“I’ve Had Enough Of This!”

Yes, I’ve had enough of this, too.

And yes, Rorate stands vindicated. Utterly and completely.

It is astonishing that as a Catholic blogger one does not manage to keep pace with all the rubbish spread by this Pope.

Enjoy the video, then.


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  1. Isn’t it sad to see men who have a deep love for the Catholic Faith at such a loss over this dreadful papacy? I know how they feel. For the first time in my life as a priest I have never felt such a sense of abandonment by the hierarchy as in these times. There was a time when even if the bishop was weak one could look to the successor of Peter for the integrity of Catholic faith and sound morality but now even that support has been weakened. An orthodox priest is now exposed and left vulnerable in the battle because the leaders are leaving the field and treating with the enemy for their own purposes. If God in his providence allows the situation to continue I can only see greater strife ahead, especially if this much heralded meeting next October seeks to alter the Church’s teaching on the admittance of the divorce and remarried to the sacraments. Remember that Francis told us that more of the revolution needs to happen and that he had “the humility and ambition” to make it happen. I am certain this man has what it takes

    • Yes,
      it is at least conceivable all the “mess” that is happening now might be the announcement of a greater “mess” coming next October.
      A deeply disquieting man.
      It is, though, beautiful to see good orthodox Catholics now officially in arms, after only seven months of pontificate.


  2. Do you see a time when the church will go underground, as it has in China?

    • Not in my lifetime.
      I cannot exclude it for the next generation, though.
      Here in Europe are saving disgrace are the Muslims. No one dreams of obliging them to “marry” homos, so we should be safe.


  3. I don’t know, Mundabor. The enemies of the Church are so diabolical. You are wise to purge your language of their terminology. I started noticing the corruption of language in the Protestant church I was attending more than 20 years ago, when the teachers were starting to be called ‘facilitators’. Needless to say, I was getting pretty fractious, and ended up leaving, rather than become a force of division.

  4. Irionic that Jewel would ask such a question regarding the Church having to go underground…..a variation on that theme: Our Priest who offers the TLM has indicated that if directed by his Bishop to discontinue the TLM, he would retire and continue to offer TLM, even if in someone’s garage….he is that committed to it…very similar to the mindset of the good Father Michael Rodriguez, banished to the West Texan “hinterlands” by his Bishop in El Paso, TX.

  5. I think there is going to be a great split/division in the Catholic Church ….what I see and hear from Pope Francis is alarming ….the Catholic Church will survive because it is DIVINE, it is GOD’S Holy Catholic Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!
    In the mean time we , HIS children, MUST cling to Holy Mother Church…the TRUE Holy Catholic Church ….not the new modern one ….and pray and do penace for Her and for the salvation of souls! These are dark days and dangerous times ….

  6. I don’t know whether or not anyone has raised this point anywhere but here goes. The US bishops apparently decided to exclude any of their number from the Papacy at the last election and they claimed that this was because of the expected disapproval of much of world opinion had an American been elected. This was a decision arising purely from the secular political situation (or so they claimed) but it surely distorted the voting. It may have been that they were afraid of Burke winning and that this ‘mini-conclave’ occurred to ensure that the person in their number who was possibly one of the most attractive candidate to orthodox Catholics and Cardinals was effectively excluded before the conclave began. In which case – was the election of Francis valid?

  7. I agree with everything these two gentlemen say, however, I am disheartened at their Western-centric, smug scoffing at youth unemployment. Granted there are evils much, much greater, so I agree with that part. However, not all youth would buy iPhones and download music from iTunes with their earnings. I imagine there are hundreds of millions of youth worldwide who do work to feed their families, as mom/pop don’t earn enough. I’ve been to the third world and witnessed starvation and degradation that may have been assuaged if the youth of the family could find work and contribute to the well being of their siblings. We don’t want birth control, so we should do everything we can to promote the prospering of families. To sneer that all youth worldwide are as vapid as wanting nothing more than iPhones demonstrates how uncharitable these men are to millions of third world youth.

    • I was also surprised. I think in their parts jobs must come easy.
      To us S European youth unemploymenteans 30 years old and still can’t marry b/c no job.


  8. Mr. M. Any comments on the report that Cardinal Burke walked out on a Sandro Magister talk that was allegedly critical of Pope Francis?

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