chap some days ago, who wrote something on the line of “I want to see what all these angry rad trads will say when Francis changes the Teaching of the Church with a dogmatic statement”, obviously meaning such an event would prove he, not them, right.

One is truly witnessing a show of brainlessness proud of its own stupidity; a stupidity so big that it does not recognise that the alleged argument only proves the absurdity of the premise.

One of the most important tasks of Catholic blogdom in the next years will be to fight Papolatry, and repeat very often that the Holy Ghost cannot be made responsible for the sins of men and the immorality, cruelty or outright heresy of the many Popes who have so disgraced the Sea of Peter in the past.

Liberius, Honorius, John XXII and the others should be frequently mentioned – together with sound Catholic doctrine – on our blogs, so that the very knowledge about heretical popes become mainstream and the lie of papal impeccability exposed.

Whenever you can, point out to the reality of heretical popes in your social circle and at the same time stress the greatness and Indefectibility of Holy Mother Church, to which heretical popes can do no more than some unsightly scratch.

This should, in my opinion, be stressed not only with confused Catholics, but also with everyone else, lest for example a Proddie vaguely examining the idea of conversion feel discouraged from doing so because he thinks the Church is what the pope says”, or should lose respect for the Church because he has no respect for the person of Francis (and how can you blame him…).

Papolatry is the greatest enemy. It is the food out of which every subversive attemp of Francis is fed. If Modernism is the synthesis of all heresies, Papolatry is what allows Modernism to be smuggled within Catholic mainstream in the first place. Papolatry is the oil that keeps Francis' heretical engine running. It is what allows countless deluded souls to exhibit themselves in astonishingly illogical mental contortionisms to justify the unjustifiable, and may well be used tomorrow to try to push the very unthinkable – like giving communion to public adulterers – down their throat. Demolish Papolatry, and Francis' heretical machine will grind to a halt like an engine left without oil.

Again, the genius mentioned above is an extreme example, but one wonders how many would be unable to make 2+2 if the Synod of next October were to take the demolition ball and use it for “pastoral” work against the Church.

Fight Papolatry as you can. At home, with relatives, at work, with friends. Unless the Catholics on the street get this, every battle will be a lost one.

We are in front of a true Modernist. Pray that he be converted, but fight his heresies – and possibly, those of his successors – to your last breath.

The Pope's good sheep. But God's first.



“I’ve Had Enough Of This!”

Yes, I’ve had enough of this, too.

And yes, Rorate stands vindicated. Utterly and completely.

It is astonishing that as a Catholic blogger one does not manage to keep pace with all the rubbish spread by this Pope.

Enjoy the video, then.


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