Strange works of Mercy

The usual nutcase auxiliary bishop has now advocated putting the defence of life and the fight against poverty on the same footing. This looks like a seamless garment, or rather like a shameless bishop. No doubt, he hopes Francis reads him. No doubt, he also hopes he is seen as “in touch with the times”, which is rather useful if you are aiming at your own diocese.

The absurdity of the reasoning is apparent to everyone who doesn't vote for Obama: abortion is murder, and feeding the hungry etc. are works of mercy.

Therefore, to put the two on the same footing is like saying that, in actual fact, it is a work of mercy not to murder one's own baby.

Such are our bishops.



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  1. Alarming isn’t it : and these our our Bishops !
    I remember reading that hell is paved with the skulls of bishops …one of Saints said!
    to our dear Bishops wake up and proclaim the TRUTH and return to the TRUTH because we don’t need to get with it …and embrace these modern times .
    We need to return to the Social Reign of Jesus Christ and preach the TRUTH….

    • This is attributed to several people: St. Athanasius, St. John Chrysostom, I think others besides.
      It goes to show this reflect a thinking – or at least a warning – traditional in Catholicism.
      A good antidote to clericalism and Papolatry.


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