How Do You Judge A Papacy?

The Creative Minority Report asks how we judge a Papacy.

My answer is very simple: by the ability of the Pope to defend the deposit of faith and the entirety of Catholic teaching – even if not directly linked to the deposit of faith – and transmit it intact to his successor.

These are, to me, criteria that comes before everything else; which is why in my eyes Alexander VI was – with all his shortcomings – a vastly, vastly better Pope than our present ringmaster and bad-entertainer-in-chief.

The other criteria that are proposed or suggested are, if you ask me, merely effects of a good papacy, or symptoms of a bad one. Number and quality of vocations, mass attendance numbers etc. will all tend to reflect the way the Church – starting from the Pope – is run. As the fish stinks from the head down, a good Pope will in time cause massive ripple effects throughout Christendom, and a bad Pope likewise.

In short: the truth about a Pope is seen at the way a Pope deals with the Truth.

Which is why Francis is such a disgrace.



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  1. A good Pope protects the Faith, but he also governs and sanctifies (e.g.,disciplines the wrongdoers, and protects the Liturgy)

  2. You see all I want is the TRUTH and nothing but theTRUTH …not the watrered down version …give it to me straight .
    Much of my life I have been deceived and deceived by those who have told me the new and modern ways is the way to go …and that we should now get with the times and embrace what is now ..the truth ….but they lie and they do not truly love the TRUTH .
    Yes we have have mess on our hands and it all starts at the top …..God help us all!

    • Catholicism without compromise. This is what we should expect from a pope.
      No populism, no bullcrap, and if I may say so, no black shoes.


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