Franciscan Friars Of The Immaculate: News In Sight?

Very interesting development in the matter of the FFI.

Apparently, six dissidents (oops… let me correct this: between 150 and 200 friars) have asked the Bishop of Rome permission to create a separate congregation, which would be exclusively devoted to the Traditional Mass.

It seems to me the Argentinian chickens are coming home to roost. Here we have a Pope profiting from a small number of opponents to the clearly conservative (also liturgically) character of the organisation to stage a coup and install at its head the leader of the six (six; sei; sechs) dissidents, and what is happening now is the result of another of Francis' inconsiderate actions.

The sheer number of those who made the request should prove to the blindest Pollyanna that Francis did not try to (and did not have any need to) “pacify” an organisation torn by “internal strife”. On the contrary: the organisation was and is extremely compact, and Francis used a very small number of troublemakers to subvert the organisation's spirit.

It can be that, when Francis refuses their request or refuses to answer it, a couple of dozen of them will pack their bags and move in the direction of Econe. It can, though, also be that they simply want to document where the hearts of the members lie, without drawing the consequences when it is clear they are isolated.

It seems evident to me the new leaders installed by Francis' Golpe will rapidly infiltrate the organisation with sissified elements of their own liking. Therefore, not only this request makes a lot of sense, but the decision to leave – for those who will decide to leave – will make a lot of sense too.

In time, more and more religious will understand the SSPX is an island of Catholic sanity in the middle of the lio in which the Church has been plunged by this disgraceful papal election. In time, Francis might also get to understand he is the Pope, but not the Führer, and will not receive the utterly blind and utterly unquestioning obedience Hitler enjoyed; then Hitler was the god of a religion of his own making, Francis is the first of the servants of God who made him.

This will be interesting to follow. Francis might decide to simply not answer, waiting to see if the next six or twelve months lead to the anger (because this is what it is; massive, and completely justified) deflating enough to allow him to quietly “normalise” things. He might, though, simply refuse the request as, ahem, Restorationist. He might, in theory, even admit his mistake and consent to their request, though the exodus that would follow would let him look rather badly.

Notice, though, what is happening: the Mass Of The Ages is such a beautiful patrimony that once a sound religious order has been allowed to enjoy it, its members will do whatever they can to keep it.

My rosary of today is for the signatories of the petition. May they be allowed to continue their work in the proper way.


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  1. Excellent as always. It will certainly be educational if the Pontiff does refuse them. I think more people need to wake up. Battle lines are being drawn in the fight for the Truth and people need to choose sides. Sitting on the fence is not an option. I would also welcome 200 priests and religious to the SSPX’s list of allies but think this a very unlikely outcome.

  2. My brother is a novice with the FFI in Griswold CT, and I have it on personal knowledge that so many more than 200 members of the FFI want the TLM as the exclusive form of Mass and Liturgy.

    He is praying for that.

    Please pray for him, Fra Gregory Mary.

  3. When these news were published here in Bergoglioland (Argentina) the peronist-fascist controled media reacted with fury : “new attack on the pope of the poor” and predictably the public opinion reacted with even more rage to those “arrogant rich europeans who can’t stand the Pope of the poor” in a festival of resentment, vulgarity and inferiority complex which is the hallmark of the Post-Peron Argentine society.. the radicalization of the Bergoglini here is scaring me, one can’t say anything slightly bad about him without risking being almost lynched…of course none of those care about Our Lord and the Church, here the important thing is that the Pope is Argentinian and he’s giving europeans snobs a lesson…

  4. Please pray that Archbishop Chaput is made a Cardinal. Then we can use the multicultural agenda to promote him as the first Native American Pope.

  5. Maria Victoria, what a terrible situation for you and other true Catholics in Argentina. I am sure I do not know how difficult it is. I am so happy to have this website to let you know you are in my prayers, as are all of Mundabor’s readers, and I hope for your prayers as well.

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