The Marlboro Pope

The “Francis headline of the day” is, as we are reliably informed,

The Church has to bring Christ to everyone.

Fine; but, thinking in Francis' terms… why?

Has he brought Christ to Scalfari during the interview? Has he even made the attempt? Has he not called – whatever sophism you may try to use to hide this simple truth – exactly this very same attempt to bring Christ to an atheist, who is in most need of Christ's mercy, a “solemn nonsense”?

Further: if Francis is persuaded that an atheist can be saved by merely following his conscience – no, he still has not disowned his words; seriously, he hasn't – what is the reason he can adduce to make other people accept the “Diet Christ” brought to them? No premarital sex, no contraception even in marriage, no drunkenness, no adultery, obviously no remarriage, no abortion, mass attendance, penance, prayer, conflicts, and a lot of other nos? Why should anyone accept them, if he can get away with doing what he pleases with the benediction of the humble, look-at-my-old-car Pope?

The ugly truth is that Francis has been saying, for now almost eight months, that Christ is an option. Christ is, if you ask him, merely the – in his opinion, mind you; but who is he to judge? – more scenic way, better truth, and more joyous life. The man who says the Church can't be a glorified NGO makes of Her exactly a glorified NGO. In his mind the way is extremely broad that leads to salvation, and this way does not need I do not say Christ, but not even the acceptance of a god whatsoever, like a Hindu in invincible ignorance might believe.

He insults those who pray by rote saying they don't believe in God, but when he has in front of him one who really does not believe in God and doesn't even say prayers by rote he is very fine with it. Ah, if everyone only followed his abortionist conscience, what a better place the world would be!

Therefore, if you listen to Francis the Church must bring Jesus to the people as if He were a medicinal herb, or a new kind of aspirin. Necessary for salvation? Of course not. Should I try to convert other people? No, no, no! What about proselytism? Solemn nonsense…

Francis merely markets an option which he considers, in his humbleness, the best. He had no gut then to say to an atheist that unless he repents he will go to hell; he has no guts now to tell the world Jesus is no option, least of all for those who openly refuse Him. In short, Francis promotes Jesus like the Marlboro Man promotes cigarettes. This means, for him, that the church according to Bergoglism isn't an NGO. Oh no.

Come to where the “joy” is. Come to Bergoglio Country.

Please say three Hail Marys, rigorously learnt by rote, for this confused man.

Yes, you can count them.



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  1. Your posts are ever-so-satisfying to my T-zone. The T-zone, in adverts of yore, was the bronchial tree, and it was said by doctors that cigarettes satisfied the “T-zone”. It may have been Winston, it may have been Lucky Strikes, or Camels who issued the campaign, who knows? I imagine you can look it up online. In my case, M., you satisfy my Truth Zone. Your posts so beautifully illustrate the truth about Francis.

  2. Since he’s bound and determined to convince us all he’s humble. Perhaps he should change his Name to Pope Uriah Heep.

    • Well, now someone’s said it I confess I’ve been holding back on that one. Given Heep’s true motives it seemed too harsh a call. But who am I to judge?

  3. Mundabor,
    “Please say three Hail Marys, rigorously learnt by rote, for this confused man.

    Yes, you can count them. ”

    I said them in Latin, just because I felt like it… I’m a restorationist Pelagian, after all… 😉

  4. What exactly happen to the dogma of the catholic Church , which by the way all Catholics MUST believe” Outside of the Catholic Church there is no salvation….what we have on our hands, said by Bishop Fellay is a genuine MODERNIST !!! Bishop Fellay’s recent talks from a recent conference is truly AMAZING !

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